Can I Wear Wide Fit Shoes With Normal Feet? Learn the Truth Here!

Are you in a dilemma about the shoes you recently bought? It is because you have got normal feet, but the shoes you paid for are for wider ones! You shouldn’t be disappointed as you can still put these wider shoes on your normal feet.

Can I wear wide-fit shoes with normal feet? Yes, you can somehow use them. Not that just for the extra width footwear becomes useless and you will throw them away. 

In case you need a pair of shoes for an everyday walk, you can go for shoes with a wide fit. But you should remember that wide shoes are usable in all situations. For example, while walking on slippery surfaces or in the rain, you mustn’t wear wide shoes to avoid unwanted disturbances or terrible falling down.

Do you find this issue interesting to learn further? Don’t miss zooming in on the effective guidelines of our expert team.

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Can I Wear Wide Fit Shoes With Normal Feet?

Can I Wear Wide Fit Shoes With Normal Feet?

While thinking of using wide feet shoes, you must consider tons of different things that determine the usability, comfort, and effectiveness of wearing footwear. As these matters are crucial, our experts made an extensive study of them to bring the best suggestions before you.

Let’s check out their findings on wearing wide-fit shoes on normal feet effectively.

What Is Considered A Normal and Wide Foot?

Before deciding anything, you should first know whether you have normal feet or wide ones. How to know if your feet are normal or not?

It’s pretty simple. Have a trial with a pair of shoes you know whose measurement is absolutely OK. If a shoe with 3.56 inches width and 8 size fits you perfectly, then you have a normal width. But with this same width, if a smaller size, i.e. 5 or 6, catches the feet comfortably, then you should know that your feet are wider.

So, with wider feet, you have to be choosy while picking up the shoes, especially in wet weather conditions or you work at slippery surfaces like restaurants, hospitals, etc.

When Can I Wear Wide Fit Shoes and When Cannot?

In case you have a pair of loose or wide shoes, you can still wear them. But they cannot logically serve you always like the perfect sized ones.

For example, you can wear them for normal walking. But never ever try them if you are a professional runner. They must hold you back on the track and hinder you from going ahead smoothly.

Moreover, you can wear them at work, too. But this doesn’t allow you to wear them everywhere. For instance, if you have to work in the field, you must avoid such shoes. Otherwise, sands or other particles may enter to cause uneasiness and disturbances.

At the same time, you must be aware of the weather before thinking of wearing a wide-fit shoe. This is because such shoes are never suitable to wear in the rain. How terrible it would be when you are at work and your toes are diving in the water!

But indoors, you can put them on all around the year. Then they are even better as your toes are relaxed, have space to move around, and breathe easily.

Does Shoe Width Matter?

Yes, the width of shoes matters significantly. While you walk or work wearing too wide and loose shoes, they will consume all your comfort and concentration in the work.

Wearing loose shoes, you won’t walk comfortably. Shoes may come out of the feet or you can’t walk in rhythm.

If you are to work outside in the garden or deal in the rains, you must avoid wide shoes. Otherwise, sand, pebbles, or water may enter and fall you into intolerable situations.

What Are The Signs You Need A Wide Shoe?

What Are The Signs You Need A Wide Shoe?

As you grow older and your body shape changes simultaneously, you must choose a larger pair of shoes. Besides age, there are some other symptoms that indicate that you need wider and larger shoes.

Let’s know about these signs to pick up the most suitable footwear for the feet.

Unwanted and Painful Swelling on the Skin

When you see that there are blisters on the skin, you must know that the very shoes you are putting on are responsible for this.

When you wear too-tight shoes, they rub your feet a lot. Consequently, such swellings on the skin are born.

So, try to get another pair of fit shoes ASAP!

Bump on the Big Toe

Wearing a smaller or tighter shoe must result in swelling on the big toe, which is known as bunions. This can be intolerable and at times it requires medical treatment for recovery.

Unless you change the footwear to larger and wider ones, this can lead to further infection.

Corns and Calluses

Repeated use of tight shoes can generate corns on the tops or sides. Corns are the hard patches of skin that are produced because of the frequent squeezes between the bones and shoes.

Again, too many frictions between your feet and tight shoes can appear calluses. These are equally odd and painful as well.

So, when you find any corns or calluses on the feet, you must realize that the shoes you are wearing are not made for you. Search for the alternative immediately!

The buckle of the Toes and Legs

This is one of the worst conditions caused by tight or narrow shoes. This happens at the joints and sometimes may lead to severe and permanent deformation of the feet.

How terrible tight shoes can be!

So, when you see any of these signs, you must not delay to change your shoes and take the wider and better ones.

Is Wearing Wide Shoes Bad For Your Feet?

Nothing can be compared to rightly fit shoes. You should always try to get the fittest pair of shoes. But you must be glad to know that wearing wide shoes doesn’t cause you much harm.

You must experience that tight or narrow shoes cause a lot of trouble. You may not walk freely, have pains or swellings all around the feet. But wide shoes have almost no physical threats.

So, while choosing shoes, you should always look for the fittest pair. If not available, try a wider one, but never pick up tight shoes.

Final Thought

This guideline attempted to cover all the matters relevant to wide shoes. Can I wear wide-fit shoes with normal feet? This, in fact, depends on the surface you wear them, the weather, or the nature of the work.

For example, you can put on wide-fit footwear at home, for a casual walk, and at times at work where you need not rush or go out. But such shoes cannot be worn in the fields, for walking or working in the rain. If you are a professional runner, these shoes are also not for you.

That is why you must know the conditions when you must take wider shoes. In case you feel pain on the big toe, find any buckles, corns, or calluses on the leg, you should consider these things as indicators to get a pair of wider shoes.

So, before you get new shoes, check them properly whether they are tight, fit, or loose for your feet.

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