Are NMDs Running Shoes? Let’s Know About These Incredible Products Here!

The NMDs shoes by Adidas are everybody’s peak. Their incredible design, color combination, long service, and comfort- all the features put it on the top.  

But are NMDs running shoes? Simply put, no! In fact, these are neither designed nor sold as running shoes. 

You know the traction under the sole must be able to tolerate the heavy pressure. The traction of these shoes cannot digest the extreme pressure you give the sole. In case you run wearing them, you would rather hurt the toes and end up with horrible frustration.

Do you seriously look for some best suggestions for running shoes? Then don’t miss studying till the end.

Are NMDs Running Shoes?

There’s nothing to be frustrated with NMDs. They are not suitable for running, true. But these are best for many other purposes. Let’s zoom in on the varied areas where you can use them confidently.

Are NMDs Walking or Hiking Shoes?

Adidas manufactures NMDs maintaining the high quality so that its wearers can walk in all conditions- on the seashore, hilly or rocky areas, or in the sleepy muddy land.

Definitely, you wouldn’t spend day and night staying home or working at the office. While you are out, you can wear these shoes forgetting about the weather or the conditions you are going to. 

With these, you can visit wherever you want.

Do you have a plan to go for a long walk?

Are NMDs Good Gym Shoes?

What kind of exercises would you normally do in the gym? Your exercises may include squat, leg press, leg extension, leg curl, run on the treadmill, etc. For any of these, NMDs serve you most effectively.

No matter how long you spend or what exercises you do, wearing NMDs, you will never feel tired, achy, or beat up.

While Adidas gives you the best service trustworthily, why should you think of others?

Are NMDs Waterproof?

Another reason for this item being No. 1 around the globe is its waterproof materials. So, you can wear these shoes without knowing about the weather.

The internal and external parts of the sole, the upper, and the entire design contain materials that are water resistible. 

So, it’s much easier and risk-free to walk on slippery lands on a rainy day. No matter if you walk in the hot, cold or rainy weather, your feet are always warm and dry.

Why Are The NMDs So Popular?

For some obvious reasons, NMD shoes are equally popular after so many years of their first release. Let’s see why it is so.


Design is the most revered aspect of all NMD shoes. Besides the wonderful color mixture, the shape of these shoes also attracts all. They, in fact, look unbelievable in all dresses.


You mustn’t compromise with the comfort level of the shoes you are spending on. In this regard, NMD shoes must be your choice. 

As you wear them, the wonderful cushioning under the feet and the incredible upper and balanced support they give you while moving make this design most comfortable.


As you know, these shoes easily tolerate the extreme pressure you give or odd conditions in all weather; they last longer than most of their competitors.

All the parts of the sole and the upper, in fact, the whole design, have been assembled, ensuring supreme strength. So, they can tolerate everything.

Best Running Shoes For Men and Women

For running, you cannot be reluctant to the brands or quality of the shoes. Let’s look into the chosen ones’ manufacturers and items best for your run.

Adidas NMD_r1 Men, Best Running Shoes

NMD_r1 occupies first place on the list of best running shoes for men. You must be eager to know about their unique specifications, which will definitely make you vote for them.


  • The perfect design and color combinations of NMD_r1 fit you with whatever you wear.
  • Its incredible sole and other materials allow you to walk anywhere, anytime.
  • The cushioned sole saves the feet and toes from over sweating.
  • The foam plugs on both sides support your heel while walking or running on an uneven track.
  • As there’s no Continental rubber, they last more than you expect.

Solely made for running, NMD_r1 uses the best materials to ensure your comfort and safety. So, when the feet give them continuous pressure while you run, the sole saves you from any kind of pain or other problems.

The upper is extremely easy-going. Consequently, you can wear them within a moment. The interior is also super soft, which gives the feet comfortable for a long time.

Though you don’t have extra widths, you must feel comfortable as long as you wear them.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes

The shoe that this study found most appropriate for women’s running is Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36. So, let’s look at their best and unique features first.


  • Wrapped in a seamless mesh upper, this pair looks imaging in your feet.
  • These shoes are specially designed for all runners, both novice and experienced.
  • With extreme strength in the midsole and sleeved upper, these shoes can accompany you for over 450 miles.
  • There is enough ventilation process in the forefoot and mid-foot mesh, which encourages air movement without any trouble.
  • These shoes have only 10 holes in total on both sides, which is less than others. 

The most impressive aspect of Pegasus 36 is its superb comfort while running. The upper, inner, and mid parts of the sole support the feet and toes to run smoothly without facing any troubles.

Unlike most other designs, it has got a rigid cushion that doesn’t bother when you go for longer runs. 

Besides, as the cushion is from the compressed air unit, it doesn’t put any unwanted weight on these wears. So, they are as light as you can carry them.

Final Thought 

No doubt, you must love the design and unique features of NMD shoes by the world-leading manufacturer, Adidas. They are nicely designed with an incredible color mix, able to sustain unbelievably in all conditions and seasons.

Though not perfect for running, you can wear them for a walk anywhere. These can make your exercise in the gym enjoyable with their comfort, longevity, and, above all, support.

While looking for the best running shoes, NMD_r1 is far better for men for their wonderful design, materials, comfort, lasting period, etc. 

Again, for women, Nike Pegasus 36 is comparable to none.

So, which one are you thinking of?

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