9 Best 400m Spikes – For Track Dominance!

DATE: July 4, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Are you a track runner? If you are one, there are no alternatives to getting quality spikes for excellent performance on the ground. In case you run short distances, getting the best 400m spikes would be the right option for you anyday. 

Spikes are great traction enhancers. They offer outstanding grip while running at a fast pace. As you may already know, running at a high pace can often imbalance you. But, with the metal spikes planted underneath these shoes, that’s not an option. 

They also have other intelligent footwear engineering techniques that give you a speed boost that other shoes don’t. 

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Best 400m Spikes for Track Runners!

Right now we’re going to show you some of the quality picks you can go ahead with while choosing spikes. We’ll detail every possible feature so you get a clear understanding of each one before moving forward. 

Top Pick
Nike Men's Competition Running Shoes.

Nike Men’s Competition Running Shoes

  • Desired arch support 
  • Overall athletics shoes 
  • 7 spike setting for extra grip 
  • Unisex shoes for all genders 
  • Stylish overall appearance 

If you’ve been looking for a trustworthy name in the footwear industry, that has to be Nike. And the spikes we’re going to talk about are manufactured by them! 

The best part about this one is the set of 6 spikes underneath the sole. They’d offer maximum traction and grip while running on the course. These shoes are recommended to only those who’re professional athletes. 

Apart from running, they’re also pretty effective for throwing and circling. So, they’d be a highly versatile pick for overall athletic performances. 

Instead of getting shoes for men or women, these shoes are unisex. Meaning, you can wear them irrespective of your gender, making them truly versatile and inclusive. 

People with wide feet often have serious issues finding the right track shoes for them. But these shoes would have a significant performance boost with individuals with wide feet as well. 

Fitting issues may arise if you haven’t measured your feet properly before getting the shoes. But all in all, they should offer exceptional performance on the whole. 

Runners Up
New Balance Men's SD400V3 Track Spike Shoe.

New Balance Men’s SD400V3 Track Spike Shoe

  • Greatly optimized for 400m runs 
  • Aggressive 8 spike config 
  • Stylish designs 
  • Comfort enhanced construction 
  • Lightweight touch 

At the 2nd spot in the list, we have another spike shoe. Created by the manufacturer of the famous spikes New Balance. Let’s learn more about this one.

The shoe is created with an 8 spike configuration, so if you’re someone who loves to run tracks, these shoes would be an ideal option to go ahead with. 

Without comfort, you won’t be able to deliver the running performance up to your expectations. And that’s why these specially designed spikes by New Balance are built highly comfortable for added performance output. 

The lightweight build makes this shoe a quality add-on for those who’re trying to get the desired track record. 

These shoes were built especially for running 400m tracks so it should be a good option for you to go ahead with it. 

The fitting may seem a bit problematic with this one. But, all things considered, this would make a great track shoe anyday. 

3rd Pick
Adidas Adizero Finesse Running Shoe.

Adidas Adizero Finesse Running Shoe

  • Fully professional track shoes 
  • Exceptionally stylish designs 
  • Metal spikes for added traction 
  • Comfort friendly construction
  • Superior overall performance 

At the 3rd spot in the list, we have the leaders in footwear manufacturing. This time we’re going to talk about Adidas’ Adizero. Let’s find out more about it.

One of the best parts about this one is the snug, sock-like fitting. If you’ve measured your feet properly these shoes would offer you tremendously snuggest fitting for effortless running. 

This one is super light. Coming with an exceptionally lightweight 4 Ounces construction you won’t feel a thing while running on them. 

The spectacular appearance from the masterclass Adidas craftsmanship is a wonder. Truly a shoe that would turn a few heads for sure. 

Coming with a highly comfortable construction similar to the New Balance Men’s SD400V3 Track Spike Shoe, we just talked about, these premium grade shoes would be an ideal option for highly demanding running events. 

Well, there aren’t many negatives to talk about these perfectly made shoes. All in all, if you’re ready to spend on truly professional track shoes, then there aren’t many alternatives to these shoes! 

4th Pick
Saucony Men's Spitfire 5 Track Shoe.

Saucony Men’s Spitfire 5 Track Shoe

  • Superbly stylish appearance 
  • Works well on icy tracks
  • Comfort enhanced shoes 
  • Effective for track runs 
  • High-versatility shoes 

At the fourth spot on the list, we have superbly stylish shoes by Saucony. Built specially for racing tracks these should offer quality running support. 

Comfort friendliness is one of the most crucial factors for those who’re willing to take to the extreme in terms of running tracks. Well, this comfortable footwear would be a quality companion in this particular case. 

It’s a purely track-based shoe coming equipped with a 7 spike configuration. Being a genuine spike it should offer an outstanding performance based on the type of requirements you have. 

These shoes have an outstandingly flashy outer appearance. Coming in 4 different stylish designs, they should make you stand out in a crowd. 

Because of the quality spike construction, these shoes would also offer a quality performance on icy trails. 

However, the fitting may not be to your liking. You should measure your feet properly for that. And overall, these shoes should be a quality add-on for your track runs! 

5th Pick
Saucony Men's Showdown 4 Track Shoe

Saucony Men’s Showdown 4 Track Shoe

  • Excellent sports footwear technology
  • Added spikes for athletic performance 
  • Quality comfort level 
  • Rubber outsole for added traction 
  • Excellent overall performance 

We have another Saucony on our list and this one too is a track race-specified shoe for those who love competitive running events. Let’s check it out. 

Coming with highly equipped spikes, these shoes would be an ideal option for your track events. Especially, when you’re competing against professional athletes, you should have an equally well-performing shoe to back up your skill and this shoe should be a quality option in this regard. 

Moreover, the rubber outsole coming with this one would be an extra benefit for added traction and grip. 

Comfort level is another positive in these shoes. It’d offer a highly comfortable running experience while you’re on these. 

Moreover, don’t forget the style they come with. These are pretty stylish and good-looking which should offer you a quality overall appearance. 

Well, a slight color mismatch or misfit can occur as you’re not able to put them on beforehand. Keeping these issues aside, the shoes should be a quality footwear alternative you can go for. 

6th Pick
New Balance Men's Vazee Shoes

New Balance Men’s Vazee Shoes

  • Exceptional outer design 
  • Different variants to choose from
  • Lace-up closure for customized fitting 
  • Lightweight construction
  • Spiked shoes for a 

You’re never out of options when you’re going for the new balance spikes. Here is another of the highly specialized track shoes. Let’s learn more about these. 

This one too comes with a spike plate. As the nature of spikes, they should bite the track hard and give you optimum grip and traction for a safer running capability. 

For those who’re looking for short track runs like 100-400m, these specialized shoes should offer quality support. 

Looks are one of the highly crucial factors that determine whether you’d go for it or not. Well, these shoes offer pretty quality looks overall to stand out from the crowd. 

The lace-up closure system is another positive which will give you more customized fitting possibilities. 

One thing that you may find a bit problematic is the sizing. Often, while getting shoes from online vendors, sizing can be an issue as you don’t get to wear them beforehand. So, we recommend you measure your feet correctly before going ahead. However, overall, they should be quality add ons for your track runs. 

7th Pick
Adidas Women's Sprintstar.

Adidas Women’s Sprintstar

  • Superbly world-class Adidas footwear engineering
  • Spiked outsole for added grip
  • Exceptionally lightweight for faster runs
  • Quality overall performance 
  • Elegant appearance 

If you’ve been looking for world-class quality performance on the tracks, there would be few alternatives to Adidas. Let’s check out this pick for women. 

One thing that separates these running shoes from the other ones is their unbelievably lightweight construction. Adidas’ world-class footwear engineering has made these shoes limit their weight to 4.7 ounces.

Coming with a highly detailed and patterned outsole equipped with 6 spikes, these would certainly make outstanding track shoes. The spikes would grip onto the ground firmly for a more secure and faster run. 

Durability coming with these shoes would make it even more desirable. With these shoes, this is something you should be getting for a longer performance on the track. 

These shoes come in 5 different varieties of designs to choose from each one having a pretty decent overall appearance which is always a plus 

Getting the sizing wrong is one of the common issues with any shoes bought without wearing. Keeping aside the minor issues like that, these should be a perfect fit for running tracks overall.

8th Pick
Adidas Men's sprintstar Track Shoe.

Adidas Men’s sprintstar Track Shoe

  • Spiked sole or extra traction
  • Specially designed for runners 
  • Quality track performance 
  • Comfort enhanced design 
  • Stylish outer look 

We’ve talked about the female variant of Adidas sprintstar. Now we’re going to talk about the male variant of Adidas. Let’s talk more about this one. 

Similar to the Adidas Women’s Sprintstar, this one too comes with a spiked outsole. The spiked outsoles are great for running tracks. If you’re someone who’s looking for quality track shoes. 

The lightweight build is what makes it so special. Coming with tremendously light construction, these shoes won’t be weighing down your legs so you can make great runs. 

Comfort is something that makes these shoes incomparable. Offering a high level of coziness and comfort you won’t be feeling irritated resulting in faster and more relaxed running. 

Last but not least the exclusive appearance from Adidas generated style would sure to turn a few heads while you’re running on them. 

You may have slight sizing issues with it but all in all, they’d make pretty good spikes for running anyday. 

9th Pick
New Balance Men's Sprint Sigma Harmony V1 Spike.

New Balance Men’s Sprint Sigma Harmony V1 Spike

  • Comfort friendly design 
  • Alternative closure 
  • Unorthodox futuristic appearance 
  • Made for running 
  • Lightweight build 

Lastly, we have the New Balance spikes to end our guide with. Pretty stylish and futuristic, these spikes can just be the right thing for you. Let’s learn more about 

The thing that makes it completely stand out is the design. If you’re trying to go for something flashy, unorthodox, and futuristic, these are the spikes you should target. Moreover, they don’t even have the lace-up closure which is the basic norm of every spike. 

This one, similar to the New Balance Men’s SD400V3 Track Spike Shoe, is an 8 spike shoe. The presence of spikes underneath the sole will make sure you get a steady footing while running fast on the tracks, reducing the possibilities of falling. The spikes are removable too, so if they get old or worn out you can replace them with new ones. 

High comfort is something everyone wants to achieve with their spikes. And these shoes too should provide comfortable running capabilities. 

Moreover, the lightweight construction of these shoes will also be a positive element present in them. 

The fitting can differ from person to person and many may not like the idea of an alternative closure. However, considering the substantial benefits they offer, they should make quality track shoes anyday. 

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Buying Guide to Get the Best Track Spikes for 400m

Buying Guide to Get the Best Track Spikes for 400m

For those we’re looking to get 400m spikes, we should consider a few things before going ahead with their picks. Here we’ll discuss some of those factors so you get to pick the best 400m track spikes amidst thousands of different items. 

Lightweight Construction 

It’s one of the most important elements you must consider, hence it’s put on the number one position. We often don’t take into account the weight of the shoe, but it can determine whether you’re going to win or lose.

The added weight on your feet can make you slower in the competition. They weigh down your legs and make them perform poorly. 

That’s why we’d suggest you go for extremely lightweight shoes. Try keeping them in between 6-10 ounces for the best performance output on the track. Going above this level can downgrade your output. 

Specified Track Shoe Design 

You must make sure that the shoes are designed for tracks and must have spikes underneath. Specially designed track shoes would offer unbelievably better performance than the regular ones. 

The spikes will grip the track better and the rubber outsole will offer the desired traction. So, even if you run really fast you won’t lose your footing. 

Comfort Friendly Design 

Another thing to look for in the design. Try getting properly cushioned shoes so they don’t feel irritating while running fast. The added comfort will greatly enhance the performance output. 

Added Breathability 

An added breathability would always be a plus. However, track shoes may not be as breathable as regular running shoes. Yet, the mesh construction would help your feet release the extra heat and keep them sweat-free so you can run longer and faster. 


Last but not the least, do consider the outward appearance. Shoes with beautifully designed outer surfaces can have a positive psychological impact while you’re competing. You must be prepared from all angles! 

If you’re able to get these things in order, you should be able to get the best sprint spikes for 400m.


How can a middle-distance spike help you?

Middle distance spikes help you perform better in 800m-3000m races. 

What spikes are best for 400m?

Specially designed low distance spikes would be the best track and field spikes for 400m runs

If I ran a 400 meter sprint at full speed 5 times a week, how much would my time improve?

Although it would help maintain your current speed it won’t do much in terms of increasing the time. Pairing it up with strength training can help. 

Is running on a banked indoor track faster than a standard outdoor 400m track?

Usually, indoor tracks are slower than regular outdoor tracks. So, running on a banked indoor track may be slower than an outdoor track. 

Do spikes make you faster?

Quality spikes can help you sprint faster while helping you maintain grip. 

Final Thoughts 

After a highly detailed discussion on quality spikes, we’re at the final parts of our guide. Throughout the guide, we’ve explained some quality spike options you can go ahead with. 

Then we’ve detailed some of the tricks and tips so you can find a quality spike variant for faster runs. 

Spikes, as we said, are one of the best footwear for runs. If you’re a professional track athlete, there aren’t any alternatives to getting spikes. 

So, what makes you wait then?

Get the Best 400m Spikes and dominate the track right now!

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