Do You Wear Socks With UGGs? No Warmer to Use!

The snug yet breathable sheepskin boots from UGG have been in and out of fashion throughout the years, but have recently regained their popularity, thanks to their wearable footwear options launched. 

However, one perplexing question has always been there, do year wear socks with UGGs or not?

Thankfully, you won’t have any extra hassle of wearing socks or additional foot warmers when you are in UGGs; the boot itself does the work of foot warming. The breathable shoes warm your feet to the fullest in winter while keeping them cool during the summer.

Before switching to UGGs, you need to learn a few things about them, why you don’t need socks with them, how you clean them, and so on. Learn about them below!

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Do You Wear Socks With UGGs?

No, you do not wear socks with UGGs; they are specifically designed to be worn barefooted. 

UGG boots are typically made of sheepskin, which is ultra-soft leather. It adjusts body temperature, keeps your feet warm, and wicks away moisture from the body.

Because UGGs are natural insulators, they only perform to their fullest capacity when worn on bare skin, which is why they are significantly warmer without socks than with socks. 

However, if your personal preference is wearing socks with your footwear, you can try wearing UGGs with them on. 

Why don’t you wear socks with UGG boots?

Why don't you wear socks with UGG boots?

UGGs are made to be worn without socks, and with good reason; the main reason to avoid socks with them is to retain the comfort and thermostatic nature of the boots.

UGGs are designed with sheepskin, which is inherently thermostatic. it will regulate your body temperature on its own, keep your feet toasty in the winter and cool in the summer. So, if you’re merely wearing socks to be warm, it’s pointless because the leather is already doing that for you.

The soft and dense sheepskin does the part of cushioning pretty well, and it disperses weight on pressure areas to avoid muscle strain. Wearing socks will actually work against this cushioning and restain the effectiveness against foot strain.

By nature, these UGG sheepskin boots are moisture-wicking; they circulate the air to keep your feet dry. This will also be obstructed by socks.

Moreover, wearing socks will also change the fit of your comfortable footwear and make you uncomfortable.

Socks will come in the way of all the natural processes sheepskin leather regulates, So it’s better to avoid them if you buy the correct size UGGs.

Do UGG boots Make Your Feet Stink?

Unless you have excessive perspiration on your feet, there is less chance that UGGs boot will make your feet stink.

UGGs are super breathable. However, when you wear your UGGS with sweaty feet or when they are in wet condition, the bacteria will form eventually. When they come in contact with the liner of UGGs, your shoes start to stink. 

There are, however, some ways to reduce the odor. Keep activated charcoal briquettes inside your shoes, and it will reduce the odor. You can also try sprinkling baking soda on the inside of the boot, leaving them overnight, and emptying them out the next morning.

How Do You Clean Your UGGs?

Without ruining your boot, you can apply some gentle methods to clean dirt and grime off your boots. Suede spraying, cornstarch rub, soap, and water treatment are some of them.

If there are dirt stains on your boots, firstly, brush the surface dirt off by stroking it with a specialty suede brush in one direction. Or, you can also use your suede spray.

Now, if the stain is shiny, you’ll need to use cleaner and water. Wet the isolated stain area with a little bit of water; keep in mind that too much water will deform the shape of the boot. Now apply some suede stain remover over the suede cleaner, and rub on the stained area.

If your boot has oil or grease stains, there’s an easy way to remove them. Simply take white chalk and color it over the stain; you can also rub the stain with cornstarch, then let it sit overnight. It will absorb the oil. In the morning, brush the excess chalk off, and clean your boot as you regularly do.

Final Thoughts

Hope you have got your answer to “do you wear socks with UGGS?’. Originally, UGGs were meant to be worn barefooted, but if your preference is to wear socks with them, it’s suggested that you choose cotton-made socks over synthetic ones.

Before finishing off, here are a few tips for wearing boots. If your feet sweat a lot, wear antiperspirant before putting UGGs on. Avoid wearing the same boots every day; it will eventually make them stink. And always let them dry properly after washes. Finally, keep yourself hygienic too!

UGG has an entire lineup of boots to serve you. Enjoy your winter trips and walks to the fullest with the fashionable footwear on!

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