What Color Shoes to Wear with Khaki Pants? Find the Best Combination Here!

DATE: June 18, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Do you often find yourself struggling to match the shoe color with pants? No doubt, it’s a tricky task to make the best combination among the different garments you put on. But you can’t surely avoid this issue to make your appearance attractive and eye-catching.

What color shoes to wear with khaki pants? This khaki color of your pants allows you a wide range of shoes to wear with them. So, you can choose your favorite one from the long list. Colors like dark brown, green, white, red, purple, beige, and many others can be worn with tan pants.

The more the colors match, the better they look. So, besides knowing the list of suitable colors, you must know about more colors too. This is because they never suit with khaki pants.

What Color Shoes To Wear With Khaki Pants?

What Color Shoes To Wear With Khaki Pants?

So, you have no alternative to learning about the colors that go best with khaki pants and shoes. To answer your question, we tried to look into the matter with utmost sincerity. The suggestions based on our experiment must help you select the right color.

But before the color, some more issues require your attention. Let’s see them first.

Choose The Right Type Of Shoes Fittest To Khaki Pants

Khaki pants go with most of the shoes. Yet, your wrong choice would fall you into a fish out of water situation. So, look at the following list of shoes which would look wonderful with khaki trousers.

  • Loafers
  • Sneakers
  • Flip flops
  •  High heels
  • Flats
  •  Sandals
  • Casual boots

So, you’ve seen how good the khakis can get! You can even add some more names to this list.

Things That Require You Sincere Attention

Things That Require You Sincere Attention

You will concentrate on colors and models, true. But some more things need your attention, which would, in case they are not ensured, spoil your matching effort.

So, remember the following issues regarding the shoes you are picking up.

Weather conditions

As you know, you can wear a variety of shoes with khaki pants. But you shouldn’t choose them whimsically.

So, try to wear a pair of shoes that go with the weather. Surely, you cannot wear leather shoes, sneakers, or stilettos on a rainy day. Instead, you must go for rubber slippers or sandals.

Accordingly, you have to follow the fittest-shoes formula in other seasons, too.


Size is the most important issue, especially in tough weather. Can you imagine walking on a slippery surface putting on a too-loose pair of shoes? Again, when it is too tight, it can get difficult even to move a couple of meters ahead. So, besides emphasizing the color of your shoes, don’t forget to prioritize their size as well.

Durability and Comfort

Quality speaks, and it means most when you are buying something, especially items like shoes.

You can choose between colors or models, but you can never look for alternatives regarding the flexibility, comfort, and durability of the shoes.

List Of Colors Most Suitable To Khaki Pants

List Of Colors Most Suitable To Khaki Pants

Our list consists of a lot of mind-blowing colors. Hopefully, you will find your favorite ones in the names. So, let’s see them elaborately.

Dark and light brown

Our suggestion starts with brown, an automatic choice for anybody in khaki pants. Whatever type of shoes, this color gives you an incredible look with a shirt or T-shirt. Moreover, you can choose both the dark and light versions of this popular color.

So, you can attend your office, or any social occasions confidently with them!


No doubt, black is one of the most popular colors anywhere. From any dress to pants, even for all types of garments, black is everybody’s choice.


If you don’t like the colorful texture of shoes, khakis allow you to match white shoes too. All shoes must look incredible in this classic color and they must look unbelievable with the khaki pants.

In case you are not a great lover of too many colors on shoes, white must convince you with its simple but classic look. Whatever you wear with the pants, you must look stylish and eye-catching.


If you can choose the best type of shoes of beige color, khaki pants paired with beige would provide you an outstanding appearance. Again, shoes covered with red are loved as one of the most sophisticated styles for all. When they meet the khaki pants, the wearer must be on cloud nine.

Purple is one of the favorite colors. When it is about shoes for wearing them with khaki pants, the combination is unparalleled!

Never Try These Ones

You must be confused seeing the list of Never-Try on different sites. While some consider a color pretty good, some others think it is average. But the decision-maker is always you. So, check our list and see if it matches your idea.


All your expenses and effort is to make your look more presentable and attractive. So, when you are wearing khaki pants, you should never try orange shoes. These two colors don’t match at all.


Green is called the color of nature. Unfortunately, these natural-color shoes don’t match with any khaki pants.

On the other hand, when it is cold, dark green is the best, but green or light green isn’t suitable with your khaki pants.

What Color Socks Should I Wear With Khaki Pants?

Socks are also a key issue between the pants and shoes. So, don’t ignore their color and comfort.

To make the combination a great one, you can wear khaki socks. To make it better, you can also try both forms of light and dark beige.

But the color of socks also largely depends on that of your shoes.

Is Khaki A Year-Round And All Occasion Color?

The best and most impressive aspect of khaki color is its versatility. You can wear khaki pants in all weather conditions. No matter if it is summer or winter, you must feel comfortable wearing this color.

Moreover, wearing khaki pants, you can attend all occasions- from familial parties to official meetings.

Final Thought

So, you have so many options to wear shoes with khaki pants. In fact, except for some exceptions, you can go for most of the colors available in the market. It ranges from brown to purple, beige to red.

At the same time, you must avoid those colors that don’t go with khaki pants. There is no stereotype choice; it varies from person to person. Experts suggest avoiding black and orange mostly.

Things that matter crucially are the models of your shoes. Never put yourself in danger by selecting the wrong models. You know depending on weather conditions, you need to change your shoes to get the best service and comfort as well.

Khaki is one of the most suitable colors for people of all ages and professions. You can wear them even without forgetting about the weather conditions and occasions, too. But you need to pick up the best pair of socks to enjoy the most of these pants.

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