Best 800 gram Insulated Work Boots that Add Warmth

DATE: May 13, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Is working in the wintry cold, freezing temperatures bothering you? If that is the case you’d require outstandingly powerful clothing that offers the required heating and a pair of quality 800 gram insulated work boots, to safeguard your body, head to toe. 

The reason why you need 800 gram insulated work boots is that they will protect your feet from the harsh environment. 

An insulated work boot is a permanent solution to frostbite and stiffness. Having an 800 gram insulated work boot means that you’ll no longer have to deal with frozen toes in the morning.

The sun, heat, and wind are the things that make winter days harder to handle. That’s why a quality insulated shoe is a must-have in your collection of work tools and accessories.

Best 800 Gram Insulated Work Boots for Cold Weather

Now, we’re going to talk about some quality, insulated boot variants that can offer you the desired output without many difficulties, let’s find them out!

Rocky Men’s 8 Inch Retraction 800G Hunting Boot

Rocky Men's 8 Inch Retraction 800G Hunting Boot

First on our list is the Rocky men’s 8-inch hunting boots. If you’re someone who loves hunting this can be a good one for you, but let’s find out the real truth about it. 

User Certified Specifications 

  • Stunning outer design 
  • Tremendously versatile terrain support 
  • Comfort friendly performance 
  • Quality overall performance 
  • Works in a different environment 

One of the things that users highly speak of these boots is their outstanding ability to work in different terrains and climate conditions. For instance, there are reports that these boots were used in various environments from deserts to mountains and snowy regions, and they were holding up well in all those circumstances. 

Moreover, they’ve also been praised for offering quality traction for working on different surfaces. Comfort is another reason why these boots are liked, so I should have a more entertaining workday wearing one of these. 

Users have shared that these boots are lightweight and easy to walk with. Moreover, the stunning outer design is apparent, which doesn’t require any certifications. 

One thing, however, the users complained about was the issue of water getting inside of it. So, do keep that in mind while getting them. But on the whole, they should certainly be quality shoes! 

Hunt rite Men’s Insulated Waterproof Hunting

Huntrite Men's Insulated Waterproof Hunting

At the 2nd spot on the list, we have another quality hunting shoe by Huntire. Let’s find out more about this one. 

User Certified Specifications

  • Added warmth in winter times 
  • Excellent durability 
  • Increased grip and traction 
  • Stylish overall design 
  • Snow battling performance 

One of the things that these boots are being appreciated over is their outstanding capability of tackling winter colds in the fields. The users reported using these boots for hard winter farming years without any issues. 

Moreover, the added durability is something that too has been well spoken off. So, it should offer a standard wearing time overall. 

Grip and traction, similar to the Rocky Men’s 8 Inch Retraction 800G Hunting Boot,  is also something people speak positively of about these boots. 

On top of all these, you’re getting an outstandingly stunning outer appearance in brown and dark brown, which makes it an all-rounder. 

One of the things the users complain about is the lack of welt. As a result, you won’t be able to resolve it. 

However, all things considered, these should be quality shoes for outdoor work! 

Northside Women’s Woodbury 800 Hunting Shoes

Northside Women's Woodbury 800 Hunting Shoes

Now, we have another hunting shoe, however, this time they’re made especially for women. 

User Certified Specifications 

  • Hunting enhanced technology 
  • Comfort friendly design 
  • Warmth improved performance 
  • Enhanced arch support 
  • Quality outdoor shoes 

Here are other boots similar to the Huntrite Men’s Insulated Waterproof Hunting Boots, which have been reported to offer standard warmth-increasing capabilities!

Moreover, the level of comfort is something they’ve also been associated with. So, if you’re someone who’s looking for comfort-friendly footwear solutions, you can give it a go. 

 Another thing they’ve been praised for is the arch support. Getting the desired arch support is important for healthy feet and if you’re looking for this particular feature in shoes, they should be able to offer such, as the users have mentioned. 

We’ve noticed that many users have utilized these boots primarily for hunting purposes. So, if you are someone looking for a quality footwear solution for hunting-related activities, they should do a good job! 

However, they may not protect you completely from dipping water. But overall, they should make quality outdoor shoes!

Irish Setter Men’s Vaprtrek 800 Gram Hunting Boot

Irish Setter Men's Vaprtrek 800 Gram Hunting Boot

When you’re talking about sturdy, outdoor shoes, you can’t just skip the Irish Setters and here it is. Let’s talk about this footwear in a detailed manner. 

User Certified Specifications 

  • Outstandingly comfortable footwear
  • Hiking supporting design 
  • Works well in snowy conditions 
  • Tremendous foot support 
  • Long term wearing capability 

Even the most serious critics of these boots have appreciated the amount of comfort it helps produce. So, you can say that, like the Rocky Men’s 8 Inch Retraction 800G Hunting Boot, these shoes too should come with exceptional levels of cosines, which would prove to be vital for those who need to be on their feet for a long duration every day. 

They have also proved to be pretty effective in terms of hiking. Users do report that these boots hold up against mountainous terrain. 

The factor of warmth is another matter about which these boots are usually highly spoken off. Users have noticed them perform decently in snowy conditions. 

These shoes have been found to be highly supportive in different terrains. And last but not the least, you can’t just ignore the military-style camo design with the aggressive appearance, they come with. 

However, durability is something many are complaining about. They lost the stitching faster than expected. 

Yet, all in all, these exceptionally good boots for your outdoor sessions! 

Danner Men’s Vital 8″ 800g

Danner Men's Vital 8" 800g

At the fifth spot on the list, we have the Danner Men’s outdoor boots. Let’s find out the different aspects these boots have to offer. 

User Certified Specifications

  • Hunting enhanced performance 
  • Stunning outer design 
  •  Decent water-resistant capabilities 
  • Add warmth in winter times 
  • Quality outdoor performance 

The first thing we’d like to mention about this one is the outstanding looks it offers. A camo with shades of brown and dark black races, you’d have to appreciate the designers of this shoe. 

Another positive factor that users have mentioned by the users is its capabilities of being a quality hunting boot. As with any type, hunting boots too, need to offer particular features which will make them work on various outdoor terrains. And that’s what the users say that these boots actually have. 

Moreover, like any other insulated boots like Rocky Men’s 8 Inch Retraction 800G Hunting Boot, these boots are also known for offering a substantial amount of heat for winter outdoors. 

Although being waterproof is rare in many boots who claim them to be, these boots have actual users who report them to be waterproof. So, you can expect some degree of water resistance while on them and should tackle the snow well. 

The fit, however, is reported to be a bit too narrow for some. So, if you’re someone with wide feet, it’s bad news for you. Overall, they’d surely be quality shoes to go for! 

LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro

LaCrosse Men's Alphaburly Pro

Looking for something fancy? Well, going for these long boots by LaCrosse can surely be a good option. Let’s take a look! 

User Certified Specifications 

  • Works in snowy conditions 
  • Exceptional comfort levels
  • Traction friendly design 
  • Proven durability record 
  • Long boots for outstanding outdoor capability

As with shoes of premium quality, these boots are praised well by the users for adding a great level of comfort. So, if you’re an outdoor worker who happens to be on foot for a long time these boots should come in handy. 

Moreover, they’re also reported to have excellent traction. As a result, working in areas with a possibility of slipping shouldn’t be much of an issue for them. 

Users have also updated their experiences after using them for a certain amount of time that the shoes hold up pretty well despite outdoor work. So, you can expect a certain degree of durability which will last them longer! 

Because of the longer design, they’re also proven to work exceptionally well under snowy conditions and keep your feet warm like the Rocky Men’s 8 Inch Retraction 800G Hunting Boots. 

They may, however, feel a bit too heavy for some but keeping the minor issues aside, they should be quality picks overall!

Danner Men’s Pronghorn Shoes 

Danner Men's Pronghorn Shoes 

Close to the final parts of our list we have the Danner Men’s Pronghorn shoes. Time to find out more about them. 

User Certified Specifications 

  • Offers an exceptional level of comfort 
  • Water-resistance capabilities 
  • Works well on snowy grounds
  • Hunting friendly design 
  • Adds required warmth 

If you’re looking for excellent hunting shoes to be worn at night hunting where the temperature reaches negative, these shoes have proved to be outstanding add ons for the job. 

Everyone loves shoes that are comfortable and these boots too, have been complemented to have a desired level of coziness in them. 

The issue of water resistance has always been a matter of speculation. Because, despite the manufacturer’s claims, many users report different experiences. However, these boots do get user certification in terms of having some degree of water-resistant capabilities. So, walking and working on snow shouldn’t be an issue. 

The warmth-inducing capabilities are very well recorded in these boots as well. Some have complained about the fitting. But with the right measurements that too can be fixed. Overall, quality boots for an outdoor workout and sturdy output, and something you can go for any time! 

8 Fans 9 Inch 800G Men’s Lightweight Hiking Hunting Boots

8 Fans 9 Inch 800G Men's Lightweight Hiking Hunting Boots

Finally, we have the 8 Fans 9 Inch hunting boots on the list. Let’s learn more about this boot. 

User Certified Specifications 

  • Excellent comfort levels 
  • Quality hunting boot
  • Breaks in easily
  • Works in mildly colder weather
  • Aggressive overall design 

One thing these boots are being complimented for is the incredible performance in terms of getting the best hunting output. If you’re someone who’s looking for a dependable pair for short-distance hunting trips there would be a quality option to consider. 

Another positive which is often mentioned is the break-in duration. These boots are reported to be able to be worn out of the box, with very little break-in time. 

These are good mildly cold weather and won’t be a good idea wearing them in snow. Moreover, the stunning outer design is what makes them stand out. 

Further, comfort is another element that is reported to be present in the shoes. 

However, many users have expressed their resentment over the fact that the shoes aren’t waterproof. 

Despite the minor issues such as this, the boots should still be a quality option for you to try on the whole. 

800g insulated work boots Temperature Comfort Ranges.

If you’re going for 800g insulated boots, it’s pretty normal for you to have a valid interest in terms of learning how much cold they can tackle. 

Regular 800g insulated boots can work in lower, below, or close to freezing temperatures. However, the most effective 800G Thinsulate can work effortlessly even under -40 degrees celsius. 

So, based on the different types of insulation, the temperature tackling capabilities may vary. 

How to Choose?

As said in the previous guides, there are no hard and fast rules or ratings that can guarantee that the boots will work at a certain temperature level. 

For instance, you won’t find any shoe manufacturer saying that they’re certain that their boots will work under -40 or -30 degrees celsius temperature. 

But, what is the reason behind this? 

Well, the primary reason behind it is the legal issues. Moreover, the issue of cold is a highly individualized factor, so different users would have different experiences. 

As a result, it’d be hard for any manufacturers to pinpoint exactly at what temperatures their boots would work best. 

The only way you can get a more accurate understanding is by asking the people who have actually used it. You read the user experiences shared on different platforms on particular boots. 

600g vs. 800g insulated Boots

As with any footwear solution type, there are many differences between the types. Now, we’re going to talk about various differences that can be found in 600g and 800g boots. 

Activity Levels 

One of the key determining factors while getting your first pair of insulated shoes is the level of activities you can perform using them. With different levels of insulation, you’re supposed to get different levels of activity. 

With 600g insulated boots, you’re expected to get a higher level of activity output than its 800 gram hunting boots counterparts. If you are someone who needs to perform a wide variety of tasks that involve tons of activities in mildly colder environments, then goes for the 600g boots. 

However, if your work doesn’t require much activity, going for the 800g boots can be a good option. 

Cold Battling Capabilities 

Another highly crucial factor is the level of protection you’d be getting from each variant of insulated boots. If you’re working in temperatures close to freezing levels, it’s better to go for the 800g insulated boots, as they offer better protection against cold. 

On the other hand, if you’re working in mildly colder environments, go for the less warmth-inducing 600g variants. 

So, these are the two primary differences between them. 

Buying Guide to Get the Best 800 Gram Insulated Work Boots 

Here are some simple steps you can use to get quality 800 gram insulated work boots. 

Heat Production 

Do make valid research on the amount of heat a boot is going to provide and make sure they’d fit your environment. If you’re living in a region with an average temperature of -1 degrees celsius, while the boots can perform well at 5-10 degrees celsius, it’d be a complete waste for you. 

That’s why to learn from the user experiences and go for it only when you are certain that the boots would work in your region, 


Weight is another serious consideration in insulated boots. Try getting lightweight boots for a better working potential. Heavy boots can make you tired fast. While the lightweight boots will help you perform the duties better. 


Finally, do consider if they’re slip-resistant or not. Being outdoor work boots, the insulated shoes must have quality rubberized, non-slip soles for a safer outdoor experience. 

If you can consider the above mentioned elements, chances are that you may find the best 800 gram insulated hunting boots.


How warm are 800 grams of Thinsulate?

Authentic 800 gram thinsulate boots temperature rating indicates that they’d be warm enough to be effective under -51 degrees celsius temperature. 

Is 800g insulation too much?

Depending on the difference in the environment they can either be too much or not. Temperature close to freezing levels would be okay for authentic 800g shoes. But in the summertime, they may seem a bit too hot. 

What does the temperature rating on boots mean?

Temperature rating on a boot usually refers to the temperature levels where the boots will work best. 

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Bottom Line 

Well, after a long and highly inclusive discussion on various factors related to 800g shoes, we’re at the final parts of our guide. We’ve shown you some quality 800g boot variants which will work tremendously well in lower temperature levels. 

Moreover, we’ve discussed the actual, real-life accounts of each boot to give you a more detailed understanding of how they may work when you put them to use. 

Authentic 800g shoes would certainly offer a much-desired warmth in hard winter times. Moreover, quality footwear solutions can add comfort while making it easy for better utilization. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get the best 800 Gram Insulated Work Boots and dominate the outdoor environments! 

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