Why Are Golden Goose Shoes So Expensive? Find Out the Real Reasons!

DATE: August 7, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Have you heard about the Italian shoemaking giant Golden Goose? Well, if you have, you may ask, why are golden goose shoes so expensive, staring at their top-of-the-world price tags. 

One of the contributing factors, in this case, is their world-class shoemaking capabilities and the performance output they provide the users with. 

But does it justify the insanely pricey offerings? 

There can be many contributing factors in play that cannot be explained in one or two sentences correctly. 

Well, that’s what we’ll be trying to find out today in our tremendously informative guide.

Why Are Golden Goose Shoes So Expensive?

Why Are Golden Goose Shoes So Expensive

To find out the real reasons behind their insanely high shoe prices, we’ll be addressing some of the related factors in our guide. We’ll also look at some of their shoes and the qualities they have to offer. 

Is Golden Goose High Quality? 

One of the things that many users may want to learn is whether the Golden Goose shoes are high quality or not. 

Well, they’re undoubtedly one of the best and highly renowned shoe manufacturers around. But there are some issues with them as well. Let’s find out what they’re all about. 


One of the first things that come to mind while talking about shoes is their style and outward appearance. If the style is good enough, it should offer an exceptional capability to set you apart from the rest of the herd. 

Well, in terms of style, you’d find mixed reactions. Most of the Golden Goose is designed in retro, classic-style sneakers. So, for many, it may seem like old, saggy, un-trendy shoes. 

On the other hand, those who value the classic, old-school appearance a lot, they’d love to collect their shoes and have one in the shoe rack any given day. 

So, as for the styles, Golden Goose can seem to be highly divisive. On the one end, some folks disdain the old-style designs. On the other hand, some men await their new releases. 

Level of Comfort 

Another area that people love to examine before going for a shoe is the level of comfort they can provide. If the shoes aren’t comfortable in the first place, why would you wear them?

In the case of Golden Goose, the shoes are more comfortable to wear initially. But there can be one issue that can occur for long-term users. Along with time, the shoe wears down, and it can get slightly uncomfortable. This is something you should look at. 

If you’re a picky user who doesn’t wear shoes for long and likes to change between the brands a bit too often, this shouldn’t be an issue. 

But if you’re someone who likes to wear one or two shoes continuously over a longer period, this can be slightly problematic. 


Another thing that you might be interested in is the sizing of the shoe. It’s a common scenario in the shoe industry right now to get shoe size mismatched. In most cases, you may get shoes that aren’t fitting to your shoe size. 

But here is one of Golden Goose’s expertise. Often their shoes are true to size. As a result, it makes it possible for thousands of users to purchase shoes online. Most of the fitting issues occur due to online purchasing, as the users cannot fit them in physically and see which one can be worn in the best fitting possible. 

So, if you have issues with fitting shoes, Golden Goose should be a good alternative. 

It Sets You Apart!

Finally, the thing that we’d like to talk about is its premiumness. Without a doubt, Golden Goose is a premium shoe manufacturer. 

Meaning almost all their shoe variants would come at a soaring price tag. It has very little to do with performance; as we discussed, it may offer more or less similar performance output like the other top manufacturers like Adidas, Nike or Puma. 

But having a Golden Goose is more of a status symbol. 

By nature, men love to identify themselves with something exceptional which is not accessible to general folks. Well, getting a Golden Goose is something that can give you that desired spotlight. 

When did golden goose get popular?

When did golden goose get popular

Golden Goose is one of the premium shoe manufacturers out there right now. They started their company in 2000, and they started becoming popular within a couple of years afterward. 

Within these 21 years, they’ve revved up their marketing campaigns and presented themselves as one of the good high-end manufacturers with a premium price tag on almost all their items. 

Are Golden Goose cheaper in Italy?

Are Golden Goose cheaper in Italy

Yes, they are more affordable in Italy than in the US. But why so? The common rule of thumb is, a product is at its cheapest the place where it’s made. 

So, you may now ask why it’s so expensive in the US. 

Well, there are two reasons behind it. The first reason is, these shoes are built in Italy, and they travel a large distance to reach the US market. As a result, the sellers include the travel and shipping charge for the entire trip on each shoe variant. 

The second reason behind the increase in the price is the availability. As they’re not producing shoes in large numbers like the other brands such as Nike or Adidas, it’s pretty normal that their shoe prices will go up. More manufacturing means a reduction of costs, while less production will increase it. 

Well, these are the two reasons why you find them pretty expensive in the US market compared to Italy. 

Golden Goose Shoes’ Review

Top Pick
Golden Goose Superstar Leather Quarter.

Golden Goose Superstar Leather Quarter

  • Rubberized outsole enhances anti-slip walking properties
  • Tremendously unique design 
  • Customizability enhanced Removable 
  • Comfort increasing interior leather construction 

First on our list is the Golden Goose Superstar. Coming with a somewhat unique appearance, this should be a good pick for those who have a classic taste. Let’s find out some of the core features it’s going to offer you. 

One that you’d find common with the Golden Goose Mid Star is that this one comes with a rubberized outsole construction. As a result, your daily walks should be a lot safer due to the slip-resistant properties of rubber. 

This one comes with a worn-out design. It has been specially constructed, so it gives a vibe of being used to an extent. So, it’s a pretty subjective design, which may or may not be liked by the users. 

On top of that, the removable insole design gives you extra flexibility and added customizability that you’d desire from any shoes out there. 

The leather interior should provide you with the much-needed comfort that you desire from all the shoes. 

Well, one thing that you can consider while getting these shoes is the design. The highly unorthodox design may make you the odd one in the group. But if that’s not an issue, the rest looks fine on the whole. 

Runners Up
Golden Goose Mid Star.

Golden Goose Mid Star

  • Vastly unorthodox design 
  • Fitting enhanced grip
  • Traction improved outsole design 
  • Comfort friendly wearing experience 
  • Unique appearance 

At the 2nd spot in our list, we have the Golden Goose Mid Star. This one, too, is one of those premium picks that you can go ahead with. Let’s find out the inner workings of this particular shoe variant. 

The thing that we want to mention first is the design. It’s the outer design that made this shoe a highly divisive issue. Yes, even if you don’t believe it, it also comes with a worn-out design. It has been intentionally made as if to represent that someone has used it for years. 

Although many would argue against going with one of these “worn out” new shoes, there are many who love the idea of a ragged, old shoe. 

Golden Goose has a pretty solid reputation for being true to size if you’re talking about fitting. Similarly, this one should also be a TTS, given you don’t have wide feet. 

If you’re looking for comfortable footwear, this pair shouldn’t disappoint you either. 

Finally, rubber soles should give you a better and slip-reduced walking potential. 

They wear out a bit after some time of use. But on the whole, they should offer solid performance. 

Final Thoughts 

Well, in this tremendously informative guide, we’ve talked a lot about the Golden Goose shoes. To address the current realities in the market, Golden Goose is surely one of the most premium shoe manufacturers out there. Despite their mediocre performance, the price tags of these shoes are unbelievably high. But why are Golden Goose shoes so expensive then? 

Well, that’s a question that can pop up in anyone’s mind as they provide a somewhat equal performance output as their industry competitor. 

The main reason is their completely unorthodox designs. Because of these vintage-themed designs, these shoes will completely set you apart! 

So, if you’re one of those who crave to be in the spotlight, grab one of these Golden Goose out there, and you are half-done already! 

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