13 Best Shoes That Make You Taller-Men With A Notable Height Boost

DATE: June 23, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Who doesn’t want to look taller simply by wearing shoes? Everyone does, especially men. They don’t prefer using uncountable insoles just to add some height.

On that note, we got the 13 best shoes that make you taller men without compromising comfort or quality. In fact, you look equally stylish with these elevator shoes that give you a considerable height lift. 

Also, these height-increasing shoes for men are way more comfortable than regular shoes as they offer adequate cushioning. Actually, they have comforting insoles that offer sufficient support both to your heels and toes. 

Saying that we are here to help you buy the right pair of elevator shoes with 100% confidence. Let’s look forward to the in-depth review of our top selections below!

13 Best Shoes That Make You Taller-Men With A Notable Height Boost

Top Shoes That Make You Taller Men for Adding Adjustment

To be honest, the following 13 pairs are considered the best shoes that make you taller for shorter men right now. Hopefully, you will get your ideal footwear by the end of this discussion.

1. Most Stylish– Milazzo Men’s Walking Shoes

You are listing the top men’s height lifting shoes and you will exclude this pair from Milazzo! Is that even possible? Not at all. So, let’s find out why this is a must-have pair for anyone looking for a height boost.

Top Pick
Milazzo Men's Walking Shoes

Milazzo Men’s Walking Shoes

  • Comfortable phylon rubber sole
  • High-quality leather nubuck blended with mesh and synthetic material 
  • Anti-slip rubber outsole
  • Shockproof performance with stable grip
  • 4.5 centimeters heel measurement with a fashionable outlook

Being inspired by vintage ethnic wear, these Khaki shoes are super stylish in appearance. Although you can choose the black or gray color as well. 

And they are available in different sizes as well. Above all, these men’s sneakers are true to size. So, you can trust the size chart and go for your actual size.

Aside from being stylish, the shoes are breathable. The soft and comfy material makes them wearable all day. Regardless of the trail, be it smooth or tough, you will get a shockproof performance with excellent traction.

Best of all, you get a nonslip chunky outsole which contributes a lot to the height boosting process. 

All thanks to the soft cotton insoles, walking becomes a breeze by wearing this fashionable footwear which you can pair up both with sports or casual outfits.

2. Best Breathable– Superga COTU Classic Men’s Shoes

While aiming for height lift, you certainly don’t want to sacrifice comfort, right? Then add this pair of premium cotton shoes to your cart and enjoy your walk to the fullest.

Runners Up
Superga COTU Classic Men's Shoes

Superga COTU Classic Men’s Shoes

  • 100% cotton shoes
  • Reliable rubber sole
  • Fully breathable material
  • Silver-tone rivets and wrap-around outsole adds stability 
  • The soft canvas upper permits plenty of ventilation 

Since 1913, Superga has been one of the favorite fashion footwear brands for shoe lovers all over the world. Their plethora of shoe collections for men, women, and children are ruling the market to date. 

That being said, they also make some amazing shoes that make you taller for guys. And this premium cotton pair effortlessly gives you a notable height elevation without making it awkward. 

Most importantly, your feet remain fresh and dry without sweating even on the hottest summer days, thanks to the soft canvas upper.

Of course, the breathable cotton makes it usable on a regular basis without feeling any discomfort. And the vulcanized rubber sole with a lower cut ankle ensures easy movement with adequate grip and traction.

However, you can style these shoes with any fashionable outfit like cotton classics or cropped pants. Moreover, it’s available in a number of eye-catching colors all of which will draw your attention. 

Despite the positives, please note that they run a bit large. So, go for ½ size small shoes for a perfect fit. And if you prefer shoes that are true to size, go for Milazzo Men’s Walking Shoes. 

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3. Best for Colder Climate– CALTO Men’s Invisible Height Increasing Elevator Shoes

Thirdly, let’s have a look at an incredible pair of elevator shoes from CALTO, the name that always makes out of the box shoes with exclusive features. The core specifications of this pair are-

3rd Pick
CALTO Men's Invisible Height Increasing Elevator Shoes

CALTO Men’s Invisible Height Increasing Elevator Shoes

  • Excellent traction with the rubber sole
  • 6.25″ shaft measurement from arch
  • The comfortable leather insoles add some extra inches
  • Structured with casual boot wear design with cap toe and lace-up
  • Cushioned insoles for absorbing shock and impact while walking 

If you need shoes that keep your feet warm during winter, this a perfect pair with mid-top over the ankle. Being manufactured with the original oxhide leather, we highly recommend this premium-quality footwear to support you forever.

Saying that these are exceptionally durable even after regular use, all thanks to the elegant double stitching formula. 

On top of that, you can choose between a natural rubber heel or a regular heel based on your preference.

The crepe sole rubberized bottom is truly well-constructed along with the faux fur inner line. No wonder it outperforms any other contemporary brands in terms of style and stability at the same time. 

Above all, these shoes are 100% handmade maintaining ultimate craftsmanship which is a big plus for sure. So, you should definitely try this pair right away. 

4. Most Lightweight– CHAMARIPA Men’s Invisible Height Increasing Basketball Shoes

Next on the list, we have one of the best basketball shoes that make you taller. Let’s check out its key specifications below.

4th Pick
CHAMARIPA Men's Invisible Height Increasing Basketball Shoes

CHAMARIPA Men’s Invisible Height Increasing Basketball Shoes

  • Slip-free and wear-resistant flexible sole
  • Ultra-lightweight shoes with breathable material
  • 3.74 inches instant height boost
  • High-quality nubuck leather upper
  • Perfect for multiple occasions

If you are looking for shoes that can serve a variety of purposes, this is a must-have pair in your closet. 

Although it is designed as a basketball pair, you can use them for running, walking, exercising, traveling, and even for regular wear as well. 

Featuring a trendy lace-up style, this pair suits any outfit pretty well. And the ultra-lightweight construction is a big plus for these athletic shoes which make them easily wearable. 

Best of all, you get a hidden height boost without giving a hint to others. These look just like a regular pair of sneakers having height-increasing insoles inside. 

Although they are a bit high-priced, that doesn’t make it a deal-breaker, thanks to the industry-standard architecture. 

5. Best for Casual Wear– Sannax Slip On Walking Shoes for Men

Next, we came up with an exclusive pair of casual shoes that make you taller for guys. Also, they are extremely budget-friendly with an elegant outlook.

5th Pick
Sannax Slip On Walking Shoes for Men

Sannax Slip On Walking Shoes for Men

  • Premium-quality synthesize breathable mesh material
  • Soft platform sole with sufficient cushioning
  • Vibrant and eye-catching color combination 
  • Easy put on and off with the slip-on closure
  • Noise-free walking with no friction

Need a pair that is specifically designed for young people? Look no further as these are the best stylish shoes ever with a supremely elegant exterior. 

Sannax is always a reliable name when it comes to making trendy footwear. These casual high-top shoes are no exception with an anti-collision front leather construction. 

Besides, the highly breathable mesh textile guarantees ultimate comfort and coziness that keep you energetic on the go. Being breathable, they keep your feet odor-free for the longest period too.

And most importantly, you will experience no noise walking with the non-slip surface. Furthermore, the dirt-resistant bottom keeps them newish for a long time. 

Similar to the CALTO Men’s Invisible Height Increasing Elevator Shoes, they are shock absorbing as well. But you shouldn’t tie the top shoelaces too tightly as they are made of cheap plastic. So beware!

6. Most Elegant– Toto Men’s 3″ Taller Elevator Shoes

At the sixth spot, we will review a pair of formal oxfords from Toto. Let’s look forward to its prime specifications below.

6th Pick
Toto Men's 3 Taller Elevator Shoes

Toto Men’s 3″ Taller Elevator Shoes

  • Simple yet classic and elegant exterior 
  • Black patent leather lace-up style
  • Height lifting rubber sole
  • 100% handmade with flawless craftsmanship
  • Finest material with unique detailing

While searching for elevator shoes, it’s important to look for hidden height boost instead of making it easily noticeable. That’s what this sophisticated pair of oxfords offer with an almost 3″ height lift, that too unnoticed. 

Talking of the men’s shoes that make you taller, Toto always leads the race by manufacturing some outstanding elevator shoes. For instance, you will love the leather insoles of this pair that add some extra inches without giving you a layered-up feeling. 

As a result, your feet don’t feel stiff. And all credit goes to the super flexible rubber heel, you can move faster than ever. 

Despite being architectured with a super sleek appearance, these shoes come within budget. Moreover, they can be used on multiple occasions with the easy slip-on style. 

All things considered, we think it makes a decent deal as a pair of elevator oxfords.

7. Most Durable– CALTO Men’s Height Increasing Casual Loafers

Next comes a pair of leather loafers from CALTO, the name that’s pretty well-known in the footwear field. The core amenities it comes with are-

7th Pick
CALTO Men's Height Increasing Casual Loafers

CALTO Men’s Height Increasing Casual Loafers

  • Sturdily stitched for added lifespan
  • Quite lightweight loafers with optimum comfort 
  • Expedient lace-free design
  • Long lasting inbuilt inner sole
  • Synthetic rubber bottom for extra grip and traction 

Now that you know what key features let the loafers make its place on our top 13 list, you should learn some more about this exclusive product.

Honestly speaking, they meet all the expectations as elevator shoes by offering a discreet height lift. 

Being made of the finest quality full-grain leather, they last pretty long. Also, they are way more comfortable than you expect. 

However, the convenient lace-free design makes them users’ favorite due to the easy put-on and take-off. Besides, it allows enough room inside to let your feet relax.

Specifically, the built-in inner sole adds some height without making it look awkward. The ergonomic height-increaser is structured so carefully that you must consider it as one of the best shoes that make you taller for guys

So, why waste time? Go for this pair before they run short!

8. Most Comfortable– CALTO Lightweight Sporty Sneakers for Men

Looking for sneakers that make you taller? Try out this CALTO sporty pair once and surely, you will be a fan forever. 

8th Pick
CALTO Lightweight Sporty Sneakers for Men

CALTO Lightweight Sporty Sneakers for Men

  • Super soft rubber sole
  • Extremely lightweight construction 
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Suitable for multiple occasions
  • Hides the height pretty well

It’s said that you can never go wrong with CALTO, especially when it comes to elevator shoes. Certainly, the pair doesn’t add more inches kike other elevator shoes, but that 2-2.5″ height boost is no joke from such sporty footwear.

Apart from the high-quality material and unique detailing of the shoes, the cloth inner-line contributes a lot to making them extremely comfortable. And the rubberized outsole ensures unfailing stability on any terrain. 

If only there were more color variations, we would have liked the shoes better. 

However, for some awesome color combinations, we recommend trying the Sannax Slip On Walking Shoes for Men.

9. Overall Best– CALTO Men’s Invisible High Heels Oxfords

Next on the lineup, let’s meet another super sophisticated pair of oxfords from CALTO. Wondering why there are so many CALTOs on this list? You will get the answer once you discover what specialties this pair has to offer. 

9th Pick
CALTO Men's Invisible High Heels Oxfords

CALTO Men’s Invisible High Heels Oxfords

  • Full-grain leather upper
  • A sleek, classic, and catching exterior 
  • Dependable rubberized sole
  • Extremely fashionable for any occasion 
  • Absorbs impacts while walking

Well, once you put on this pair, you will feel the difference. Surely, you will be able to step on with more confidence, thanks to its sleek and stylish architecture. 

Moreover, the shoes are extremely durable. The high-quality leather upper will compliment any outfit you wear. And the full-grain leather is elegantly stitched to add some extra traction. 

Also, the sharp toe lace-up system increases the visual attraction of the shoes to a great extent. Besides, the smooth and polished leather finish justifies the price tag the makers charge for. Indeed, the shoes provide the best value for the money.

However, please remember that you should order a half to a full size smaller shoe as they run big. Keeping this minor flaw aside, it’s the best pair for a secret height boost.

10. Best on Budget– Verna Polly Men’s Running Shoes

If you have come this far from this review, you are going to meet another most amazing pair of hype shoes that make you taller. The key specifications of this pair are as follow-

10th Pick
Verna Polly Men's Running Shoes

Verna Polly Men’s Running Shoes

  • Made of breathable flying-woven mesh
  • Cushioned rubber outsole is non-slip, abrasion-free, and anti-twist
  • Unique and trendy craftsmanship to suit every occasion
  • Moisture-wicking mesh lining for sufficient airflow
  • Lightweight and comfortable for long term use

Apart from being budget-friendly, these sneakers give tough competition to any contemporary elevator shoes by offering a wide range of color choices. You will get to choose from around thirty marvelous colors. Isn’t that great for fashion footwear lovers?

Also, they are so well made that you will love to wear them even after years. Similar to the CALTO Lightweight Sporty Sneakers for Men, they have a breathable mesh upper to prevent foot odor. 

Therefore, your feet don’t feel exhausted even after a long tiring day. Furthermore, you can use them for various occasions like running, jogging, training, playing tennis, traveling, and for casual wear as well.

However, the extremely affordable price tag is the USP of these shoes that we liked the most.

11. Best Anti-Slip– XIDISO Men’s Shockproof Fashion Sneakers 

Next, we want you to meet a pair of Xidiso, the name that has ruled the elevator shoe market for many years. Still, it’s a reliable brand to invest your hard-earned money. 

On that note, let’s check out their latest casual sneakers with a secret height lift.

11th Pick
XIDISO Men's Shockproof Fashion Sneakers 

XIDISO Men’s Shockproof Fashion Sneakers 

  • A fashionable pair of casual sneakers
  • Anti-slip rubber sole
  • The unique outsole comes with full heel support
  • Shockproof and anti-collision heel counter
  • Super supportive honeycomb insole

To begin with the benefits of this wonderful pair from Xidiso, we must mention that they come with extraordinary arch support. 

Whether you are using it as casual wear or as a gym pair, it will seal the deal by offering ultimate comfort. The knit fabric upper is both breathable and comfortable for a day long-wearing.

If protection is an issue, rest assured you have hit the jackpot. The shockproof bottom is both collisions and slip-free, resultantly, you can avoid foot injuries easily.

However, they are not waterproof. If that’s not an issue, you should definitely add this pair to your cart.

12. Best for Formal Use– Calden 4″ Taller Leather Dress Shoes for Men

If you are looking for height lifting shoes, you must have heard about Calden. They provide some wonderful elevator shoes within budgets. We have such a pair of dress shoes in store. Let’s check out the key features below.

12th Pick
Calden 4 Taller Leather Dress Shoes for Men

Calden 4″ Taller Leather Dress Shoes for Men

  • Classic yet trendy dress style oxford
  • Stitched toe design with unique detailing 
  • 4″ taller high top style
  • Elegant black leather upper
  • Carefully made in the USA

Well, the best thing about these elevator shoes is that they are exactly as advertised. You can wear them more than ten hours a day without feeling a tiny bit of discomfort. 

Although you might think that they are just regular dress shoes, the quality says it all. Indeed, they are very well-made for the price. 

Thanks to the comfortable platform, it makes the shoes easiest to wear. And the insert cushion enhances stability without hurting the feet inside. 

However, if you are wide-footed, you might find them a bit tight. So, adjust your actual size before buying.

13. Best Chunky Platform– Dr. Martens Leather Platform Boot

Last but not least, we have a pair of Dr. Martens on this list. Excited? Then check out the details below.

13th Pick
Dr. Martens Leather Platform Boot

Dr. Martens Leather Platform Boot

  • Include an inner ankle zip for easy on and off
  • Very well made with all the Doc’s details
  • An 8-eye boot for hidden height lift
  • Made of highly durable leather 
  • Slip and abrasion-resistant due to the AirWair rubber sole

Do you know what Docs are famous for? Yes, those grooved edges and yellow stitching. These boots include all those tiny details being crafted in the finest method.

Being engineered with the most premium-grade leather, the shoes are made to last a lifetime if properly taken care of. 

Best of all, this is a unisex product that suits both men and women quite well. And the slipless AirWair sole is both fat and oil-proof for better performance on any trail.

Above all, the 5 cm chunky platform adds some extra inches to your actual height quite effortlessly. That’s the biggest plus for these platform boots to have a secret height lift.

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Some Style Tips That Will Make All Men Look Taller

If you lack some height to make it to the list of taller men, don’t worry. Even if you are short, it’s not necessary to look the same. With some super effective style tips, you might look taller.

Follow the following style tips if you think you need to look taller, that too unobtrusively. 

  • Always try to opt for close-fitting clothes. Because loose-fitting attires will make you look shorter. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should always wear skinny clothes. Just remember that you should avoid oversized outerwear to look both taller and cooler. 
  • Try to adopt a monochrome color scheme. That means your upper and lower clothes should not contrast each other in terms of color combination. If the shirt is lighter in color, the pants should follow the same. If you prefer dark colors, keep both the top and bottom halves in the same color.
  • Concentrate on the detailing of your entire outfit. Generally, small-scale patterned outfits are best suited for shorter men to make them look taller. Be it vertical or horizontal stripes, thin patterns are always preferable for shorter men.
  • Most importantly, selecting the right pair of shoes can solve the problem. Definitely, we don’t force you to go for elevator shoes if you don’t want to. But there are lots of casual shoes with thicker insoles for discreet height lift. Moreover, they are comfortable as well. So, any short guy can try this technique to gain a 1-2″ height lift.
  • Lastly, try wearing long-sleeved shirts as they make your hands look longer. Resultantly, the rest of the body will look the same as well. 

Buying Guide for Shoes That Make You Taller Men

You cannot deny the fact that people will judge you if you are not that tall. So, people are getting fond of height-increasing shoes that add some extra inches. But how to decide on the best pick? Let’s discuss it below before making a purchase. 


Fitting is a crucial thing to consider while looking for height-boosting shoes. If they don’t fit right, you will not feel comfortable. So, try measuring your feet rightly and order shoes accordingly. Just like the closely fitted clothes, proper shoe fitting is equally important for men to look taller. 

Height Boost

As you are aiming at height lift, it’s important to consider how many extra inches do you need? Please remember that if the shoes offer unusual height growth, they will look awkward. So, always focus on shoes that come with 1-3″ heel height.


Elevated shoes are usually a bit heavyweight compared to regular ones. They come with chunky platforms and elevated insoles. But they shouldn’t be so heavy that you cannot move freely. Be it usual shoes or elevator ones, lightweight ones are always more comfortable. 


As you already know, height-boosting footwear incorporates thick insoles to make you look taller. So, you must decide on the heel thickness first. Thicker heels and insoles are more helpful for discreet height-raising.

Highly Cushioned 

Cushioned shoes not only assure comfort but also make you stand with the right posture. Resultantly, you will look taller. Also, the thick layer can add 2.5-3.5″ extra length to your actual height.


How much height do boots add?

Based on the platform size and heel height, a pair of boots can add 1-2.5″ of height. 

How much taller do basketball shoes make you? 

Depending on heel heights and insole thickness, a decent pair of basketball shoes can make you 1-2″ taller overall.

How much height do Vans add? 

As you know, Vans vary in style. So, the height boost depends on the style you pick. Overall, a pair of Vans can add from 0.5″ to 1″ height.

How much height do converses add? 

On an average, converses can add up to 1-½” extra height. 

How much height do Timberlands add?

Well, it varies on shoe sizing. But on average, Timberland boots add around 1.25-2″ height to make you taller.

How much height do Crocs add? 

Again, it all depends on the style you wear. A regular pair of Crocs can add up to 1″ height. But a platform pair can offer a maximum 2.5″ height raise. 

How much height do Doc Martens add? 

The famous Doc Martens shoes can raise the height to a considerable extent which ranges from 1.3″-2″ maximum. 

Final Words

With the help of shoes that make you taller men, you can confidently attend any event as they unobtrusively add some extra inches. Moreover, they help you look way more attractive as well. 

As these high platform shoes are in trend nowadays, you can easily try them out to look fashionable. They will suit almost every occasion if you can pick up the right style. 

Saying that we highly recommend the Sannax Slip On Walking Shoes for Men  as the best pair for casual use. On the other hand, the Calden 4″ Taller Leather Dress Shoes for Men is the perfect choice for formal occasions. 

And as the best value for money, you can try the Verna Polly Men’s Running Shoes which pay for every penny you spend on it.

Hopefully, the shoes above will effectively let you look taller despite being short. So, decide your pick right before they run short.

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