How to Stop Feet Sliding Forward In Shoes?

DATE: November 14, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Do you frequently slip and the toe slides forward with the present shoes? Consequently, you have already fallen into embarrassing situations and got pain unexpectedly. You must be happy to learn that you can get rid of this odd experience by taking some easy steps!

How to stop feet sliding forward in shoes? The remedy covers several areas- from getting the shoes at the shop or online to using different agents. 

For example, first of all, you should choose a pair of shoes that have got the materials that normally don’t slip. If they still slip, you can apply aiding agents like talcum powder or hairspray to discourage sweating so that the feet stay in place. 

As alternatives, placing wool, tape, shoe liners, fillers, or socks, etc. can also be a great pick.

Which item would fit your feet most or which manufacturer you should go for is a crucial matter. Go through this guideline to make shoe-wearing an enjoyable experience always.

How to Stop Feet Sliding Forward in Shoes?

How to Stop Feet Sliding Forward in Shoes?

So, you have plenty of choices to get away from shoe sliding, especially of the toes or heels. Feeling the urgency, this study tried to find out the most effective techniques and materials that can stop this unwanted consequence forever.

Let’s check them out and have a happy walk with any shoes anywhere, anytime.

Trying with a Talcum Powder

One of the prime causes of shoe sliding is excessive sweating in the feet. You can hardly find anybody whose feet don’t sweat. Sweating results in different boring problems. Besides causing itching and spreading an unpleasing smell, this water can fall you into great trouble sliding the feet unexpectedly.

But the good news is a regular talcum powder can save you from all these problems. You need not look for a special product; instead, the regular talcum powder you spray on your body can meet the purpose. It will absorb the moisture inside the shoes and keep there dry to make your shoe wearing safe.

All that you need to accomplish is drive away the debris from the shoes, clean your feet and the shoes with a towel or rag. Then dry the shoes and the feet for the last time. Now, simply apply the powder and enjoy your time!

Johnson and Johnson’s Naturally Cornstarch Powder

As 100% free of parabens, phthalates, dyes, and sulfates, this best seller product around the globe absorbs moisture too quickly to let the water harm your feet.

Moreover, this manufacturer gives you the best quality product at the most affordable cost.

Apply an Anti-Sweat Deodorant

Your primary intention should be to stop the sweating inside the shoes. That’s why you can use several materials. In case you are not willing to use talcum powder, an anti-sweat deodorant is also equally effective to lessen the sweating.

At the same time, this material can vanish the odd-smell generated from the sweat. Just take the can and spray it across the feet and shoes.

Native Deodorant, with Best Natural Ingredients

Made from 100% natural ingredients, Native Deodorant provides you with the most effective protection against sweating and odor.

This antiperspirant controls excessive sweating and thus saves the feet from sudden sliding forward.

Have a try with Your Favorite Hairspray

Though this suggestion may surprise you, a good hairspray is incredibly effective to protect you from getting hurt or falling down because of sliding forward of the feet.

When you spray hairspray, it works like magic. This liquid sticks the feet to the insole. So, you can walk freely without being disturbed by the sliding of the toes.

How easily you can get rid of the sliding!

L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairspray

This product is recognized worldwide for its wonderful performance to hold hairstyle in place for up to 48 hours. Similarly, it can hold your feet with the shoes for a long time without allowing them to slide anyhow.

Shoe Liners are Also Worth of Trying

A perfect pair of shoe liners can free you from the pain of sliding. These are extremely helpful to maintain the correct positions of the shoes and feet, protect your feet from sliding or fracture while walking hurriedly or landing from a high position.

These socks are also very effective in shock absorption, which also ensures that your toes won’t go forward in any situations or cause you any harm.

Plantar Fasciitis Insoles Arch Supports

In case you are fed up with your insoles and find the toe moving forward awkwardly, you can try Walk Hero Comfort and Support’s shoe liners to help the toes stay in place all day long.

These can hold the feet in the right place for a long time, ensuring the most comfort.

Try the Double-Stick Tape

In case you can fit the double-stick tape at the bottom of your shoes, it must help you walk at large without the fear of sliding the toes forward.

Gorilla XL Mounting Tape

Coated with adhesive on both sides for easy binding, this tool sticks smoothly even on the roughest surface.

Shoestix Can Solve the Issue

This tool is incredible to catch your feet firmly, which ensures that the toes will never be out of the edge. 

Glovestix StankStix Shoe Deodorizer

Built with replaceable deodorizing and moisture absorbing bags, this eats up the water inside the shoes and keeps their balance firmly. Besides, it is usable in both new and old as well.

Heel Grips, Shoe Fillers

Heel Grips, Shoe Fillers

Though some users find shoe fillers disappointing, you will see most people preferring this tool because of their protecting capacity.

When you place them in the space around your toes, they prevent the foot from sliding forward and make your walk comfortable, which is your prime cause to wear them.

Makryn Premium Shoe fillers

The best aspect of these fillers is they are suitable for all men-women and boys-girls. Moreover, they are suitable for all shoes like canvas, pump, high heel, loafer, open toe, etc.

Final Thought

Sliding forward in shoes or falling down awkwardly would put you in embarrassing situations or hurt you terribly. This study attempted to find out the ways of stopping these unwanted experiences using the most effective tools.

The first responsibility is yours. While getting the shoes, be sure that they won’t be loose enough to slide the toes or heel forward or backward. In case you still face it, you can choose your suitable tool from a long list.

For example, you can spray some talcum powder or anti-sweat deodorant on the shoes. These materials are equally effective in stopping your sweating, one of the reasons for the sliding. 

A good hairspray can also help you enjoy walking or working on shoes without the risk of sliding or falling down. Similarly, heel grips, shoe fillers or shoe liners, and some other things can also stop the feet or toes from sliding forward or posing any disturbances.

Before taking the tool, make sure you have studied the suggestions above, made from an authentic analysis of the market.

So, apply any of these tools and enjoy a happy shoe-wearing!

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