Are Wrestling Shoes Good For Boxing? 

DATE: October 26, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Do boxing and wrestling shoes look visually similar to you? Well, their respective sports both require a combination of footwork and traction, and many boxers, amateur and professional, are seen wearing wrestling shoes for boxing matches.

The question is, are wrestling shoes good for boxing, though?

Yes, if wrestling shoes have qualities similar to boxing shoes, you can certainly wear them during boxing. Medium-cut ankle-length shoes with a smooth outsole are the best ones. However, it’s not recommended the other way around; you can’t wear boxing shoes for wrestling.

Now, before you decide to switch from boxing to wrestling shoes, there are a few things to know, like, why wrestling shoes can substitute for boxing shoes, what are the differences between them, and so on.

 Let’s learn about them!

Are Wrestling Shoes Good For Boxing?

Are Wrestling Shoes Good For Boxing

Yes, wrestling shoes are good to go for boxing. The idea is to select wrestling shoes that have similar properties to boxing shoes.

Because boxers need to move forward and backward frequently, you should choose wrestling shoes with smooth outsoles and just the right amount of traction. Also, make sure there is a higher ankle height to protect you from injuries and a thinner sole for speed and a barefoot feel.

Wrestling shoes are made to resemble bare feet, almost like boxing shoes. They generally provide more ankle support and more traction. A lot of boxing players favor all-directional traction and purchase these wrestling shoes expressly for the extra stability they experience when required to change directions fast in the ring.

On the other hand, these shoes don’t work for some. Many people believe that wrestling shoes are inferior to boxing situations.

Wearing them while participating in boxing can be a smart option as they are designed for any type of strenuous physical activity. However, shoes made particularly for boxing are unquestionably the best option.

Why do boxers wear wrestling shoes?

There are a number of reasons why some boxers prefer wearing wrestling shoes. The long-term utility, sturdiness, little or no discomfort, spacious interior, and thinner sole assisting in-ring activities are some good qualities of wrestling shoes.

Boxers are unlikely to experience any inconvenience in wrestling shoes while they participate in their sport. These shoes strive to simulate the bare foot while giving somewhat more stability and heel support. Also, the higher arches on them keep the participant on their toes, allowing for increased speed.

Boxers’ shoes suffer a lot of wear and tear as a result of the amount of movement required in their sport. Wrestling shoes are tough and don’t readily get ruined; therefore, wearing them when boxing could be beneficial. Even if used on a routine basis, they will last you at least a few years.

Again, these shoes have spacious insides, so the feet can breathe comfortably without the toes feeling cramped. Moreover, boxers can move pretty swiftly with them on, just like they do in boxing shoes, because of the thinly cushioned heels with proper support.

The long-term wrestling shoes come in a number of sizes and can be custom-made too. Boxers will both feel good and look good with them on.

What is the difference between boxing and wrestling shoes?

What is the difference between boxing and wrestling shoes?

Wrestling and boxing shoes may appear to be the same, but there are some subtle variances between the two. The main difference between boxing and wrestling shoes is that boxing shoes have higher ankle protection, and they have a smoother outsole for agility and quick movement.

Boxers are likely to tumble, which might result in ankle injuries. Boxing shoes have a higher ankle to protect against such injuries and provide additional support. On the other hand, most wrestling shoes come in low-cut designs though some come in high cut too.

Again boxers usually push off from the balls of their feet and move laterally. So, the boxing shoes have vertical traction, primarily smooth, with just a few grooves. Contrarily, wrestling shoes contain tread patterns that stretch outward in the shape of stars from the ball of the foot, giving the athlete grip no matter what angle their foot is in.

Another key difference is flexibility. The feet move quickly and swiftly while standing straight during boxing. For wrestling, the ankle feet need to be in a wider variety of stances, so you need additional flexibility. For this reason, wrestling shoes are typically much more flexible.

However, there are some similarities too. For instance, both boxing and wrestling shoes have thin outsoles to allow boxers to perform efficiently, such a kind of outsole reduces weight and allows them to feel the ground surface better.

Can you wear boxing shoes for wrestling?

Can you wear boxing shoes for wrestling?

No, you can’t wear boxing boots for wrestling if you are about to go for serious competition at a high level. However, boxing shoes are okay to go with during training sessions, based on personal preference.

In wrestling, you might have to move laterally, sideways, basically in every possible direction. So, wrestling shoes are well crafted to give you the desired grip and traction. And they are pretty long-lasting too. Boxing shoes, in comparison, are not as sturdy, though you can still get some well-made pairs. However, it would be simpler to use a wrestling shoe for boxing than a boxing shoe for wrestling, primarily because of the flexibility of the shoe.

Final Thoughts

You’ll feel much more confident when walking towards the ring if you have a great pair of shoes on for the respective sport; it can make all the difference. Now, before ending today’s topic, there are a couple of things left to discuss with you.

Before selecting wrestling shoes, take into account the weight, flexibility, soles, and ankle support. Also, make sure they can assist you in footwork while offering adequate protection. 

And secondly, any of the shoes are suitable for light training. You may still manage with a substitute pair of wrestling shoes if you want to engage in some sparring sessions. But if you want to give it your all at a professional level, it’s probably preferable to spend on a good pair of boxing shoes.

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