How Can You Stop Your Shoes From Squeaking? Learn Some Unfailing Tips Below

DATE: May 30, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Squeaking is undoubtedly an annoying issue, particularly when you buy a new pair of shoes. It is either created by the trapped moisture inside the shoes or by the new rubber scouring.

Now, the question is- how can you stop your shoes from squeaking? 

Well, there are some DIY methods actually. You can stop your shoes from making annoying noise by letting the moisture inside the shoe dry away or by making the rubber softer. To do that, you can use talcum powder over the insoles, place a paper towel underneath, wipe out the bottom of your shoes with dry paper, lubricate the outer part by applying conditioning oil, etc.

On that note, let’s try to discover together what more ways you can adopt to get rid of squeaky shoes forever!

How Can You Stop Your Shoes From Squeaking?

Why Do Your Shoes Squeak?

There are possibly three reasons behind your shoes squeaking. There is water inside them, the sole is new and way too smooth, and finally, the shoes have gotten too old.

Whatever the reason is you must identify it first to solve the problem. Let’s analyze each of them in detail so that you can take quick action whenever you undergo the issue. 

If you do not dry your shoes after they are soaked by water, probably the water inside will be making squealing sounds until the water is gone. So, check the shoes inside out if any water is trapped inside after you survive a heavy rainfall wearing your favorite shoes.

Secondly, a new pair usually creates a complaining noise because of its smooth outsole. It mostly happens when the shoes encounter polished surfaces.  When the two smooth and unimpeded bounds come in contact, friction is created resulting in the annoying squeaky sound. 

Also, shoes make weird noises when they are overused. After a certain period, your shoes need to be repaired. Otherwise, they start cracking and complaining by producing alleged sounds which are known as squeaking. 

How Do You Stop Shoes from Squeaking When You Walk?

After identifying the causes, now it’s time to take proper actions accordingly to stop the shoes from squeaking. 

Getting rid of the trapped water, repairing the old pair or buying a new one, or rubbing the new shoes with sandpaper can resolve the issue. 

Below, we have outlined the steps you can do to avoid the annoying sound when you walk.

  • In case of humidity issues, you can either dry the shoes naturally by removing the soles. This will fasten the drying process. Remember, you need to place the shoes upside down for several hours. If you find this method time-consuming, then use a fan instead. Or you can even use rice, baby powder, or newspaper to absorb water from the wet shoes. Also, you can use a dryer but be careful to place the shoes inside it. And don’t keep them for more than ten minutes.
  • To repair your old shoe pairs, we suggest using petroleum jelly as a temporary solution. Cover the sole with a little of it and the noise will be gone. If you find any part of the pair is coming off, you must keep it in place by using glue. In fact, pasting the falling parts is the most convenient way to get rid of old squeaky shoes.

How Do You Stop Shoes from Squeaking on the Bottom?

Usually, brand new shoes make a squeaking sound because of the polished bottoms. In this regard, sanding the sole will be of great help to improve the traction of the shoes. 

To make the underside of the shoes a bit harsh, rub it with sandpaper. Be careful enough and don’t overdo it. Otherwise, the shoes will be damaged. Just a little bit of gentle rubbing will do. 

However, you can use a rubber sole spray as well to better the traction. Spray an appropriate amount at the bottom and let it dry. This will also stop the bottom from squeaking.

Or else, keep a box of dryer sheets at home. Whenever you buy a new pair, rub the bottom first with the sheets and wear them worry-free. 

How to Keep Shoes from Squeaking on Hard Floor?

How Do You Stop Shoes from Squeaking on the Bottom?

Are your shoes squeaking while you are walking on hard floors? So annoying,  we understand. But don’t worry as there is a quick fix to this problem. 

Rubbing sandpaper, using rubber sole spray, or even using a small soap bar as a rub will simply solve this issue at once. 

To be honest, this kind of stuff happens when your shoes are still new. There is a thin black paint layer making the shoes shinier. Once the layer is gone, so does the squeaking noise. So, use the shoes a few times, and eventually, you’ll get rid of the complaining scream. 

But if you need instant results, scrub sandpaper against the bottom. If it’s a rubber sole, a spray will be enough to create an additional rubber layer. This will prevent squeaking as well. 

Another easy way to stop the shoes complaining against hard floors is rubbing soap against the sole. You might find it weird but put your trust in it, it really works. And please don’t worry. This won’t make the sole slippery at all. 

How to Stop Leather Shoes From Squeaking? 

How to Stop Leather Shoes From Squeaking?

Shoe material is a great concern when it comes to stopping suction noise. Leather is a premium shoe-making material and it needs special care to keep it from making squeaking. 

Using talcum powder is the easiest quick fix to prevent the leather from whining. You can try using leather conditioner to lubricate it as well. 

Talcum powder is an age-old remedy to work against squeaky shoes. It works exceptionally well in the case of leather footwear too. Sprinkle some powder inside your boot and spread it all over the interior. The powder has an amazing moisture-wicking capacity to prevent squeaky leather shoes.

Next, the shoe tongue often causes such noises as it’s not attached to the shoe. When it rubs against the shoe top, squealing is created.

Well, to stop this annoying issue once and for all, use leather conditioner or saddle soap, particularly made to take care of leather products. Use a soft piece of cloth to apply it over the tongue. This coating will keep the tongue lubricated enough and prevent unwanted squeak. 

However, routine maintenance is another simple yet suitable solution to take care of your leather footwear. Usually, thick and dried-out leather makes such squeaks frequently. To get rid of this botheration, clean your leather shoes on a regular basis to keep the fabric slick polished.  Only then the natural oil will keep the stiffness away to maintain the suppleness of the shoes.

How to Stop Bare Feet Squeaking in Shoes?

When you wear your favorite boots, slippers, or sneakers without socks, the bare feet come in contact with the insoles which results in squeaking. 

To resolve this issue using talcum powder or placing an extra layer in between the shoe and the sole has been proven as workable schemes. 

In the first method, you need to spray some baby powder or talcum powder on the insoles. It will absorb moisture/sweat and keep the surface dry. Thus, you can even wear the shoes barefoot without making any unwanted sound. But remember that you need to repeat the process before every wear. 

Sometimes, new shoes can cause the same problem without any moisture or sweat inside. Then you need to insert an additional layer between the insole and the shoe. Toilet paper, for instance, is a useful substance to create such layers that will lessen the rate of squealing to a notable extent.

How Do You Keep High Heels from Squeaking?

How Do You Keep High Heels from Squeaking?

Do you know what’s the most awkward moment wearing your heels? When they make unnecessary squeals and don’t let you step forward. 

To prevent this kind of humiliating situation from occurring, follow some tactics beforehand. In order to make the heels silent, sprinkle normal water both inside and outside of the heels. Then wear them

Also, heels make squeaks if they don’t fit well. So, give your shoes a break-in period or wear them with socks to keep them silent.

Final Words 

Walking with squeaky shoes is always trying as not only is it annoying but also embarrassing. Even if you don’t want to grab people’s attention, a squeaky pair will end up letting people around you notice you with frowning. 

So, how can you stop your shoes from squeaking? If you have carefully followed the discussion above then you must know the easiest ways. 

Be it treating your shoes with petroleum jelly, powder, lubricant, or rubbing shoes with sandpaper/soap- all the methods stated above are super handy. You can apply them right at home. 

Hopefully, you can now stop the bothersome noise coming from your shoes and have a more confident walk. All the best!

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