Can You Spray Paint on Leather Shoes?

DATE: July 15, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Do you have a pair of old leather shoes? You don’t nowadays wear them because the color has turned shabby or you now don’t like its original color. You wish to change the color and have been looking for-Can you spray paint on leather shoes?

You will be happy to learn that you can bring an unimaginable change to your old shabby leather shoes by spraying your favorite paint on them! For this incredible task, you need not worry about the brand or weather as you can paint all-leather shoes. 

All that you need to do is decide which color you will apply. Then just prepare the shoes by cleaning them well, scratch the pattern with a pencil, cover the areas with tape where you don’t want any change, and spray the paint yourself.

You must be extremely happy knowing this handy thing! Zoom in on the following guideline to make your old footwear new easily.

Can You Spray Paint Leather Shoes?

So, you can color your leather shoes as per your desire. 

As you are planning to color them with spray paint, your task is far easier than using the brush for liquid paint. Yet, you must know the techniques fluently to complete the task successfully.

Understanding your need, this study attempted to dig out the best and effective ways of spraying paint on leather shoes. Let’s go through the guidelines and then apply them to change the overall appearance of your old shoes!

Compulsory Agents

Unless you have the best weapons, you cannot hope to win the battle! So, before jumping into the action, let’s check which aiding materials you must possess.

  • Tape
  • Pencil
  • Brush
  • Spray
  • Paper or towel
  • Bowl
  • Cotton ball
  • Acetone

What Kind Of Spray Will Stay On Leather Shoes?

Your shoes encounter the oddest situations in all weathers. So, the paint over them must be of the best quality and perfect kind. 

That’s why, while thinking of spraying leather shoes, no other spray other than the one that is solely made for leather shoes can ensure a better color, safety, and longevity.

If it were liquid paint, you had to be cautious when getting the material. You know, for leather shoes, you can use only acrylic paint for a long-lasting decoration.

How Do You Spray Paint on Leather Shoes?

Spraying is a bit easier, yet you need to be alert while coloring the shoes. In the beginning, you might be inaccurate, but gradually it will be nice. So, don’t be disappointed and keep learning and trying the following simplest techniques.

First of all, find a plain and firm table. Cover it with paper so that the spray cannot spoil it or the surrounding.

Make sure that you have all the needed agents near at hand. Then get the color you want to apply on the shoes, and more importantly, the style you think would make them attractive.

Remove the laces; you are surely not going to color them.

Drive away all the dirt or debris with a brush. If the dirt is strong and stubborn, soak a cotton ball into the mixture of water and acetone and rub over the places again and again. You must clean the shoes so that the paint adheres there well for a long time.

Cover the areas where you are not going to paint. If you want to color the entire shoe, then just cover the insole with tape or paper. Otherwise, you will have to clean the spray drops later, which must be time-consuming and irritating.

In case you start spraying without any prior practice, it would not work according to your plan and pattern. So, when you are sure of the color and design, take a pencil to scratch the chosen style on the shoes. This can save your time, making the task easy and accurate.

Spray slowly across the areas where you scratched earlier. If the paint crosses the border somehow, rub it immediately to maintain the pattern.

At the finishing stage, dry the painted shoes well. When they are dried up, remove the tapes and observe how nice they have become.

Are you a novice? Then try only a single color to keep things easy and simple. Moreover, don’t go for a pattern that needs multiple layering. Keep things simple at the beginning and then try a complex style when skilled enough. You can also try with a used shoe to get some experience.

How Long Does This Spray Take to Dry?

Spraying normally takes less time to dry than liquid paint. Depending on the quality, it may take from several minutes to 1 hour to dry on leather shoes. 

So, after applying the paint, let them stay in the air so that the color can catch the leather perfectly.

One thing you must remember is never to wear the sprayed shoes too early. You must wait until the paint gets dried properly. Otherwise, your feet might catch the color and the design will get destroyed utterly.

Does Spray Paint Stay On Leather Shoes?

Does Spray Paint Stay On Leather Shoes?

In case you can manage the best quality of spray, and apply it on the shoes maintaining the accurate process, this reprint can stay for an unbelievable time.

For enjoying this redecorating, you must get the best product. So, try to study the market well and get the best one. There are distinctive sprays for leather shoes, bags, furniture, etc. Don’t make the mistake of choosing the spray solely made for leather shoes.

Which One Is Better on Leather Shoes- Paint or Spray Paint?

Whether spraying or normal paint is better depends on how much expertise you have on the techniques.

With little experience, you must leave lines on the surface of the shoes while rubbing the brush. So, applying paint then would spoil all your plans to beautify the shoes.

On the other hand, spraying requires you to be accurate while operating the can. Otherwise, the pattern will never get the perfect look or shape.

Which one do you think is easier and effective?

Final Thought

This study tried to dig out all the crucial information related to spraying paint on leather shoes. Can you spray paint on leather shoes? 

You can change the look of your old leather shoes by spraying paint easily, working, and spending comparatively less than painting.

Ensuring a suitable place, you need to clean the shoes so that the spray can work better on them. Then you have to use a pencil to draw the pattern you like. While doing it for the time, you can try a single color and an effortless style. After spraying the paint, the shoes should be let dry well.

Some like spraying, some go for brush painting. The preference, in fact, depends on personal taste and experience. But both these need some knowledge and skill for enjoying most of them. In case you spray the paint properly, it can also shine up your shoes for a long time.

So, when are you taking out your old leather shoes to make them new with spraying?

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