Are European Shoe Sizes Smaller Than the US? Get Out of the Mystery Here!

DATE: May 21, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Are you planning to get a new pair of shoes, especially online? If you are in the US and ordering a brand outside, particularly in the EU countries, you must know that shoe sizes vary from brand to brand, country to country.

Are European shoe sizes smaller than the US? You have clicked the right words; yes, they are! When you say EU, you have to consider the UK separately because they have their own measuring procedure. Again, other countries in the Euro-zone follow a unique way to tag shoe size.

Things are not as simple as they seem to be. A sound understanding of the shoe sizes of different countries requires deep study. Let’s do it with the best findings of our expert team.

Are European Shoe Sizes Smaller Than the US?

Are European Shoe Sizes Smaller Than the US?

The straightforward answer is YES. European shoe sizes are smaller than the US. But as the UK has their own measuring system, you need to calculate things consciously to get the difference between the UK and other European nations.

Our experts studied these complicated issues to bring them before you in an understandable format. Let’s zoom in on their findings and suggestions.

Difference between the UK and US Shoe Sizes

Manufacturers in the US measure shoe sizes separately for males, females, and even kids. So, in order to convert these sizes into any other countries’, you need to know the sizes based on gender and age. That’s why the following tables are here. Look at the tables carefully to find the subtle difference.

Men’s Chart

US(size) UK(size)
                        5                      4.5
                        6                      5.5
                        7                      6.5
                        8                      7.5
                        9                      8.5
                        10                      9.5

So, it’s crystal clear that the UK shoe size for men is .5 less than that of the US. That is, in case you are ordering a pair from the UK, you have to subtract .5 from the size you are normally comfortable with . For example, if you are used to wearing 7 size shoes, it will be 6.5 in the UK. 

Accordingly, 9 in the US is 8.5 in the UK, 10 is 9.5, and so on. Now, you must find things easy and interesting!

Women’s Chart

US(size) UK(size)
                              5                              3
                              6                              4
                              7                              5
                              8                              6
                              9                              7
                              10                              8

But when you talk about ladies shoes, the difference is distinct. Now, the difference in shoe size between the US and UK is bigger. Obviously, the European nations are yet again smaller than the US.

If you look at the above table, you must see that the difference between the numbers on the left and right is 2. Now, you have to subtract 2 from the size of the US to get the accurate UK size for women’s shoes.

So, in case you wear shoes of size 7, as a woman, take 5 while planning to order them from any manufacturer in the UK.

Kids’ Chart

8 7.5
10             9.5

So, the table reveals that for your children’s size, it is very much similar to the male size. 

If a pair of shoes of size 6 suits your kid, you have to go for 5.5 in the UK. While it is 7 in the US, 6.5 is in the UK. Simply put, just subtract .5 from the size.

Difference between European and US Shoe Sizes

European size in fact refers to a measurement that countries like Germany, France, Spain, and especially Italy follow

These nations have tremendous contributions to the fashion world, especially in the footwear industry.

Unlike the US, these countries don’t have separate sizing ways. They follow the same calculation for all-male, female, or kids. Let’s look at their chart by putting them along with the US.

EU(size) US(size)
                              38                              5
                              39                              6
                              40                              7
                              41                              8
                              42                              9
                              43                              10

Have you got the point here? It’s pretty simple; just add 33 to your size to get your new size in the EU style. If you are comfortable with size 7, add 33 to it. So, (7+33=) 40 is your size. And this is applicable for all, irrespective of gender and age.

But one thing is completely different in these European countries. They weigh shoe sizes in centimeters, which is a rare practice in measuring shoes. So, have a look at their measurement in centimeters.

Chart of US and EU Shoe Size Compared In Centimeters

US(size)EU(size)Foot Length in CM

Though the EU countries measure shoes in CM, this number doesn’t mean the actual size. So, a size, for example, 50 centimeters doesn’t mean to be 50 centimeter long shoes. Instead, it will refer to 32.2 CM or 12.6 inches.

Final Thought

The matters about shoe size should no longer be complicated for you! Are European shoe sizes smaller than the US? You have seen in all these tables this calculation. Surely, UK shoe sizes are smaller than those of the US.

To convert the UK male shoe size into US male size, just add half to it. For instance, if size 8 fits you perfectly, choose any pair of size 8.5. When it is about your kids, do the same. It means to add .5 to the size. So, for size 5, get 5.5 for the perfect fit.

Lastly, for females, it is exactly 2 that you have to add. So, if you as a woman wear size 7, you must take size 5 from any UK-based manufacturers.

For calculating the size of other EU nations, it is simple as there you need not measure male, female or kid separately. Just add 33 to your size. So, if you prefer size 5, here get it 38.

So, when are you getting your shoes?

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