Do Veja shoes run big or small?

DATE: November 5, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Veja is a popular French footwear brand that Sebastien Kopp and Francois-Ghislain Morillion established. Veja produced the world’s best sustainable sneakers with organic, recycled cotton and sustainable leather. If you are thinking of buying a pair of Veja sneakers, then it is crucial to know that do Veja shoes run big or small?

Veja shoes usually come in true sizes. It doesn’t come with half a size but can run big or small depending on the models. It is recommended to go a size down when your feet are between two shoe pairs.

This guide will discuss the Veja size guide for women and men. Besides, you will get the sizing chart based on Veja sneakers models. So, let’s break it.

Do Veja shoes run big or small?

Do Veja shoes run big or small?

Veja shoes don’t run big or small it comes true to size. So, anybody can go with a standard size Veja shoe. But some guys can feel the problem with the size and might want to get half a size bigger or smaller than the regular size. But the sad thing is Veja doesn’t come with any half size. You can only get the full size. So, what is the solution then? The solution is you have to go with a size down.

VEJA sizing chart for several countries

Here is an ultimate Veja size guides women and men. You can choose your one based on the country. 


Are Veja Sneakers Comfortable?

Are Veja Sneakers Comfortable?

Yes, Veja sneakers are highly comfortable. Even it is well-known for great comfortability. However, when used, you might not get similar comfort from Veja shoes. The comfort level is varying model to model. Here are some key points on several Veja models.

  • Veja V-Lock velcro or Recife sneakers might seem uncomfortable at first use. But it will get softer within a few days.
  • V-10 lace-up sneakers are a bit more rigid than other models. But it would be softer and comfortably within 1-2 weeks.
  • Veja Esplar sneakers are good in comfortability. Most importantly, it gets softer after a second-time use.
  • Veja campo model is the most comfortable one that feels softer at first use.

The cleaning process of VEJA sneakers

We know Veja shoes are made of soft cotton and sustainable leather. So, it can wear soon if you don’t do proper care. So, knowing the proper cleaning process is important.

  • Use the good quality waterproof solution to keep your Veja sneakers brand new like
  • Having a brush is important for Canvas Veja shoes to clean any serious stain
  • Don’t wash your Veja sneakers by using a washing machine
  • It is good to apply conditioning cleaning for softer leather shoes

Advantages of veja sneakers

Sustainable: Veja brand is doing an amazing task of making their shoes from recycled bottles, organic cotton, wild rubber and chrome-free leather. That is why these shoes are super sustainable.


When you consider the Veja shoe style, it is a great item. There have a lot of stylish models of Veja shoes on the market.

Color option:

Veja offers a lot of color varieties. White, black suede, and white with navy. However, the white color Veja sneakers are the most popular item now.


The average price of Veja shoes is $100–$150, which is convenient for anyone to buy a new pair.

Are Veja Sneakers Worth It?

Yes, I 100% believe that Veja sneakers are a worthy choice. I am also using 3 pairs of Veja shoes from different models. I have got all pairs true to size with my feet. Even I have a pair of veja wide feet shoes. Here is my point of view that Veja sneakers are worth the money.

  • Veja sneakers are durable and comfortable
  • It comes with varieties of color and sizes
  • Veja shoes are designed true to size
  • Easy to clean and maintenance


  1. Does Veja come true to size?

Yes, Veja comes true to size. Even Veja sneakers are highly comfortable and sustainable. You can easily pick a pair of Veja shoes online. From the statistics, Veja is a perfect fit with usual feet. But the only problem is Veja doesn’t come with half a size. So, if your feet don’t fit, go for a size down.

  1. What size should I get in VEJA?

You can get a standard size Veja sneaker as it comes true to size. If you are confused about the perfectly fitting Veja shoes, you can buy size-down Veja shoes. Remember that Veja doesn’t come with half size. So, it would be best if you buy a size down. Besides, you can order two sizes down and up. Then you can return one pair that doesn’t fit.

  1. Does VEJA Esplar run big or small?

Does Veja Esplar run true to size? Veja Esplar doesn’t run big or small. Good to know that all models of Veja shoes come true in size. So, you can pick up a regular size Esplar Veja sneakers. However, it could be imperfect sometimes. In those cases, you can go smaller to get the perfect fit.

  1. Are VEJA shoes wide fitting?

Not all Veja shoe models have a wide fitting, but Veja campo has a wide fitting. So, if your feet are between two measurements, it is recommended to go with a size-up Veja campo. You can find more ideas about wide-fitting features from Veja campo sizing reviews.

Final Notes:

I hope you know that Veja shoes run big or small? It is good that Veja sneakers don’t run big or small in size. Luckily, these shoes come true in size. The manufacturer and recent users are recommended to go with the standard size. If someone feels their feet are between two sizes, then they should go a size down. And remember that Veja shoes don’t come with half a size. It comes in full size. So, it might be necessary to adjust the size of your feet.

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