How to Spot Fake Rothys? Get the Tricks to Avoid the Fakes!

Are you a great fan of Rothy’s shoes? If yes, you probably love their huge collections of distinctive models, premium materials, and above all, incredible comfort at the least cost. But you might frequently be mistaken by one matter- fake Rothys. Counterfeit Rothy shoes may spoil your plan with the shoes. So you must know the tricks to separate between the real and fake Rothys.

How to spot fake Rothys? The first and the easiest thing is to ensure that the logo is real

When you know the ways, it’s pretty simple to identify the fake footwear. Some other matters can also help you take the authentic Rothy shoes without making any mistakes.

Do you feel like knowing the whole of fake and real Rothys? The current study would probably be your best guide in this regard!

Here are all of the short list:

  1. Design is not like Rothy’s pattern.
  2. The space between the “n” and “a” in China.
  3. The way the threads on the insole connect on the stitching of “ROTHY’S”.
  4. No halo on the back of the shoes.

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How to Spot Fake Rothys?

Who would waste money on a pair of fake shoes? Fake shoes are terrible as they cannot give you the authentic feel of the real brand. Besides, you can never expect genuine support, longevity, comfort, etc., from the duplicates. So, you have no way of ignoring the unreal. So, how to spot fake Rothys

You can check 4 to 5 issues to spot the fake shoes of this manufacturer and wear the authentic models always!

First of all, check the logo properly. Be sure if the distinctive signs of the brand are in place accurately or not. Rothy has two parts in its logo-the outer circle and the inner part. These parts in the real shoes never touch each other. They also do not run or cross over.

Another key feature of Rothy shoes is possessing drain holes under the sole. These holes help maintain your balance while walking or running, even on the tough surface. But the fakes have no such things. So, take off the insole and see if the holes are there. 

Rothy ensures the best quality in every issue. Their materials and assembling are incredible. So, when a pair of shoes has loose threads or zigzag stitching, you must be sure that they are not original Rothys.

As the manufacturer produces shoes with their own characteristics, experienced hands can determine the authenticity of Rothy shoes just by touching the shoes!

Can You Identify Fake Rothys by the Label?

Can You Identify Fake Rothys by the Label?

The labels of real Rothy shoes have their own distinctive features that separate all their shoes from the fakes.

For example, the paper of the label contains a textured design that has an attractive shining appearance. The printing, including the surface, is not a mere paper but a fabric to be identified easily.

So, before making the final decision, look into the label carefully to stay away from all fake versions of your favorite Rothys.

Where Are the Real Rothys Manufactured from?

Rothy shoes are made only in China. So, if you see their name but manufactured in other places than China, you must consider them counterfeit

Basically, Rothy is a San Francisco-based direct-to-consumer fashion company that outsources all its shoes from China and sells them in different states in the USA. read more

Final Thought

Rothy shoes are incredible because of their distinctive designs and attractive assembling. But you might easily be deceived by their fakes. That’s why you must learn the tricks to detect counterfeit Rothys. The things that need your attention are the labels, soles, logo, stitching, support, etc.

Original Rothy shoes have the finest stitching. You can never find any loose threads. Rothy’s logo also maintains equal distances among the borders. Moreover, the glance of labeling paper determines the authenticity of this brand.

Last but the least is the support and comfort of any models of this highly appreciated manufacturer. You can never get the same comfort from the fakes.

As you would never want to spend on the wrong shoes and hurt your feet, follow the above tricks strictly to avoid Rothy’s fake shoes! 

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