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If you are in search of a summer-time pair of sandals within a shoestring budget, what could be better than knock-off Chacos? We all know that Chaco is a world-famous brand for manufacturing the best outdoor footwear. They produce cute, comfortable, and stylish adventure sandals to use both in and out of the water.

But how to minimize the plethora of expenses that Chaco charges. Of course, with the imitation or reproduction of them, that too is in an affordable price range.

Regardless of the replica, not the original Chacos, you are surely going to experience the same easement. As these Chacos competitors are very simple in style and fairly long-lasting, you won’t be disappointed in any way. So, try out any of the following Chacos alternatives from the list below and cut down the unnecessary expenses!

We Recommended
CIOR Women's Sport Sandals with Arch Support.

In a Hurry?

CIOR Women’s Sport Sandals with Arch Support 

  • The EVA yoga mat insole is soft, comfy, and offers additional grip
  • Amazing arch support helps to stand for long hours
  • Skid-resistant rubber outsole eliminates the chances of slip and abrasion
  • The easy hook-and-loop closure ensures snug fitting
  • Commendable heel protection with the padded heel straps

10 Best Chacos Alternatives But Cheaper | Knock Off Chacos

Chacos look-alikes are highly desirable for their affordability, comfort, and dashing design. So, let’s look forward to our top listed shoes similar to Chacos in detail below

Top Pick
MEGNYA Women's Comfortable Walking Sandals

MEGNYA Women’s Comfortable Walking Sandals

  • Handcrafted with braided rope design on the upper
  • The EVA cushioned midsole is extremely comfortable
  • Easily adjustable straps to your foot size
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Incredible arch support with the super-soft synthetic sole

First comes a wonderful pair of sandals comparable to Chacos with unparalleled arch aid.

Competing with high-end shoes like Chacos is no joke. But that’s what this off-brand product does with its extraordinary build quality and amazing craftsmanship.

Indeed, it’s a perfect pair of holiday sandals for beach, cruise, or poolside.

What’s more, you can pair them up with any casual to a formal outfit and attend even a wedding wearing them.

On top of that, you don’t feel exhausted wearing them for hours, thanks to the finest quality rubber on the outsole.

Besides, it delivers enough arch support so that you can go hiking with these comfy sandals similar to Chacos on.

Above all, they seal the deal by offering perfect fitting to women of all ages. So, what are you waiting for?  Get yourself a pair now!

Runners Up
Atika Men's Lightweight Outdoor Sandals.

Atika Men’s Lightweight Outdoor Sandals

  • Made of lightweight EVA midsole for added comfort
  • Features abrasion-resistant tricot lining
  • Shockproof rubber outsole
  • Soft and spacious velcro straps over the front and on the ankle
  • Absolutely true to size

Next comes a pair of Men’s sandals from Atika, dedicatedly made for outdoor adventures like hiking. The core amenities of these well-made alternatives to Chacos are as follow.

If you are looking for the perfect pair to welcome summer, you cannot go wrong with these super durable Chacos counterfeits.

Being crafted with heavy-duty materials, they are made to last.

Moreover, they have shock-absorbing pads to let you walk worry-free on any terrain.

Need optimum cushioning? Try these Atika pairs with lightweight EVA midsoles. You will feel like walking on a cushion of air.

And the shock-absorbing multi-traction rubber outsole lets your foot strike even in water.

No wonder, it’s one of the best choices for all sorts of outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, camping, trekking, and even water sports.

However, the velcro straps are a bit too wide and can affect your trekking performance. So, watch out!

3rd Pick
Teva Women's Original Universal Sandal.

Teva Women’s Original Universal Sandal

  • Rubber made sole and the outer fabric is made of polyester
  • Imported from California
  • Water-ready and earth-friendly recycled polyester webbing
  • Pretty durable and withstands water so well
  • Eva foam footed cushions provide soft supports for a day-long journey

On the third spot, we have another famous Chacos competitor named Teva. Their Teva Women’s Original Universal Sandal is something out of the ordinary in terms of both comfort and consistency. The striking features are mentioned below.

Being designed with the universal strapping system, this pair of shoes is one of the best off-brand Chacos. No worries if you are on the water for so long. The unified reprieve recycled polyester strapping dries pretty quickly.

One great amenity these Chacos alternatives offer is the exact fitting, thanks to the easy and adjustable hook-and-loop closure.

Talking of the material, the rubber sole says it all. Not only will you experience the ultimate comfort while wearing this fashionable footwear but also get all-day support.

However, the blend of synthetic fabric with utilitarian style makes it one of Teva’s most commendable shoes.

The only issue you might encounter is with the size. We recommend ordering one size smaller to get the perfect fitting. In this regard, Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Flip Flop offers a better experience.

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4th Pick
Teva Men's Hurricane XLT2 Sandals

Teva Men’s Hurricane XLT2 Sandals

  • The man-made sole is exceptionally comfortable
  • Offers a day-long comfortable wearing experience
  • Ultimate cushioning with the EVA foam footbed
  • Water-ready polyester webbing dries quickly
  • Rugged and robust rubber outsole

Next on the lineup, we came up with another Teva pair but for men. Let’s look forward to if this pair justifies its selection on this top ten list of sandals that look like Chacos.

What we liked the most about these exclusive Teva sandals is the best traction ever. The newly formed anti-abrasion outsole lets you rock on any trail.

And the soft heel-strap padding adds some more comfort to your feet.

Another exclusive add-on of these Men’s sandals is the adjustable fitting. The easy hook-and-loop closure helps you get the right fitting even in a hurry.

Compared to the Teva Women’s Original Universal Sandal, they offer better cushioning.

However, they run a little larger. So, ordering one size down is suggested even for wide feet. Overall, this is a must-have pair for all the men out there who love lightweight comfort from their shoes.

5th Pick
Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Clog Shoes

Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Clog Shoes

  • Designed for both men and women
  • Easy to put on and take-off slip-on clogs
  • Super lightweight and comfortable
  • 100% synthetic material assures permanence for a pretty long period
  • The pivoting heel straps offer a more secure fit

Next, we have another imported footwear from the Crocs family. Being available in a wide range of colors, they can meet your ultimate fashion goal. Let’s see what more it has in store!

Hunting for footwear that goes with each and every person? Then these Classic Clogs are your requirements. These are absolutely beautiful sandals like Chacos but cheaper in price to immediately fall in love with.

Perhaps, the most exceptional add-ons of this trendsetting pair are the ventilation ports that make it a top wet-dry performer for sure. Therefore, it’s a perfect pair for a beach adventure. You can wear it to lots of other places as well.

Moreover, this is the pair that started the comfort revolution throughout the world. A snug-fitting is assured with the slip-on clogs. And resultantly, they are the most durable shoes while walking on rigid and uneven surfaces.

A slightly disappointing fact is that you shouldn’t use these shoes in the sun as they will wince. In that case, go for ECCO Unisex Sandals that are okay with direct sunlight.

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6th Pick
Sanuk Women's Yoga Sling 2 Flip Flop.

Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Flip Flop

  • 100% synthetic material to offer absolute comfort in long walking hours
  • Imported from Southern California
  • Trendsetting stylish design to accompany any summer outfit
  • Exceptionally durable
  • Super soft sole made of yoga mat

6th on the list, let’s talk about one of the most crowd-pleasing knock-offs Chaco sandals from Sanuk. The core specifications of this product are as follows-

The super lightweight flip flops by Sanuk are once a summer-friendly item only. But due to their up-to-date design, you can now wear them all year round.

Talking about its conveniences, we must mention the synthetic yoga mat sole. No hard feeling even if you wear them all day long.

Most importantly, you can pair them up with any of your summer outfits. Regardless of the bag, sunglasses, or accessories you choose, these sandals are something that will complete your look.

Another good thing about this product is the unexpected durability. Even being much cheaper than the original ones, you can easily wear them for at least two years. Can you imagine!

However, the only negative side of this Chacos alternative is no arch support. Apart from that, it’s the best deal for sure!

7th Pick
CIOR Women's Sport Sandals with Arch Support.

CIOR Women’s Sport Sandals with Arch Support 

  • The EVA yoga mat insole is soft, comfy, and offers additional grip
  • Amazing arch support helps to stand for long hours
  • Skid-resistant rubber outsole eliminates the chances of slip and abrasion
  • The easy hook-and-loop closure ensures snug fitting
  • Commendable heel protection with the padded heel straps

The seventh place of this best knock-off Chacos review is occupied by outstanding water footwear from CIOR. Let’s have a look at its salient specifications below!

Looking for shoes like Chacos that can serve you for the longest period? Try this amazing pair right now before it runs short!

As CIOR architectured this pair with an innovative design, the fast and facile slip-on feature makes the shoes even more desirable. Besides, the wide varieties of colors make you include it in your top Chacos counterfeit list.

However, the EVA footbed is an excellent add-on to absorb any sort of shocks and impacts. And thanks to the amazing arch support, you can endure long-standing hours quite comfortably!

On top of that, you can go for almost 98% of outdoor tours including hiking, kayaking, and canoeing.

Despite the positives, we must mention that the soles are too flexible sometimes. Other than that, it’s a decent deal though!

8th Pick
Chaco Women's Z1 Classic Sandal

Chaco Women’s Z1 Classic Sandal

  • Women’s specific LUVSEAT PU midsole to ensure alleviation
  • The rubber sole provides better grip
  • 100% textile material
  • Adjustable high tensile webbing heel risers that are pretty durable as well
  • The antimicrobial application offers odor control

Why is this original Chaco pair on the list of our top knock-off Chaco sandals? Due to its affordable price range, of course. Let’s explore what core advantages it has to offer.

When it comes to women’s indemnity in outdoor adventures, these Z1 Classic Sandals from Chaco are the ones you can rely on. We highly recommend it as one of the best sports sandals.

As these are made following the river guides in 1989, the timeless design is still amazing as before.

Moreover, the LUVSEAT arch support makes it even more secure, particularly for women having arch issues. And most importantly, the inclusion of the Chaco grip rubber makes a premium-quality classic outsole.

Another commendable feature of this classic pair is the adjustable straps. These custom-fit Z straps provide cushy and comfy fitting around your feet.

However, the inner side of the heel arch should be a bit wider. Apart from that, you should definitely give it a go!

9th Pick
ECCO Unisex Sandals.

ECCO Unisex Sandals

  • Pure leather and textile material
  • Reliable rubber sole
  • Dual-density footbed adds extra comfort
  • The lightweight feature is suitable for everyday walking
  • Smooth nubuck texture on the upper

In the ninth place, we want you to get introduced to these amazing high-performance sandals like Chacos that perform equally well in any terrain. The salient features of this pair are listed below.

Talking about this super supportive unisex product, we must thank its walking comfort that you get while on or off the trail. You can tackle any terrain with absolute comfort due to its dependable rubber outsole.

The pure leather and textile material make them pretty sturdy. Besides, the stretch-fit material lining says it all in terms of fitting.

Thanks to the direct-injected PU midsole which features full-length receptor technology. Therefore, you can enjoy the precise movement of your feet.

Another notable difference from its contemporary Chacos clones is that it doesn’t give you an odor unless it’s wet and not dried promptly.

So, the negative side of this pair is that you should avoid using it on water. That’s why we recommend choosing the Teva Women’s Original Universal Sandal as a water-friendly solution.

10th Pick
CAMEL CROWN Anti-Skidding Sport Sandals for Women

CAMEL CROWN Anti-Skidding Sport Sandals for Women

  • The thermoplastic rubber sole is exceptionally durable
  • Great responsive cushioning by the shock-absorbing foamed midsole
  • Get a no-slip performance because of the anti-skidding outsole
  • Waterproof, wear and tear-resistant in the wild adventures
  • The comfort footbed reduces foot pressure

Looking for the best athletic sandals on a budget? Check these out-of-the-ordinary sports sandals that represent the same quality as the premium grade Chacos.

Have a look at what specialties you get from these Chacos imitations.

Multitasking at its best- this should be the tagline of this famous pair of fashionable footwear from CAMEL CROWN.

Literally, you can go for any outdoor tour wearing these soft and lightweight shoes, be it hiking, wading, camping, fishing, or anything else. Besides, you can use these as your daily footwear as well.

Thanks to its outstanding waterproof capacity, it’s suitable to wear in water for the longest hours. Furthermore, we cannot but praise the permanent polyester webbing upper for making this Chacos reproduction absolutely robust and reliable.

No worries if you are exploring in the wild. The wear-resistant and rebound TPR material eliminates the risks of piercing the shoes by any hard objects outside.

Nevertheless, we do not recommend it for thin feet due to the too-long adjustment straps. In that case, Z1 Classic Sandals from Chaco is a better selection.

Teva vs. Chaco

When it comes to purchasing the best adventure outdoor footwear, a comparison between the two world-famous brands Teva and Chaco is obvious. Both are renowned manufacturers of summer-ready sandals.

So, which one should you go for? Well, the competitive factors between these two are-


As Chacos offer anti-slip footbeds with adequate arch support, they are more reliable than Tevas to withstand hostile terrain. To be more specific, Chacos have thicker footbeds than Tevas.


Due to the adjustable straps, Chacos again won the race by providing better fitting. Teva, on the other hand, isn’t slip-resistant once your feet are wet.


Both the brands produce high-performing sandals that last pretty long. But in a head-to-head competition, Chaco sandals are slightly ahead of the Tevas due to their better durability.


In this regard, Teva is the ultimate winner. You get a pair of Tevas at about half of the price of Chacos. Though they are slightly different in terms of upgraded materials.


Teva sandals are lightweight, having thinner footbeds. Resultantly, they can be carried easily for a backpacking trip. But Chacos are a bit heavier to carry in your backpack.

However, for a budget-friendly option, we think the Tevas are incomparable. But  Chacos outperform them in longevity and lenience.

Chacos vs. Skecher

Chacos vs. Skecher

In terms of outdoor sports sandals, people tend to trust both Chaco and Skecher, the two prominent names in the footwear industry. Although both make premium-grade summer-friendly sandals, there are some basic differences between the two celebrated brands. Let’s have a detailed analysis below-

  • Both are made for outdoor tours like hiking, traveling, walking on trails, etc. But Chacos are better to maintain the balance for longer.
  • Chacos offer a personalized fitting based on your preference. Skechers also provide snug-fitting, not custom fit though.
  • In terms of longevity, both give each other hard competition. The Chaco sandals are preferable for their added cushion and ChacoGrip outsole. On the other hand, you will love the flexible rubber outsole of a pair of Skecher as well.
  • Instead of adjustable straps like the Chacos, Skechers has soft stretchy bands to maintain easy slip-on and off.
  • In terms of cost, Chacos are way more expensive. On the contrary, the Skechers offer quite a reasonable price range.
10 Best Knock Off Chacos But Cheaper | Chacos Alternatives

How to Clean Sandals That Look Like Chacos

Tired of the smells and stains that your Chacos always offer you for free? Then, follow the cleaning guidelines below to keep your favorite footwear dirt, debris, and odor-free.

Step 1

First, you need to identify the fabric type whether it’s leather, polyester, or rubber. Then inspect the damage type- water damage, any scratch, or mere stain. According to the fabric and impairment, you need to clean it.

Step 2

Now, wash the shoes using mild detergent and lukewarm water. Do not use any corrosive chemical as it would affect the shoe structure. Also, adding some baking soda to the water mix would give the Chacos competitors some extra shine.

Step 3

To get rid of the remaining grit and sand inside the strap, use a fabric conditioner. Pulling the shoe straps back and forth would clean any residue that can cause unexpected odor.

Step 4

Finally, dry the shoes in the sun. Do not use any hair dryer to accelerate the drying process. Rather, air-drying the wet shoes will keep the construction unharmed.

Things to Consider Before Buying Chacos

To make an informed purchase of any product, you must look into some striking factors. Chacos are no exception as well. The key considerations for buying the best Chacos knock-off are-

Snug Fitting

The first thing to notice about outdoor footwear is the fitting. If it fits too tight, it would be best for hiking, camping, etc. For walking shoes, a bit weary design is preferable as they are more comfy sandals.

However, talking about the wide varieties of Chacos imitations, you will get all sorts of fitting for any outdoor sports. Just decide what you need and make a purchase. And avoid narrow sandals if you have ankle issues.


There are thousands of designs. Some include adjustable straps, some don’t.  Some offer added cushioning with yoga material while some shoes have adequate arch support. Based on your liking, you should select the most pleasant pair that keeps you moving comfortably.


Chacos last pretty long if you can maintain them properly. Their fake counterparts are also famous for longevity. So, be sure to check the material before buying whether they will last long or not. You would be more than happy to use them for several seasons, right?


Though weight is a less considerable component in terms of shoes, still you should notice it if you are buying Chacos. As you know, they are manufactured to accompany you on summer adventures. So, their weight would decide whether or not you could carry them comfortably.

A heavy pair of Chacos copies would make it difficult to have a long walk. So, soft and lightweight shoes are advised by expert outdoor athletes in most cases.

Although for wildlife adventures, strong and sturdy soles are preferable. As a result, they are a bit heavier, no wonder.


Although these Chacos alternatives aren’t as pricey as the original ones, still you should have a clear idea of the cost. However, the budget should be decided on what you want in return from these adventure sandals- luxury, lenience, longevity, or all in one.

Considering the cheaper reproduction, you shouldn’t miss them out!

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Are Chacos suitable for arch support? 

Absolutely yes. Most of them offer incredible arch support for outdoor athletes, both male and female.

Which is better among Chacos and Texas?

Based on their utility and implications, both are the best in their respective fields. Although, Chacos are better at offering more flexible straps.

Do Chacos give you blisters?

It may give blisters at the initial stage. But once the shoes are broken in, the problem is solved forever.

Are Chaco sandals worth the money?

Hell yes! Once you get a pair, rest assured for the next ten years. Just be sure to maintain the shoes according to the instructions. 

What sandals are similar to Chacos?

In terms of flexibility, comfort, and functionality, Sanuk, Teva, CIOR, etc are quite similar to original Chacos.

What is so special about Chaco sandals?

Durability, comfort, and quick-drying ability are the three most striking features of Chacos that make them so special. Besides, they are pretty well-designed that is never out of fashion.

Are Tevas better than Chaco?

In some cases, yes, such as lightweight construction and affordable price points. Other than that, Chacos are incomparable.

Do Tevas and Chacos fit the same?

Not exactly. Teva runs even bigger than Chacos.

What’s comparable to Chacos?

Although there are a lot of shoes in the market as Chacos alternatives, Teva shoes are particularly comparable to Chacos for their practicality and comfort.

Are Bedrocks better than Chacos?

Probably not based on overall performance, but as a lightweight hiking pair, Bedrock is much better than Chacos.

Are Chacos better than Teva?

Yes, to a notable extent. Although both are leading outdoor shoe brands, Chacos offers better durability and fitting. Moreover, they are water-resistant.

Final Words

Surely, a pair of Chaco sandals are your best buddy on a long adventurous tour. But the knock-off Chacos are no less in terms of tackling any sort of trails without any hassle. Furthermore, they don’t drain your bank account.

So, what is your favorite Chacos counterfeit from our top ten list? For better arch support, you can try out the CIOR Women’s Sport Sandals. And as an all sort of outing footwear, Teva Women’s Original Universal Sandal is the best.

Considering the all-around summer-ready quality, we suggest the Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Clog Shoes as a must-try pair for outdoor athletes. However, please remember that though these Chacos look-alikes are cheap, they are not shabby or substandard, but instead satisfactory in many ways.

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