Are Timberlands Good for Hiking? Get the Best Shoes to Enjoy the Time!

DATE: May 25, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis

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Do you prefer going for a hike whenever you get the time? You love the long walk in the open nature that refreshes your mind. Then you must know that hiking needs your care on some issues, especially the shoes. You cannot choose a pair whimsically!

Are Timberlands good for hiking? You cannot say yes to all the models of this brand. So, the answer is Yes for some models and a big No for a few!

Timberland basically works on fashion shoes. They are famous worldwide for their incredible designs. So, they don’t produce any shoes that would be the best pick for serious running or walking. But as they use the best materials, you can still wear some of them for a hike to fulfill your purpose safely.

That’s why you must have sound knowledge of this brand to make your decision. This is where this article can help you most!

Are Timberlands Good for Hiking?

Timberland is an incredible brand, no doubt. You can hardly find a shoe lover who would hesitate to take any models of this manufacturer. Nevertheless, you cannot take and wear their shoes everywhere, whimsically! 

For example, though they produce wonderful shoes, they don’t have that much reputation for producing sports or exercise shoes. So, are Timberlands good for hiking? You cannot take all models of this brand as they don’t make hiking shoes. Yet some of their footwear is so good that you can go for a hike wearing them.

Timberland uses leather as the prime material. Leather swells terribly when it comes into contact with water. Thus many of their shoes limit your hiking areas. 

On the contrary, the models that you can choose are much more cost-effective. Besides, you can wear it on other occasions as well. So, when thinking of a short walk, you can take some particular shoes from Timberland.

Are Timberlands Comfortable to Walk In?

Timberland shoes are incredibly comfortable because the manufacturer assembles the shoes using the best materials applying the latest technology.

As they use quality products, your feet are always safe while you walk or run, no matter how long you wear them or what the surface is. 

Besides, they have one of the best arch support that helps you walk comfortably on any surface. The last but not the least is the breathability of all Timberland shoes. They ensure the most reliable passage to pass out the hot and unhealthy air inside.

So, you can take any pair of Timberland shoes to have an enjoyable walk in the air.

Can You Wet Timberland Shoes?

When you have Timberlands, you need not worry about your fashion in the rain because you can wet most of their models.

For the wet season, this manufacturer assembles shoes with waterproof leather, membrane and seam-sealed construction.

So, you can always wear any Timberland footwear without considering the weather or surface.

Can You Wash Timberlands in the Washing Machine?

Under some specific circumstances, you can wash your Timberland shoes in the washing machine.

In case the shoes are too dirty to clean them with the regular items and process, you should then go for the machine wash.

In that case, you must first drive away visible dirt. Before that remove the laces, insoles. Never wash the shoes in hot water to save them from being shrunk or damaged. 

As most of their models are made from leather, you cannot wash them whimsically!

What to Consider before Getting Hiking Shoes?

It is said that look before you leap. So, before you make the final decision about your hiking shoes, make sure that your one has got the following features to make your walk enjoyable and safer.

  • Perfect Fittings
  • Light Weight
  • Passage for Breathability
  • Premium Comfort
  • High-Quality materials
  • Arch Support

Final Thought 

When you are exhausted from your regular activities, hiking in nature can help a lot to throw away the monotony and restart your day with new energy. But that needs you to make a plan and choose the things rightly. For instance, you must get the perfect shoes for enjoying the walk without encountering any odd situations!

In case you are a fan of Timberland shoes, you must know that all their shoes are neither made nor suitable for hiking. So, you have to get only those pairs that can tolerate the tough conditions on any surface.

Timberlands are better than most of their competitors for the authentic materials and technology they use, the quality and comfort they have always been ensuring, and above all, the incredible longevity their shoes give.

So, which pair of Timberland shoes are you picking for your next hike?

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