Bearpaw Vs. UGGs – Which Is The Best Footwear for Biting Cold Weather?

DATE: August 4, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Bearpaw and UGG, both brands have carved out a name for themselves when it comes to dressing for the cold. Both brands are most famous for their ugg boots, which are boots made out of sheepskin that originated in Australia. 

Ugg boots were born out of necessity. To prevent oneself from the harsh cold weather. But these days, they are more of a fashion statement, and we are here for it!

However, it can be tough to make a choice between Bearpaw and UGG when it comes to ugg boots. Luckily for you, we are going to break down both brands and give you an easy side-by-side comparison. We do think UGGs are overall better made and durable. But are they worth spending almost twice on? Let’s find out.

Why Should You Choose Bearpaw?

Bearpaw and UGG boots are very similar. So, in what aspects does Bearpaw perform better than UGG?

  • Bearpaw is able to achieve the same aesthetic as UGG while being way more affordable.
  • Their soles are made of sturdy, durable rubber.
  • Made of Suede cow leather outer and comes with a sheepskin lining that is very comfortable and effectively keeps feet warm.
  • Good at upholding their shape without any slouching.

Why Should You Choose UGG?

UGG is definitely more popular than Bearpaw and with a loyal customer base. Therefore, it is no surprise that UGG is doing things right when it comes to manufacturing ugg boots. Here are some of the more interesting features of UGG footwear.

  • Fleece lining for extra comfort and warmth.
  • Twin-faced sheepskin used to construct the boot, which makes it super durable.
  • You get absolutely smooth stitching that is not visible.
  • Rubberized foam sole for a more comfortable feel.
  • Overall, soft and lightweight.

Bearpaw Vs. UGG Comparison Table.

MaterialSuede cow leather outer, Sheepskin liningTwin-faced sheepskin with fleece inner lining.
FinishVisible, uneven stitching. Sturdy enough to hold its shape upright. Skillful, even stitching, slouches a bit.  
DurabilitySomewhere between 1.5 to 2.5 years of regular use.More than 2 years of regular use.
SoleRubberSoft rubberized foam.
FeelSoft and comfortable. Snug fit and warm sheepskin lining.Extremely soft and luxurious. Fleece lining for added warmth, softness, and comfort.

Key Features of Bearpaw Footwear

Here are some key features that are common for most Bearpaw footwear. Bearpaw is mostly known for boots and slippers. 

  • Suede upper boot/slipper style with a round toe
  • Pull-on entry
  • Water Resistant NeverWet Technology construction for warm feet
  • Soft faux-fleece lining with a comfortable footbed
  • Flexible rubber outsole with durable traction tread

Some Good Things About Bearpaw Footwear

There are tons of good things about Bearpaw, but we will talk about the ones that are most impactful. To begin, Bearpaw comes in a wide assortment of colors and styles. You will find a pair that fits every taste. They usually come up with impressive fashionable pieces that you can flaunt to your friends.

Sheepskin lining and Suede upper makes these boots warm. Some pairs come with fleece lining as well. You can just imagine how they feel on your feet. Super comfortable and luxurious, you will feel like you’re walking on clouds. 

Made of high-quality materials, you will find that a Bearpaw easily lasts you more than a year with regular use. Equipped with heavy-duty soles that offer good traction and durability even after long usage, you will never slip on the ice again. The best part is that they are comparatively more affordable than UGGs. Most people prefer Bearpaw for this very reason.

Some Bad Things About Bearpaw Footwear

While Bearpaw is an excellent brand, there are still things they can improve on, especially when held up against UGGs. What we noticed is that the quality of the stitches on Bearpaw footwear is not as good as UGG footwear. You can visibly notice some uneven stitching.

Also, Bearpaw is comparatively hard and heavy. Most people will feel the difference in comfort and softness between Bearpaw and UGG. The stiffness in these boots makes them less comfy than UGG. 

Key Features of UGG Footwear

UGG boots are mostly made of the same material. They differ in style, color, and design. But the making is mostly the same.

  • Round-toed winter boot featuring a Suede upper.
  • Pull-on entry for easy wearing.
  • Sheepskin and faux-fur lining with cushioned insole.
  • Durable EVA outsole for extra support.

Some Good Things About UGG Footwear

It’s difficult to imagine a pair of boots that feels better than a classic pair of UGG boots. They’re also one of the best solutions to resort to when it’s freezing outside as they keep your feet warm quite well.

Sheepskin is a luxurious material that comforts and warms. Water, snow, and the frost of the frozen pavement are kept outside by sturdy insulated outsoles. Their fur lining feels almost heavenly on your bare feet. Moreover, UGG boots are constructed with cushion insoles and EVA outsoles that make them incredibly supportive and sturdy. However, they feel softer than marshmallows.

The detailing on a UGG is why their products are premium. They are made of the best material and crafted with skill. Each stitch is perfect and unexposed. UGG not only makes the most finely constructed, warm, fluffy, and soft pair of boots but also high-fashion ones that will give the finishing touch to any comfy look you plan.

Some Bad Things About UGG Footwear

It is pretty difficult to point out negative aspects of UGGs. But we have noted some. Firstly, UGG boots are so soft that after some use, they begin to slouch and can’t hold on to their original form. 

Most obviously, UGG footwear is comparatively less affordable than Bearpaw. But the difference in quality and comfort may be well worth the extra expense for most users. 


Is Bearpaws as comfortable as UGGs?

To most people, UGGs feel more comfortable than Bearpaws. We are in this category. However, some users swear by Bearpaws being just as comfortable as UGGs.

What boots are better than UGGs?

We think that UGG is the best at making ugg boots. But there are brands that do a pretty good job as well. They are-

  • Bearpaw
  • Minnetonka
  • Dream Pairs
  • Ausland

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Can you wear Bearpaws in the snow?

Yes, you can. They come with blown rubber, and treaded outsoles to offer you adequate traction against ice. Made for cold weather, Bearpaws will protect you against the cold wind and icy water and keep your feet well-insulated.

Is Koolaburra made by Ugg?

Yes. It is the latest addition to the UGG family. UGG’s Koolaburra is a lifestyle brand geared toward the modern family. Koolaburra creates uncomplicated lifestyle necessities for the complete family based on quality, relaxation, and workmanship.

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