How to Clean Hey Dude ‌Shoes? Explore The Most Effective Techniques Here!

DATE: May 18, 2022

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Do you find washing your shoes too difficult to deal with? Then you can go for a pair of Hey Dude shoes as you can clean any model of this manufacturer extremely easily. The more appreciated aspect of this brand is you can wash them even in the washing machine.

How to clean Hey Dude shoes? You can do the task successfully following the techniques as you do with other shoes. 

While doing the cleaning with hands, you must separate the laces, wash the bottom with washing agents, and clean the spots by pouring solution and rubbing with a rag.

For washing them without much effort, you can throw your shoes into the washing machine. Then you must first take off the laces and insole, add powder and wait for the time being.

Let’s learn all the techniques elaborately here.

How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Clean‌ ‌Hey‌ ‌Dude‌ ‌Shoes‌?

How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Clean‌ ‌Hey‌ ‌Dude‌ ‌Shoes‌?

So, most of the Hey Dude models can be washed both by hands and the washing machine. Some models require special cleaning techniques. For making your task easy and quick, this study attempted to find out the most effective ways of cleaning Hey Dude shoes.

Let’s go through this whole guideline to enjoy the new look of Hey Dude footwear even after using them for years.

What Are Hey Dudes Made Of?

The agents or techniques of washing any shoes largely depend on the materials they are made of. 

As Hey Dudes use some unique ingredients, you must know about them to decide whether you will wash your shoes with your hands or throw them into the washing machine.

Eco-Knit is a revolutionary element, which is processed from environmental waste. That is this material saves the environment from being more polluted with plastic. 

Flexwood is their own recent invention from natural trees which they use with most of their shoes. 

Another identical ingredient is cocosoul, made from real cork and coconut oil. This mixture ensures the freshness of the product for a long time.

Now, follow the instructions of this manufacturer and the guidelines of this study to keep your Hey Dudes always nice and new.

Cleaning Hey Dudes with Hands

You already know the shoes of this manufacturer can be washed with bare hands. It depends on your time or if you will give physical labor to clean your shoes. For washing with hands, follow the guidelines below.

  • Separate the laces and insoles to wash them with regular soap.
  • Drive away the debris with a brush.
  • Make a solution of soap with water. Now soak the bottom sole into this mixture for a while.
  • Take a soft rag and scrub it over the sole so that the hard dirt gets washed away.
  • Now find out spots on the toe-box and uppers. Pour a few drops of the soap-water solution on these spots. In case the condition of the shoes is not good, i.e. you see spots all over the uppers, soak the whole shoe into the mixture.
  •  Now use the rag to remove the spots from all around the shoes.
  • Before wearing the washed shoes, dry them well in the air properly.

In case you don’t have enough time to follow these processes or are too tired to accomplish the task physically, you can go for the washing machine. Let’s see the ways of cleaning Hey Dude shoes with a machine.

Cleaning Hey Dudes with Washing Machine

Cleaning Hey Dudes with Washing Machine

Cleaning shoes with a washing machine is much easier, especially when you have Hey Dudes. Just follow the steps below and get your shoes washed, and new.

The insoles are to be separated. So, take the sole out knowing the proper technique, otherwise, you might harm the fittings.

Take the laces out of their holes. These can mess up inside the machine. Wash them with regular soap as you usually wash other clothes.

As a washing agent, never use any hard powder. This may get stuck in the corners of the shoes and later slip your feet or spread unwanted odor. So, always use liquid powder.

Remember, the washing would be great if the water is cold and the machine is half-filled. Hot water may affect the materials and harm the pattern of the shoes.

Set the light cycle mood and wait for a while to get the shoes washed.

Here also, you have to dry the shoes well before putting them on.

Are Hey Dudes Waterproof?

Amidst so many incredible features, a limitation of Hey Dude is their shoes aren’t water-resistant. 

These shoes cannot tolerate water because they are made from canvas materials. But their EVA technology enables them to float on water.

That means you cannot go out wearing these shoes in the winter. Again, fog or ice can easily harm your favorite shoes. Similarly, you cannot also put on these shoes during the monsoon.

Do you want a long service from Hey Dude shoes? Keep them away from water, rain, or fogs.

Are Hey Dudes True to Size?

Are Hey Dudes True to Size?

Not that Hey Dude is a particular model or design. 

Hey Dude is an entire shoe-making company. They have so many models. So, you cannot say that they run big or small. This would certainly be an overgeneralized comment. In fact, depending on some crucial issues, some Hey Dudes can run big and some small.

So, before getting a pair of this renowned brand, be sure that your one is perfect for your size. Go through the literature and look into the clients’ feedback.

How Can You Keep Hey Dudes Free From Odor?

When you wear shoes the whole day and keep doing this consecutively without washing, the footwear may spread an unpleasant odor

You can follow the actions below to stop your Hey Dudes to spread any awful smell.

  1. Never wear shoes without socks. Socks absorb the sweat from your feet and protect the insoles from coming into contact with the liquid, which is the sole cause for creating an unpleasant smell.
  2. Don’t wear the same pair of shoes every day. This will encourage the smell.
  3. In case you sweat too much, go for a deodorizing spray or powder. This will stop sweating and also the unpleasant smell.
  4. After the wash, dry the shoes well. Dry them when you put them off at the end of the day, too.

In most cases, you can avoid the bad smell of the shoes yourself. So, don’t be lazy to enjoy most of Hey Dudes without any bad smell.

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Final Thought

You can wear a pair of Hey Dude shoes for several years. But that needs regular cleaning ensuring the proper techniques. How to clean Hey Dude shoes? 

First of all, you must have a sound knowledge about which shoes can be washed with hands, and which ones with the washing machine.

While washing with hands, you need to take the laces out and dip the bottom soles into the mixtures of water and washing agents. For cleaning the spots on the uppers, you have to rub a soaked rag over them.

Similarly, with the machine, the laces are to be separated to avoid any tangling. Take the insole also out of its place. Now add water and washing powder and then enter the shoes into the machine. Your job is done!

As hey Dudes are not waterproof, you must wear them carefully. To get rid of the foul smell, you have no alternatives to maintaining the techniques above.

This study must help you enjoy the most of Hey Dude shoes!

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