Best 2000 Gram Insulated Work Boots For Under Zero Degree Days

DATE: July 6, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


When you hear the term “insulated boots”- what is the first image that you visualize? A freezing winter day, right? 

Yes, that’s when a pair of 2000-gram insulated work boots become the most essential thing. If you have to work outdoors in extremely cold weather, they keep your feet warm and protected.

Although you get a lot of such boots differing in weight of insulation, you must go for the 2000-gram ones if you are working under zero-degree temperatures. 

So, let’s look forward to our top selections below to find out the perfect fit for a 2000-gram pair. 

Best 2000 Gram Insulated Work Boots to Warm Up

Given countless choices, it’s a challenging job to decide on the right pair of insulated work boots. Don’t worry! We took enough time to handpick the following shoes that offer adequate warmth and comfort during those chilling winter days. 

So, let’s dig in!

1. The Warmest of All– LaCrosse Men’s 10″ Waterproof 2000G Hunting Boot

First, we have a tried and trusted pair of work boots from LaCrosse, a renowned name among workers for manufacturing premium-quality boots. Let’s check out its key features below.


  • Made of 100% pure leather
  • Ultimate comfort in extreme weather 
  • Waterproof dry core lining
  • 2000g Thinsulate ultra insulation with extreme heat-trapping ability
  • Comes with a thick and cushioned midsole for extra support

Suppose, you are surrounded by snow and ice on an extremely cold surface. What will you do? Will you give up on the adverse atmosphere or dominate the ground like a king?

If you prefer the latter, a pair of LaCrosse with 2000g insulation can be your best buddy. It will let you conquer the situation with confidence, all thanks to the waterproof lining. 

Moreover, you get great foot support due to the properly cushioned midsole. And the 100-denier nylon along with the full-grain leather makes the boots abrasion-free. 

To be more exact, it never compromises comfort being made of pure leather. You get to enjoy adequate warmth inside your feet while others might feel like dying.

Best of all, the sizing is great to perfectly fit your feet. So, as an outside worker, you should definitely give this pair a try!

2. Best Waterproof– Irish Setter Men’s 15″ Snow Boots

Next, we have a completely waterproof pair of workboots from Irish Setter, the name workers trust the most. Here are what core amenities the boots come with.


  • 100% leather made
  • Comfortable rubber sole
  • Waterproof boots featuring EVA midsole
  • Super easy-on loop at the back
  • Suitable for extremely cold weather 

Similar to the LaCrosse Men’s 10″ Waterproof 2000G Hunting Boot, it too comes with the 2000g Thinsulate insulation. Resultantly, it has extreme heating capabilities to keep your feet warm.

Featuring the EVA plus Thermal Boost Nanotechnology midsole, the boots work best for odor control as well. So, no worries if you always want to feel fresh. 

Most importantly, the shoes are labeled as snow boots, therefore, they offer ultimate protection against heavy snowfalls. 

An often overlooked feature is the full-length instep zipper which makes them easier to put on.

Whether it rains or snows, your feet will remain unaffected as these are ultra-dry waterproof work boots. 

However, sometimes the zipper catches the material under it. So, be careful while opening it.

Aside from this minor flaw, it’s actually a pretty decent pair of shoes.  

3. Most Heat Retaining Capability– Thorogood Mountain Ridge Insulated with Solarcore Boot for Men

Need a pair of boots that let you stay on the trail for hours on a snowy day? Look no further and try Thorogood then. When it comes to producing the best 2000-gram hunting boots, they never disappoint.

However, the key specifications it comes with are listed below-


  • Made of pure leather and rubber
  • Features Solarcore lining that retains 50% more heat
  • 10″ boots with reinforced toe guard for added protection 
  • 2000g of 3M Thinsulate insulation keep you cold-free
  • Waterproof rubber sole for a day-long trek

As already mentioned, the shoes come with a Solarcore lining. Do you understand what it means?

Well, it means the advanced technology will let the shoes retain 50% more heat compared to an average insulated pair. 

Moreover, these are really durable pairs, thanks to the cement construction. The mountain ridge rubber outsole is a true blessing for any work boots and that’s why you get added traction on the trail. 

Above all, the waterproof membrane keeps you going even through the deepest snow ever. You can even trek on varieties of terrains due to its outstanding balance. 

Despite the positives, the bulky architecture of these shoes might be an issue. Though that only makes them more rugged and robust.

Overall, we highly recommend it for its excellent heat-trapping technology. 

4. Best Abrasion-Resistant– LaCrosse Men’s Cold Snap 9″ WaterProof Hunting Boot with 2000G Insulation 

Another one is from LaCrosse, the name itself is synonymous with high-quality work boots. This time it’s a waterproof pair to be used for a long time. 


  • Leather and fabric construction makes the boots comfortable 
  • Durable nylon upper with lightweight full-grain leather
  • A polyurethane coating on high-wear areas to avoid abrasion
  • Offers adequate traction with the deep lug outsole
  • From arch to ankle-high shaft measurement 

What we liked the most about these rugged pairs of shoes is the durable polyurethane-coated leather. That’s what makes them abrasion-resistant, an absolute must-feature for outdoor workers’ boots. 

Also, 100% waterproof dry core lining always keeps your feet protected regardless of the weather condition. 

Featuring a reliable rubber outsole, you won’t feel any discomfort even wearing them for the whole day. 

Besides, the deep lug design on the outsole with a 90° heel offers maximum traction on any trail. That’s the USP of these excellent work boots, we guess!

5. Best Slip-Resistant– Irish Setter 9″ 2000G LadyHawk Waterproof Boots for Women

Next on the lineup, we have a perfect solution for all the women working outdoors. You can try this absolutely stunning pair of hunting boots from Irish Setter, a trendsetter in the work boot industry. 


  • 9″ shaft measurement from arch
  • Reliable and comfortable rubber sole
  • 100% textile and synthetic material
  • Provides pretty decent warmth with 2000 grams of insulation 
  • Very comfortable to wear featuring waterproof materials

Suppose, you are hunting or ice-fishing during those chilly winter days. We can guarantee that these shoes won’t let you feel cold even for a second. Yes, they offer that level of warmth. 

Also, the most important thing about this LadyHawk pair is that they provide plenty of room inside. Running a bit larger, they allow you to wear even a thick pair of socks inside. What a great advantage, isn’t it?

Aside from that, it delivers pretty good ankle support too with no blisters or bruises to your feet. 

On the same note, you will experience slip-free hunting, hiking, snowmobiling, or ice-fishing with the excellent grip and traction it comes with. 

However, being a bit roomier, the toe box sometimes digs into the claves. So, it takes a little effort to be adjusted.

Other than that, this is one of the best pairs of work boots in terms of non-slip performance.

6. Best Moisture-Wicking– Rocky Men’s Mid Calf Boot

If you are looking for the Rocky 2000-gram insulated boots, here we have this. The key benefits it comes with are as follows-


  • Very warm boots for extremely cold weather 
  • Comfortable and classy leather upper
  • The moisture-wicking mesh lining makes the shoes breathable
  • Well-made architecture with 100% synthetic material
  • Their signature Rocky waterproof construction

The first noticeable point about these outdoor boots for men is the extreme amount of insulation. Similar to the Thorogood one, it too has 2000 grams of 3M Thinsulate insulation. 

Besides, the full-grain leather upper features a PVC welt and Goodyear. Resultantly, it’s one of the classiest outdoor boots you can ever get!

In addition, they have impact-absorbing properties, all thanks to the reliable rubber outsole. Be it wet, snowy, or muddy surface, rest assured that you will never get out of balance wearing this dependable pair.

However, we also liked the removable terra suspension footbed that is incredibly comfortable and cushioned. No wonder nobody ever complained regarding these wonderful hunting boots. 

7. Most Secure Fit-Guide Gear 2000 Grams Ankle Fit Insulated Rubber Boots

As the name suggests, we included this pair as it offers the most secure fitting ever with the ankle fit design. The key specifications are noted below for your better understanding.


  • Offer a locked-in and stable fit
  • 100% waterproof construction 
  • Maximum coverage from dirt and mud with the knee-high style
  • Super satisfying traction on any terrain
  • The side zipper glides easily for a quick put-on and off

Talking about these exclusive work boots, we cannot but admit that they are extremely reliable throughout the wear, thanks to their ankle-fit craftsmanship. 

Also, you can stay presentable all the time as the shoes remain clean always. The knee-high design gives wonderful coverage from all sorts of dirt out there. 

That being said, they feature a super responsive outsole to perform better on unwelcoming surfaces. Whether it’s a bumpy hillside or a muddy marsh, you get a ground-grabbing bite with these insulated outdoor shoes. 

Moreover, the side zipper always glides smoothly making the shoes easily wearable. 

However, they need a little break-in period but that’s all. Once you break them in, you will enjoy outdooring like never before even in the freezing temperature. 

Overall, it’s one of the most desirable 2000-gram insulated rubber boots of all time.

8. Most Comfortable– Guide Gear Leather Hunting Boots for Men

Next comes another pair from the famous Guide Gear with extreme insulation. The key points of these leather boots are noted below.


  • An 8 mm frost barrier between midsole and outsole to conquer cold-weather 
  • Both slip and well resistant
  • Crafted with full-grain waterproof leather
  • Offers ultimate comfort with the EVA midsole and polyurethane insole
  • Provides the best value for the money with 2400 grams of Thinsulate insulation

To be honest, these premium shoes have countless benefits to fall for. First of all, you will not get the exclusive 8 mm frost barrier to protect your feet in any of its competitors’ shoes. 

Secondly, it offers sufficient cushioning as well apart from offering warmth only. That’s why you don’t feel frozen on those zero-degree days. 

Moreover, it features an EVA midsole alongside a polyurethane insole. Can you imagine how comfortable these two soles can be? If not, we highly recommend that you should look nowhere else and buy this pair right now.

Above all, the multi-directional rubber lug outside lets you enjoy aggressive trekking as long as you want. Also, they are flexible enough so that you don’t feel restricted on the trail.

9. Best Eco-Friendly– Guide Gear 2400-Gram Men’s Ankle Fit Rubber Rain Shoes

Lastly, let’s check an outstanding pair of rubber rain shoes, from Guide Gear again. The best part of these world-class shoes is that they are available in a budget-friendly price range. 


  • 100% waterproof boots with moisture-wicking capability 
  • Made of scent-free rubber 
  • 2400 grams of Thinsulate Ultra insulation for incredible warmth
  • A secure ankle fit for wobble-free wear
  • Features new eco-hybrid insoles and that’s why they are environmentally-friendly

To begin with, the key benefit it comes with is the best water-resistant technology keeping your feet dry for the longest. So, you can work worry-free. 

Aside from that, they sit on your feet stable with an ankle-fit grip offering wobble-free wear. Therefore, you can enjoy hunting, ice-fishing, hiking, or even walking without tightening your shoes pretty often. 

Best of all, the rubber rain shoes are made of recycled materials featuring the OrthoLite proven open-cell foam technology. As a result, they affect the environment less.

And these shoes are breathable offering a moisture-wicking comfort, just like the Rocky Men’s Mid Calf Boots

The only issue we encountered while using them is the less ankle support. So, you can try out the Guide Gear Leather Hunting Boots for Men that offer awesome cushioning and arch aid. 

Buying Guide of the Best 2000 Gram Insulated Hunting/Work Boots

There are some must-have features for the best 2000-gram insulated hunting boots. You can use them as checklists while buying your favorite pair. 

Let’s learn why they are so important! 


The first thing to notice is, of course, the insulation. You must remember the fact that the more it is insulated, the better the cold prevention capacity it offers. 

In order to fight against the freezing cold of winter days, you should pick at least 2000 grams of insulation or even more. 


Insulation alone won’t help. It must be waterproof as well. What’s the point if the rain or snow gets inside the shoes? Then it cannot trap any heat inside and therefore, your feet will literally be frozen. 

So, always aim at buying water-resistant outdoor boots that keep your feet dry. 

Thinsulate Insulation 

Talking of the insulation type, it’s better to have Thinsulate as an ideal insulating material. It offers more insulating properties consuming less space. 

So, your boots don’t get bulky. On top of that, Thinsulate is 1.5 times warmer than its counterpart.


You are going to use those work boots regularly, chances are, roughly too. So, they must be well-built to withstand all those adverse weather conditions. 

If they are crafted with poor materials, you have to buy numerous pairs in just one season. So, why waste money? Instead, check for premium-quality material with a decent construction method so that they last at least 2-3 seasons. 


For any outdoor boots out there, be it insulated or not, non-slip outsoles are one of the most crucial features. While working outside, it’s way too risky to walk freely, particularly, on slippery surfaces. 

That’s why the shoes must have slip-free features to prevent any accidental fall-off. 


What is the highest insulation for boots? 

To battle the diverse range of cold weather conditions, especially to fight back a below-freezing temperature, work boots come with 2000 gram and up insulation in general.

Will Thinsulate insulation work for my next pair of shoes?

Of course. It’s the best type of insulation with a thin layer inside. Moreover, it offers the warmest feeling ever.

How warm is 7mm neoprene?

The 7 mm neoprene will be warm to 20° temperature.

Final Words

So, have you decided on which 2000-gram insulated work boots you will go for? You must figure out which pair would work best for you based on the discussion above. 

Actually, insulated boots are the only means to keep your feet toasty when winter hits the most. You cannot just sit at home and hibernate, right?

On that note, the Rocky Men’s Mid Calf Boots could be a perfect choice for working outdoors. Having mid-calf length, they provide better foot protection. 

Otherwise, the LaCrosse Men’s 10″ Waterproof 2000G Hunting Boot or the Thorogood one is an excellent option delivering extreme warmth. 

In fact, you can try any of the above pairs to work in tough outdoor conditions, be it rainy, freezing, snowy, windy, or muddy. Hopefully, our recommendations would help you purchase wisely.

All the best!

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