How Long after Hip Replacement Can I Tie My Shoes? Solve It Right Now!

Have you just gone through hip surgery to get rid of some chronic pain? Then you must behave responsibly so that you can get back to normal life asap. For example, you cannot run or move your body, especially the lower parts, whimsically. To be specific, avoid activities like tying shoes on your own for a certain time!

How long after hip replacement can I tie my shoes? Depending on some issues, it might take 6 to 16 weeks to bend and work with the shoes by yourself

So, have patience and follow the expert’s advice to get things right early!

The recovery time varies due to your physical strength and other things. This study would make your task easy to get the crucial points to get well soon after a hip replacement!

How Long after Hip Replacement Can I Tie My Shoes?

Surgeons strongly prohibit it from staying away from certain activities that would make it difficult to return to regular life after hip replacement. You can read this article also.

One of the banned tasks is bending your body to lace up the shoes. You have to take help from others to tie shoes till the fixed time.

So, how long after hip replacement can I tie my shoes? Don’t be in a hurry as it relies on some issues. But you might have to wait at least 4 weeks, which at best wouldn’t take more than 16 weeks at.

Firstly, the method of your operation plays one of the key roles behind the time. Anterior and posterior are the two most popular surgery names for hip treatment. Where the first one takes a longer time, the latter technique releases you soon to get back to regular life.

Another vital factor is your health condition. In case you are physically fit and can cope with the post-operation responsibilities, you wouldn’t take the highest time.

Above all, it depends on how sincerely you follow the instructions of your doctor! 
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What Kind of Shoes Should I Wear after Hip Replacement?

Wearing the right pair of shoes is one of the most important pieces of advice by all experts after the surgery.

Firstly, the shoes must be lightweight so that you can carry them without much effort. As you have just gone under an operation, heavier footwear must harm the recovery.

Again, you must get the proper support from the shoes. They have to possess the best arch support, comfort, and above all, breathability. All these things together give you the support you need for the quickest recovery. 

If possible, go for the shoes without laces so that you can tie them with no complexity. Otherwise, you would encounter difficulties and worsen the condition, which must extend the time to recover.

What Kind of Activities Should I Avoid After Hip Replacement?

There are some must-follow restrictions just after hip replacement. You have to follow them to pave the way for getting things normal safely and quickly. Look at the suggestions below and maintain them sincerely.

  • Avoid bending your body whimsically. If needed, take the help of others as you wouldn’t want to aggravate the operated place. Similarly, you should not lift the knees over the hip.
  • Don’t sit crossing one leg over the other. Otherwise, the surgeries leg might be displaced and result in further troubles.
  • Before you take out the car for a drive, consult with the expert if you are physically fit or not.
  • Regardless of your position or work, always maintain the balance between the replaced hip and the leg or the whole body. Whether you are lying, sitting, or walking, make sure that the feet and the hips are in the same direction.
  • Most importantly, have patience and follow all the advice sincerely to get well soon.

In case you ensure all these things and take the prescribed medicines timely; hopefully, you will be OK within the expected time.

When Can I Sit on a Normal Seat after Hip Replacement?

You have not to wait till the complete recovery from sciatica to sit on a normal chair. The highest it can take is 6 to 8 weeks to let you sit on regular chairs. read more

But before that, an expert must check your condition and allow you to use different equipment. 

What Is the Best Sleeping Position after Hip Replacement?

Put a pillow between your legs and sleep on your back after having hip surgery to get well soon. The pillow will support your leg even while sleeping on your side.

You must know the things you cannot do anyhow. For example, never cross your legs or ankles to stay safe. You can neither put pillows under your knees nor sleep on your stomach. 

As you don’t have any conscious control over your body while sleeping, you might worsen your operated hip yourself. That’s why maintaining the proper position during the early stage after hip replacement is crucial. 

What Is the Best Exercise after Hip Replacement?

Nothing works as tremendously as walking does to recover from a hip replacement. But you have to walk timely, properly and follow your doctor’s suggestions.

At the earliest stage, you can take a walker for safety. In case you walk 2 to 3 times for a minimum of 15 minutes each time, you will get habituated soon!

Don’t stop walking in case it hurts in the beginning! and you can check this exercises

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Final Thought

You might go under hip surgery due to varied reasons. But whatever the cause is, you must follow more or less the same things after the replacement to recover in the quickest time. For example, you must wear the best suitable shoes so that your feet, hips, and whole-body get the support.

Besides, you must avoid those activities like doing exercises that don’t suit you physically, sitting for a long time, lifting any heavy objects by bending your body, etc.

Moreover, you should maintain proper positions while sitting on a proper chair, keep pillows under your legs while sleeping, etc., avoid all other exercises, and just walk to get the best result.

Last but not the least, have the patience to return to regular life and activities after hip replacement!

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