How to Clean the Bottom of Shoes to Return? Explore 5 Most Effective Ways!

DATE: May 10, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


How to Clean the Bottom of Shoes to Return?

Are you confused about whether or not the new shoes are matching you? That’s why you think it would be great if you could back these shoes, though you have already worn them several times. 

You must be happy to know that you can follow some techniques to clean the untidy bottom and make them new to return without any difficulty!

How to clean the bottom of shoes to return? Fortunately, you have plenty of options for accomplishing the task. For example, a solution of detergent and baking soda is incredible in cleaning the dirty soles. 

The regular dishwasher is another handy element for whitening the bottom. At the same time, normal nail polish remover, toothpaste, and vinegar-you can use any/all of these to bring the novelty of the shoes back.

But you have to be skilled in getting the best quality product for making the wash as accurate as it has to be. This guideline attempted to give a glimpse of the best manufacturers of the required agents, which must make your task easy and successful.

How to Clean the Bottom of Shoes to Return?

As you are going to return a pair of used shoes, they must look as fresh as the new one. That’s why you must know the accurate techniques to convince the people. Let’s look at the options below to make the task an easy success.

A mixture of Detergent and Baking Soda

A Mixture of Detergent and Baking Soda for Shoes Bottom Cleaning.

A perfect paste of detergent and baking soda is capable enough of eating up all the dirt in the sole. All that you need to do is clean the sole first with a brush so that the paste can work more effectively to drive away the hard dirt easily.

The ratio of detergent and soda should be 2:1. After cleaning the sole, apply the paste with a brush. Wait for a while for the best result and then take away the paste. The sole must have a newer appearance. In case you repeat this several times, the sole must be back to the new convincing look!

Some Best Names of Detergent and Soda

The cleaning can be up to your needs only when you choose the best cleaning agents. Have a look at the list below to get the most trusted manufacturers for tools.

Castlegate Travel’s Tide

Tide Detergent

While incredible for cleaning any clothes, Tide can drive away any stains on the soles equally. Anybody can use this product as it is 100% allergy-free and highly affordable, too.

Arm and Hammer Soda

Arm and Hammer Soda.
Arm & Hammer Soda

When looking for the best manufacturer for baking soda, you can hardly find any better choice than Arm and Hammer’s. Mixing with the detergent, this soda cleans any spots on the sole.

Renewing the Bottom with Dishwashing Powder and Water

Renewing the Bottom with Dishwashing Powder and Water

Another effective way of cleaning the dirt out and midsole of your newly taken shoes is the mixture of warm water and regular dishwashing powder.

Make a mixture of these two elements in a large pot, where you can deal with the shoes easily. Driving away the debris from the bottom, dip the shoes into the solution for 12 to 15 minutes. Now use a towel to give the final touch.

Scotch-Brite’s Incredible Dishwashing Powder

To turn the untidy-spotted sole into a bright-attractive appearance, Scotch Brite dishwashing powder can be a brilliant tool. This agent can clean the deepest and ugliest spots just with some delicate scrubs.

Nail Polish Remover to Remove Dirt

The best thing about this material is its simplest use to clean the dirty sole of sneakers, gym shoes, and others. But the limitation of this common agent is it works only on white footwear.

Soak a cotton bud into the liquid. Rub this wet bud across the sole. Now scrub the sole with a rag or something like this to find the incredible new look of the sole!

Mineral Fusion’s 6 oz Nail Polish Remover

Mineral Fusion’s remover works brilliantly for removing both the color on the nails and the stains on the shoe soles. As 100% acetone-free, you can take this with no hesitation.

Try Some Toothpaste for Cleaning the Sole

Nothing can be easier than applying toothpaste to clean a used sole. Simply clean the sole with a rag and then apply the required amount of white paste. Take this solution away after a while to find the sole fresh and new.

Colgate’s Top-Class Toothpaste

While applying Colgate paste, you have nothing complex to comply with. Just clean the sole and rub the paste with a brush. This chemical will do the rest to make the shoe brand new.

Vinegar Can Shine Up the Sole

First, drive away the dirt or mud from the sole. Then take some amount of vinegar into a rag to rub it on across the sole. Finally, scrub a wet cloth there to take away the vinegar.

The sole must be fresh and new now!

Lusy’s Best Natural Distilled White Vinegar

The all-rounder Lusy’s vinegar works tremendously to clean the ugly spots on the soles. When you have this brand, your job is half done because of its productivity.

Final Thought

5+ Ways Clean The Bottom of Shoes | Shoe Filter |

This study tried to dig out the possible ways of cleaning the shoes you recently bought and used several times, but now planning to return for certain causes. So, how to clean the bottom of shoes to return? You can do this successfully using a lot of different agents.

For example, a balanced mixture of detergent and baking soda can clean the soles as you need. Again, a solution of dishwashing powder and water can be handy for driving away all kinds of dirt, too. You can even rub the sole with nail polish remover or regular vinegar to take away the unwanted debris and make it new. In case you find all these things missing or unsuitable, your toothpaste can do the job as usual.

Before taking the tool, be sure that you have checked the suggestions above to ensure the best one from the thousands in the market.

When are you applying any of these techniques?

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