Hey Dude Shoes Run Big Or Small? Ultimate Solution You Need to Know Before Wearing

DATE: July 28, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Most of us, if not everyone, will agree that finding a casual sneaker that is impressive both appearance-wise and functionality-wise is pretty challenging! What if I tell you there are some versatile shoe brands that offer both? ‘Hey Dude’ shoes are one of them.

Now, one question is asked most frequently about these shoes. That is, do Hey Dude Shoes run big or small compared to others? The answer is between yes and no. Though most of them run true to size, there are some variations. 

Hey Dude Shoes range from sandals to boots, with a wide range of styles ideal for a variety of occasions. They make shoes for men, women, and youth which are loved by people of all ages.

Let’s talk in detail about the fit, width, and sizes of the Hey Dude shoes!

Do Hey Dude Shoes Run Big Or Small?

Do Hey Dude Shoes Run Big Or Small?

While some Hey Dude styles may run a little bigger or a little smaller than others, the brand claims that most of their shoes come in true to size. Based on the model and style, you made find some differences in width.

If you compare their size to other renowned brands like Nike or Adidas, you’ll there’s no definitive answer as to whether Hey Dude sneakers run large or small. 

As an example, in reference to Adidas men’s shoes, Hey Dude men’s shoe sizes run large in most cases, but there are certain exceptions where there is no change in size and others where they are smaller. The same is true for women’s footwear.

In order to stretch into new footwear, Hey Dude shoes should be ordered a half-size larger than your usual size, which can be avoided for stretchy shoes like the Wendy Stretch from Hey Dude. And, the company claims that they exclusively sell full-size shoes. So, if you normally wear half sizes, it’s recommended to go up a size for the best fit.

Still, If you are a little confused about your size, you can see the sizing recommendations offered on each product page. Below are their charts to help you find the right size and also convert amongst various measurements like US, Euro, UK, etc.

Hey Dude Shoes Chart: Men

Size: USASize: EuroSize: UKLength In CentimeterLength In Inches

Hey Dude Size Chart: Women

Size: USSize: EuroSize: UKLength In CentimeterLength In Inches

Hey Dude Shoes Chart: Youth


Size: US567891011
Size: EU21222325272930

Little Kids


Bigs Kids


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Measuring Tips To Find The Right Size For Your Feet

This measuring technique applies to both men and women. You’ll be needing flat paper, a measuring ruler, and a pen or pencil for this

  • Firstly, stand on the piece of paper and put your feet flat on it. Remember to do it during the daytime as your feet swell during the day
  • Now trace your outer part of the foot on the paper using the pen.
  • Measure the distance from heel to the longest toe using the ruler, this is the foot length. Then, measure the horizontal distance of the widest part of the tracing, this is the foot width
  • Now, take the help of the measurement chart above and find your right 

Are Hey Dude Shoes Wide Or Narrow?

Hey Dude Shoes come in a variety of widths, including regular and wide widths. They also have the ultra-wide fit, which is one of the most comfortable shoe styles available.

It is critical that the toes have adequate room on both sides of the shoe for the foot to operate properly, which means the toe box should be a little large. If they don’t have enough room, it’s suggested that you look for wider widths instead.

Now, if you want a snuggly fit in your shoes, you can try out some methods. You can narrow the gap between your shoe and your foot by padding the back of your shoe with a heel cushion.  Likewise, you can reduce the gap between the point of the shoe and your big toe with a small piece of padded foam at the toe. Another trick is using thick socks, which will provide your feet with more heft and a better fit within your shoe.

Stretch Style Of Hey Dude Shoes

The majority of Hey Dude shoes have a textile upper, which is generally knit, canvas, or just a stretchy cloth. These shoes provide your feet with the flexibility, breathability, and support required, thanks to the materials used.

The stretch-style shoes from Hey Dude are made to adjust to the shape of your foot. These shoes are constructed of elastic fabric that mold to your feet for a few times of wearing. So, they are pretty comfortable

Final Thoughts

Finally, it’s reasonable to say that, it’s right that Hey Dude shoes run big or small varying on models. If you’re not sure which model would be best for your foot type you can always refer to their official sizing chart.

Here are some additional tips for you. Firstly, If you have a broad foot, purchasing the right size shoe in a wide fit rather than the next larger size will provide a better fit. Again, if you want a tighter fit and have chosen a stretchy shoe, you may choose to continue with your original size rather than stepping up a size.

Here’s hoping you can select the right-sized shoes for a comfy ride!

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