3 Best Knock Off Yeezy Slides Without The Gigantic Price Tag

DATE: June 7, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


If you are aware of the latest fashion trend in the footwear field, you must know that slides are the new popular go-to shoes for the younger generation. Also, they are warmly welcomed by the adults for their exceptional comfort level. 

In this regard, Yeezy is a well-known name for their out of the box slides. But not everybody can afford original Yeezy shoes by spending hundreds of dollars. So, there are some fake counterparts of those slides that cost way less.

In this article, you are going to meet the three best knock-off Yeezy slides that can save you from going bankrupt. Yet they come with the same quality to support you both indoors and outdoors. Moreover, they maintain the original flavor and style Yeezy is famous for. 

In fact, the versatile color combination and ergonomic architecture won’t let you miss the authorized Yeezy sliders anymore.

Best Fake Yeezy Slides (Yeezy slides alternative)

Knock Off Yeezy Slides | Sandals Like Yeezy Slides But Cheaper (2022)

The following three products are hand-picked based on their foot support, utility, and affordability. Learn more in the detailed review below!

1. Best Overall- Litfun Platform Pillow Lightweight Slide Sandals

First, on the list, let’s meet an amazing pair of Yeezy slides that resemble the branded ones pretty well. The core specifications are-


  • 1.7 inches thickened sole for both arch and toe support
  • Very lightweight and lenient
  • Comfortable for all-day wear
  • High-elastic material for extra cushioning 
  • The durable sole offers a balanced grip

To start with the amenities, you can add this affordable alternative of Yeezy to your closet for its out-of-the-ordinary arch support, thanks to the super durable sole. Be it indoor or outdoor, these shoes will let you rock with ultimate comfort. 

Being super easy to clean, they are usable anywhere including gym, spa, party, swimmy pool, beach, and where not. You can clean them both by hand or in the washing machine. Also, the non-slip texture is a big plus to offer a good amount of traction when needed.

Apart from the super-soft insole, proper cushioning also helps you bounce back in any situation. Weighing only 0.3 pounds, these lightweight slides are fun to wear. 

As these cheap Yeezy counterparts are designed both for men and women, anybody can pair them up with any outfit, be it formal or casual. 

Furthermore, these chunky sliders are waterproof. So, wear them and stay worry-free while showering as well.

Most interestingly, Litfun manufactured these sliders with high-elastic EVA materials. As a result, you can feel the coziness while walking. And providing both arch and toe support, these shoes become even more reliable. 

However, some customers complained that these sandals came without boxes, therefore, they went bent and cracked. Although this delivery issue can easily be resolved if you ask for a replacement. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get this pair right away before you miss it out!

2. Most Comfortable- MOKENS Unisex Pillow Slide Shoes

Second, on the list, we have another unisex Yeezy lookalike slipper with non-slip ergonomics. Let’s discover what core amenities it has in store for you. 


  • 25 mm thick sole with ultimate foot support 
  • Slip-resistant due to the anti-slip sole lines
  • Both for men and women
  • Super convenient to clean
  • Dries quickly after every wash

As the name suggests, Mokens came with these irresistible unisex slippers both for indoor and outdoor use. The non-slip design is especially appreciated by the users for its outstanding grip and traction.

However, if you try to spot differences between fake Yeezy slides vs real, these bathroom slippers would fool you for sure. Because of the sturdy architecture and versatility, you can in no way mark them as fakes. 

Next, we must talk about the sole because 25 mm thickness is no joke, that too in a cheap Yeezy look-alike that costs only a few bucks. Not only does the thickness of the sole matter in providing sufficient arch support but also it decides how cozy and cushioned your shoes are. Moreover, they are highly appreciative of their wonderful pain relief ability. 

As you can avail them in plenty of colors, you can wear them with socks, leggings, tights, jeans, or whatever you like. Rest assured that you are not going to look like a Fashion terrorist. Instead, your trendy taste would be much appreciated. 

Talking about the cleaning procedure, just regular soap and water would do. And as they dry pretty fast, you don’t have to wait for ages to wear them again.

However, these bathroom slippers run a bit small. So, you should order a half size up to get the right fit. And if you want a pair that is absolutely true to size, go for Litfun Platform Pillow Lightweight Slide Sandals instead. 

3. Most Breathable- TGoBro Outdoor Sneakers for Kids

Lastly, we would like to inform you of an amazing pair of athletic sneakers, particularly produced for kids. The key specifications are as follow-


  • Breathable upper is finely knitted
  • Soft and flexible rubber sole
  • Exclusive octopus shape attracts the kids
  • Lightweight and handy craftsmanship
  • Lace-up design for easy wearing

The 450 walking shoe from the famous brand TGoBro is a true knock-off of Yeezy slides. Being architectured for both boys and girls, the unique octopus shape is what the children fall for.

We specifically liked the knitted upper with breathable mesh. Moreover, the breathable insole is a matter of relief as the kids can stay relaxed wearing the shoes. Also, the super-soft sole with absolute flexibility lets them move freely.

As athletic pairs, these sneakers come with elastic blade soles to bend when needed. On top of that, it doesn’t affect the durability of the shoes. 

We strongly recommend this pair to protect your children at every step. Comfort and cushion are the two things you won’t regret buying these running shoes. 

However, let’s talk about the lace-up style a bit. Not only do the laces let your kids wear them independently but also they offer an elegant outlook. As a result, these sports sneakers are a perfect match for any occasion.

Apart from the technical details, we would also like to add that these sneakers got huge positive responses from the customers as toddler sneakers. In fact, it’s quite popular as running shoes both for boys and girls. The reason might be the non-slip sole with full foot support. 

Furthermore, the honeycomb hole inside absorbs sweat fast. Therefore, neither the shoes nor the kids’ feet smell bad. Indeed, these are truly worth spending as fake Yeezy boost 350 sneakers. 

Nevertheless, they are a bit expensive compared to other Yeezy alternatives. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly pair, MOKENS Unisex Pillow Slide Shoes are the better choice.


How can you tell fake Yeezy slides?

You cannot spot the differences between fake Yeezy slides vs real ones unless you observe them very carefully. The fake one’s soles are more textured, they don’t have the logo in the right font, and they are way softer. On the other hand, the original Yeezy slides have smoother bottoms.

Is it hard to get Yeezy slides?

Yes, they are. You can hardly get Yeezy slides as the genuine ones are limited by the retailers.

Are Yeezy slides worth it?

Absolutely, they are worth it. No other slides can let you look fashionable and feel comfortable at a time. Besides, you can wear them regularly, thanks to the exceptionally durable formation. So, they are worth every penny you spend.

How do I get Yeezy slides?

Well, you can get the authentic Yeezy slides from some retailers like Adidas, SSENSE, YEEZY SUPPLY, AFEW, etc.

Are fake Yeezy slides good?

They are not only good but better in some cases if you consider the plethora of costs genuine Yeezy charges. But make sure the fake counterparts are made of high-quality material to ensure absolute comfort. Besides, they will last longer than you expect.

Final Words

To conclude, we must admit the fact that slides are not seasonal shoes. Rather they can accompany you in every season being paired up with any outfit. 

In this regard, knock-off Yeezy slides are getting more popular than ever due to their amazing line-up. Besides, they are not just sketchy alternatives, instead, they mirror the exclusive Yeezy essence in many ways. 

To cut off a hell of a lot of costs, you can try the budget-friendly Litfun Platform Pillow Lightweight Slide Sandals. They are super comfortable as well. And for kids, you can pick the TGoBro Outdoor Sneakers. They are incredible for sports and athletics. 

However, Yeezy slides are best for both indoors and outdoors and so are their fake counterparts. So, turn your style game on with the affordable imitations and save some bucks!

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