Do roller skates run big or small?

Roller skates are one kind of special wheel-based shoes for skating. A pair of skating shoes with vulcanized soles provide extra flexibility and comfort at the feet. It also helps to move a skater’s foot around the skating area with safety and improves a skater’s balancing. But skate lover guys want to make sure that roller skates run big or small?

It is proven that roller skates fit true to size. If your foot size is 8, you can undoubtedly pick up a shoe with 8 measurements. So, it is necessary to go a size down or up for buying roller skate shoes. This guide will discuss the roller skate size chart for women and men. 

Do roller skates run big or small?

Do Roller Skates Run Big or small.

Roller skates are mainly made with men’s sizing. So, a man can pick 1 9-size roller skate if his feet measurement is 9. But a woman has to down a size and go with 8 sizes. It means the 8 size for women is equal to 9 size men’s shoes. So, it is recommended to go one or two sizes from a regular women’s shoe. Therefore, it can be said that roller skates come in true sizes. Let’s know the roller skate’s size for women matches with men based on the several models.

Moxi Lolly + Moxi Jack: 

For these two rollers skate’s model, women need to go 1-1.5 sizes down to match with the similar sizes men’s roller skate shoes.

SureGrip GT50 or GT50 Sparkle: 

You need to go two sizes down for perfect fit and matches with men’s model

Moxi Beach Bunny + Moxi Panther: 

In the case of Moxi beach bunny and Moxi panther, the lady user should go down 0.5-1 size to match with men’s skates of similar models.

SureGrip Fame + SureGrip Boardwalk: 

The women’s roller skate size for these models can be down 1 or 2 compared to the feet. According to the size of a woman’s feet, 1 size can be reduced. However, in the case of a woman, 2 sizes may have to go down.

SureGrip Stardust: 

one size down SureGrip Stardust will be comparable with men’s SureGrip Stardust.

Impala Roller Skates: 

This model is naturally true to size with women’s feet compared with Impala men’s roller skates.

Riedell Brand Low Top Boot, Blue Streak, Solaris, Antik AR2’s: It will be a perfect fit for women if you down 2-2.5 sizes down and matches with men’s size.

Candi Girl Skates: 

This pair can match men’s sizes when you go one size up or one size down.

Roller skates size chart for some popular models

Each roller skate comes with an individual roller skate sizing chart. And there have unique measurement factors depending on the men’s, women’s, and kids. Also, the size would vary depending on the country. Here we mentioned the sizing chart for

Moxi Lolly size chart:


SureGrip boardwalk size chart:

SureGrip boardwalkUSEUCM

Impala Roller Skates size chart:


Boot style roller skate shoes

Various roller skates are available depending on the size, shape and style. Here are the two main boot-style roller skate shoes.

High-top roller skate boots:

High-top roller boots provide more stability at the ankles. So, it works great for beginners. This shoe comes with a soft inner and hard outer shell. You can use these for artistic skating, jam skating and rhythm skating.

Low-cut roller skate boots:

A low-cut boot roller skate provides more manoeuvrability and flexibility at the ankles. These shoes are good for maximum control. You can pick these up for roller derby, jam skating and speed skating,


  1. Should your size be up or down in roller skates?

Roller skates should be a perfect fit with the user’s feet. Roller skates should not too tight or too loose. On average, roller skates come in a true size that most people can take the regular size. But some people can feel tightening or loosening at their feet. In those cases, you can roller skates size up or down. We recommended going for a size up. 

  1. Do roller skate sizes run big or small?

Do skates run small or big? most of the roller skates are made of USA men’s shoe size. So, you may often need to down a size to adjust the perfect fit. Especially, women have a bit smaller foot than men. So, they might need to down the size to adjust with feet.

  1. Should I buy skates a size bigger?

Having perfect-fit shoes is important for roller skates. If your feet don’t suit the standard size, go with a larger shoe. So, observe if you feel too tight or loose inside the roller skate shoes.

  1. Does roller skate size matter?

Yes, roller skate size is important to perform better in skating. Note that you need a smaller wheel for better manoeuvrability in roller skating, aggressive, and artistic skating. On the other hand, it is good to use larger wheels for speed and fitness skating.

Final Notes:

We hope you know from this guide that roller skates run big or small. Roller skates don’t run big or small. It comes with the USA men’s shoe size. So, there might need some adjustments depending on the user’s feet.

Since skating needs perfect-fit shoes, it is important to choose the right size. If you don’t get a perfect fit, go with a larger size for skating. If you have any more queries about this guide, let us know.

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