How Often Should You Replace Work Shoes? Get a Quick Answer Here!

DATE: June 7, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Last month, I decided to replace my shoes as I feel foot problems and discomfort while wearing them for hours. Also, I have looked for lots of issues like damage impact, slip-resistant, and comfort before replacing my work boots. As people spend hours in work boots, it is better to know how often to replace them.

How often should you replace work shoes? Sturdy and high-quality material-made work shoes can last at least one to two years. But, as work shoes can get worse due to use, it is better to replace them with a new pair for your safety. That’s why, in this article, we are talking about some factors which will indicate how often or when you should replace work shoes.

If you’re still confused about replacing work shoes, scroll through our detailed guide which will help you to make a quicker decision.

How Often Should You Replace Work Shoes?

If you pick strong material build-up work shoes for you, they will last at least 6 to 24 months. Some branded shoes come with a military-grade material build-up and sturdy design. As a result, these shoes can last more than 24 months. 

How Often Should You Replace Work Shoes

Now, multiple factors can affect the lifespan of shoes including discomfort, slip resistance, water resistance, outside damage, leaky seams inside the shoes. When you see such issues on the work shoes, it is time to replace them. Let’s dig into these factors.


As work boots need to be on your feet all day long, comfort is the main issue you should look for. In fact, work boots offer support to your feet and ankle so that you can work comfortably for hours.

If your feet feel discomfort while walking at work or using the shoes for long hours, the shoes are no longer able to support you. So, it is time to replace the shoe with a new pair.


Until you’re feeling slip-free walking on work shoes, your shoes are still good to ensure safe walking. But, once you start slipping a lot at work, it indicates the sole is losing slip resistance and the shoes are no longer safe to wear.

But, as slip-resistant features depend a lot on insoles, it is better to change insoles and try again. If it’s still giving the same result, it is better to change the shoes. Because slippery shoes can cause ankle and foot injuries while walking.


Most of the shoes include this feature so that you don’t need to worry about whether while going out. But, when the shoes become old, the capacity of water resistance gets low. As a result, it won’t be able to resist water and you will get wet if you face rain while going out. 

Walking on wet feet is not safe as it helps in bacteria growth and you can’t walk comfortably at work. So, if such an issue arises, you have to understand it is time to replace the work shoes.

Outside Damage

Outside damage is a big issue as work shoes need to be perfect and 100% professional. In fact, if the shoes are damaged from outside, they won’t be able to keep you safe while walking. Besides, the unprofessional look of work boots can impact your dress code.

When you find the shoe is damaged from the outside, it is better to replace them. Also, if you find a new pair of shoes, it will help to keep you safe from future accidents. 

How Can You Extend The Life of Work Shoes?

How Can You Extend The Life of Work Shoes

If you take care of work shoes in proper ways, it will help to extend the life of the shoes. To extend the life of work shoes, you have to keep your footwear clean, replace worn insoles, ensure regular treatments and avoid unnecessary damage. 

Let’s have a look at these ways.

Footwear Clean

Dust is the main enemy which reduces the life of work boots. If you don’t clean your footwear regularly, it will damage quickly and won’t be able to ensure comfort. So, clean your work boots when it gets dirty so that the shoes can offer comfortable walking and support your feet and ankle for some more months.

Replace Insoles

As you’re wearing the work boots daily, the insoles become flat and damaged. As when you saw the color fading of insoles, it indicated for the replacements. So, if you don’t get comfort and proper cushion through the insoles, it is better to change the insoles rather than the full shoes.

Regular Treatments

Different types of materials of shoes need different types of treatments. For example, if your work boot is made of leather material, you have to moisturize the leather regularly. It will help to extend the life of the boots.

Avoid Unnecessary Demange

Most of the time we damage our shoes in unnecessary ways like kicking on stones and keeping the shoes vented for a longer time. These unnecessary damages can decrease the life of the work shoes. So, try to avoid such damage to extend the life of the work boots.

How Long Do Work Shoes Last?

How long a work shoe will last depends on the material build-up of it. If the shoe material is made of high-quality leather or suede, it will last at least 6 to 24 months. 

In fact, premium work shoes are made with some military-grade material and sturdy design. Due to such materials build-up, these shoes can last more than 24 months. But, if you use the shoes regularly for a couple of hours, the life of work shoes will decrease naturally.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we are at the end of the detailed staircase. As we try to cover all the related information about the factors related to damaged shoes, it will help you to know when you should replace the work shoes. 

Also, we have discussed a lot about extending the life of work shoes so that you can take care of work shoes in proper ways. So, apply treatments today to extend the life of your work shoes!

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