Why Do My Shoes Smell Like Cat Pee? Let’s Make A Case Study Of The Matter.

DATE: June 16, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Do you have a pair of shoes you have used for some days or weeks? Then you must be unwantedly familiar with some horrible smells. One of them is the intolerable odor like cat pee. You must be disappointed and embarrassed when you are among others.

Why do my shoes smell like cat pee? This would result from different causes. Your pet cat might seriously pee in your shoes. If you don’t have any pets, they might be coming from your neighborhood. Another strong cause would be the manufacturer themselves. The chemical called polyurethane used in shoes later leads to a smell like a cat pee. 

Do you want to get rid of this odor? The best and most effective guidelines below would free you from this nuisance forever!

Why Do My Shoes Smell Like Cat Pee?

Why Do My Shoes Smell Like Cat Pee?

As a shoe wearer, you would never wish to find your shoes spreading the smell like cat pee. To get out of this bitter experience, you first need to know the reasons behind it.

Why do my boots smell like cat pee? The first reason would be a real cat. It could be that your pet cat has peed on your shoes! You know, naughty cats can sometimes pee in places you don’t want them to. In case you don’t own a cat, perhaps someone in your neighborhood likes this cute animal. She probably visits you and does this great job!

The other cause lies with the manufacturers of your shoes. For assembling different parts, especially the sole, the producers use a chemical named polyurethane. When you wear the shoes, walk on them or run, this ingredient naturally breaks down. 

Again, when you wet the shoes or your legs sweat a lot, this ingredient rots gradually.

It is clear that either the cat itself or the breaking or rotting of polyurethane used in your shoes may spread the horrific smell like cat pee!

How To Remove A Bad Smell Like Cat Pee?

How To Remove A Bad Smell Like Cat Pee?

You must be looking for a quick but effective solution to this cat pee odor. You will be happy to learn that you can get rid of this nuisance easily just by using some common substances. First, look at the chemicals below that can help you remove the bad smell.

  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Sprays or deodorizers
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Washing machine

This list would go further. It, in fact, depends on which ingredient you have near your hand or which you prefer. Let’s see how to apply the first two to vanish the odd smell.

If you choose VINEGAR, you need to mix a cup of it with some water. Now, use a sponge or scrubbing brush to soak it in the mixture. Then rub it in the place where the pee is.

Another effective and popular ingredient for removing this odd odor is BAKING soda. And it’s extremely easy to use it. All that you need to do is put some of it inside the shoes. After a while, the smell must be gone.

You may find hardly anyone supporting inserting into a washing MACHINE. But it works seriously well. In case your shoes are not made from leather or silk, you should take the laces off and then throw them in.

The other ingredients in the above list are equally effective in doing the job. So, use any one of the suggestions and enjoy wearing shoes free from any odd orders.

How To Get Rid Of The Smell Caused By Polyurethane

When the toxic smell originates because of the shoes themselves, you can get rid of the smell by drying the wet shoes in the sun. 

You may sweat a lot due to walking and running too much. If your legs sweat a lot, use a sponge with some water to wash away the sweat. Then put the shoes in the air to dry them.

Final Thought

You wear shoes to walk safely and comfortably, make your appearance nice and attractive. But things might make you embarrassed if these very shoes smell like cat pee or something more horrible.

Why do my shoes smell like cat pee? Probably you don’t know that a cat is peeing in your shoes. It could be your neighbor’s cat as well. So, check who the criminal is! Polyurethane, an ingredient to assemble soles, also causes this awful smell when it gets wet with rain or your sweat.

As a remedy, you have plenty of options like baking soda, vinegar, washing machine, and many more. The first two ingredients can be used by mixing with proportionate water. And you can wash the shoes as usual in the washing machine.

Apply any of the remedies and enjoy wearing shoes with no unpleasant smell!

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