Are Blundstones Worth It? For Breathability You can Consider

DATE: June 20, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Blundstones are one of the iconic footwear brands that are popular all over the world. Whether you hear the brand name or not, you must be familiar with these traditional Chelsea boots that people often choose to wear.

People, who have no experience with Blundstone often ask, ‘are Blundstones worth it?’ Yes, Blundstone is worth the money because of its stylish, comfortable, and breathable features. 

If you have the same question and can’t decide whether to buy it or not, then this is the right place to remove your confusion.

Nowadays, it is common for people to spend a lot of time in the market choosing a pair of boots that seem perfect for their purpose. Blundstones make the best sense in this regard as they are comfortable, durable, and have special features like waterproof ability

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Are Blundstones worth it for comfort?

Yes, Blundstone’s worth it for the comfort because of the quality leather and sole used to manufacture it. However, it still needs to be considered from person to person because not all people have the same comfort zone. Some people may not like it because of its simplistic look and traditional color selection. 

Blundstones are a type of shoe that has been around for centuries. It is highly popular in Europe as well as Canada, America, Australia, and Asia. Blundstones are especially known for their longevity. Whether you live in harsh weather or you are planning to go on hiking, Blundstone is the type of shoes you can rely on.

What is special about Blundstone?

Blundstones have many specialties to describe. It comes with a gender-neutral design, and the long-standing ability makes it roughly chosen for any purpose.

Blundstones Premium Quality

Blundstones have been around since the 1800s and are still popular today. From its glorious history, the shoe has been designed for the people who need to wear boots most of the time, such as soldiers and mine workers. Therefore, the shoes are designed to keep their feet warm and dry while working long hours.

But nowadays, Blundstones are not used for any specific purpose; rather, they are used frequently from regular use to stylish approach. And it has been seen worn by many famous celebrities like Elvis Presley, Michael Jordan, and even President Barack Obama.

How long does Blundstone last?

Blundstones are footwear that can last longer than anything you wear regularly. However, the durability varies on the use and maintenance. For instance, if used as a regular boot, it can go longer than 5 years.

Blundstone boots are made from leather, and the sole is strong and light enough to easily go on. Blundstone oil-coated leather gives it some waterproof functionality. And the excellent build quality makes it a flexible footwear option for all.

Where are Blundstone shoes made?

The company operates mainly in Tasmania, from where all its activities are monetized, from manufacturing to store. Blundstones is an Australian footwear brand that was established in 1855 in Hobart, Tasmania. Since the brand started out as Blundstones, it has grown significantly and now owns a sister brand which is also a footwear brand called John Bull. It also maintains modern facilities in New Zealand, Melbourne, Australia, and Auckland.

Is Blundstones good for walking long distances?

Yes! Blundstones are great for walking long distances. They are lightweight, easy to pull, and ready to go for walking long distances or doing regular jobs with it. Blundstones can use by both men and women, and the boot is designed to endure rough conditions. So, it can be a good option for long walks, travel, and even if you are on hiking.

Since they don’t have laces, the boots aren’t a good fit for stiff and rocky conditions. You can consider them for hiking on challenging flat ground, forest, or downhill.

Can Blundstones be resoled?

Yes, you can resole Blundstone’s boots. But you should never try to repair your own Blundstone boots. 

In this regard, what Blondstones says is to look for a professional and experienced shoemaker because the sole and the lather are different from the usual types. Don’t worry if you don’t find a dedicated professional in your nearest area; you can take Blundstone’s help to find one. Go to their website and knock them out via mail; they will reply back for sure. 

Wrap up

So, Blundstone is one for all-purpose shoes that you can consider regardless of the rough use or style. 

They are suitable for matching any outfit and can resole over time. The boots have been making people comfortable footwear choices for more than hundreds of years. 

Because it is one of the most durable shoes in the world, and you can’t ignore its waterproof ability. 

Above all, they come at a reasonable price. If you are looking for a reliable shoe for your purpose, just go for it.

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