How to Know If You Have Wide Feet? Easy Tricks To Learn in Minutes!

DATE: August 9, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Are you always having issues fitting shoes in? Do you find almost all the shoes you try too snug? Well, the chances are that you may have wide feet. 

But how to know if you have wide feet? To measure whether you have wide feet, you’d have to use paper, stand on top of it and mark around the feet to get a clear picture. 

Now compare it with the sizing charts and see if somethings wrong with your feet width. 

Having wide feet can often be an issue. Using the regular sizing would not work for them. It’d make your online shoe purchases a highly difficult job as you’d have to rely only on sizing charts to match the fitting. 

How to Know If You Have Wide Feet

How to Know If You Have Wide Feet?

We have a comprehensive guide to help you understand if wide feet are the main reason behind shoes not fitting. In the next steps, we’d show you how you can understand if you have wide feet. Let’s dive in! 

Measuring Your Feet Precisely 

The journey begins with measuring your feet. First, get a clean, straight paper (the paper has to be bigger than your feet by some margins). 

Now place your foot on the paper and use a pen to trace the outline. We’d recommend you to have a helping hand to do the job for better precision. 

Get a ruler and calculate the size using the outline and note down the results. 

Use the same technique for the other foot. 

Now, you have the precise size of your feet. 

What Size is Considered Wide Feet?

Here is a chart to understand it: 

Women’s Width Chart

US Women SizeNarrow Average Wide Extra Wide 

Men’s Width Chart 

US Men SizeNarrow Average Wide

Understanding the Charts 

The most effective way to understand whether you have wide feet or not is to match the results of your feet measuring against the sizing chart. If the width of your feet falls in the Wide or Extra Wide category, you’d have to understand that you have wide feet. 

Is Wide Feet Genetic?

Yes, the main reason behind having wide feet is genetics.

One thing you must remember is that by no means having wide feet is an abnormality. It’s perfectly normal to have wider feet than the average individual, the same as being too tall or skinny. 

Many people can have significantly larger and wider feet than the average size. Often blame is put on the shoe manufacturer for bad fitting as many people haven’t measured their feet properly and hence don’t know if they have wide feet. 

Well, there are some other artificial factors besides genetics. Here are some of them. 

Increased Obesity 

Having uncontrolled eating habits can be linked to developing wide feet. It’s a common understanding that with increased weight, the feet may expand. Due to the increased pressure resulting from the heavier upper body, the feet formation will have to spread a little to distribute the weight correctly. 

If the body weight isn’t checked within a period, you can develop wide feet. 

Skip Wearing Shoes in Childhood 

In early childhood, each body area is under development. Now, if you don’t provide the correct body training, things can get out of hand. 

Developing wide feet due to not wearing shoes in the childhood period can develop wide feet. If you don’t want your child to have extra-large feet, it’s better to consult a doctor and give him shoes early on. 

Does Flat Feet Cause Wide Feet?

Does Flat Feet Cause Wide Feet?

Having flat feet can cause wide feet. It’s a common scenario among people with flat feet. Ageing is one of the biggest contributors to such conditions. 

The ligaments of your body can stretch beyond the normal size with ageing, which can, in turn, cause the wide feet issue. And having flat feet for a certain period can lead you to develop wide feet. 

Can I Make My Feet Smaller?

That’s not possible, at least not without a large scale surgery (which is not at all recommended). It’s important to understand that having wide feet isn’t a disability. Nor is it something to worry about. 

If your feet are too wide, don’t get worked up too much. Right now, you’d find tons of different manufacturers who’re focusing on the needs of people with wide feet. 

First, you can just size up compared to what the regular folks wear. If your feet are extra-wide, then get specially designed wide feet shoes. You can also order and make a shoe for yourself based on the exact measurements. 

If you’re too worried about the looks, try wearing high heels as they do a good job of disguising the width. 

So, there isn’t any need to get your feet smaller. 

How Do You Buy Shoes If You Have Wide Feet?

How Do You Buy Shoes If You Have Wide Feet?

Getting shoes with closure or shoes with removable insoles can help you manage a wide foot. Let’s look at some of the easier tips you can use: 

  1. Go a size up than the regular ones 
  2. Get shoes that comes with closure 
  3. Say no to pointy shoes 
  4. Find out specially designed wide feet shoes (there are plenty) 
  5. Find out shoes that offer removable insoles 
  6. Measure your feet precisely 
  7. Get shoes that match your sizing
  8. Try wearing and walking on it before purchasing 

Well, these are some of the effective tips you can follow while getting shoes for wide feet. 

Bottom Line 

After a long and detailed elaboration on how to know if you have wide feet, we’re at the final parts of our guide. The wide foot is a common condition around the globe. 

That’s why you must have a precise measurement of feet. It’ll help you wear shoes with the best fitting and make the most out of each shoe. Getting shoes based on the correct measurement will equip you with improved comfort to the added performance. 

So, get your feet measured today and never wear uncomfortable shoes again! 

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