18 Top-Rated Nike Shoes That Make You Taller Sparingly to Significantly

DATE: July 12, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


If sneakerheads know anything about sneakers, it is that besides giving a stunning makeover to your entire outfit (and making them super stylish), these have more than one added advantage. For instance, if you’re looking for the most subtle ways to increase your height, what could be better than a nice pair of sneakers? 

While many brands have tried to come up with shoe designs that feature a big sole, Nike understood the assignment and focused on the heels, or more specifically, the heel heights.

Their innovation and your hunt are what bring to you this list of the best Nike shoes that make you taller. For a little (or more) height amplification, here are the best pairs for all needs. Quick Pick

3 Short list of Height increasing Nike Shoes

  1. Nike Air Max 720 Mesh Men’s running shoes
  2. Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer
  3. Nike Men’s Walking Industrial Shoe

Best Nike Shoes That Make You Taller:

The following reviews will give you the details on the Nike sneakers that make you taller:

Top Pick
Nike Men's Air Max 720 Running Shoes

Nike Men’s Air Max 720 Running Shoes

  • Comes with Nike’s biggest air pocket so far, with a heel height of 38mm.
  • Utilizes additional supporting molds that have been built into the shoes.
  • Has a wrap-around lace system internally that secures your foot.
  • Is inspired by lava flows and natural elements in the entire making.
  • Manufactured with 90% of the Nike production house waste recycles.

The second best sneakers when it comes to LifeStyle Air Max and the best one on the list today, Nike Men’s Air Max 720 is a heartthrob for men who want to look their tallest, in style. This futuristic and sporty shoe has the following great specs:

Made for men who love to run and flow with the shapes of nature, the significantly huge yet supportively comfortable cushioning in the entire sneaker is what makes the 720 worth your while. 

It brings about a revolutionary style in the Air Max lineup with not just the height, but the colors too.

The Jersey fabric upper in the sneaker is very airy and breathable if you have sweaty feet that need to be taken care of, and it can take a good beating from the rough roads without giving in. The fit is excellent with this one.

Runners Up
Nike Men's Air Max 270 Running Shoes

Nike Men’s Air Max 270 Running Shoes

  • Features a woven, synthetic upper that makes the shoe breathable.
  • Has a foam midsole to keep your feet feeling comfortable all day.
  • Personalized fit with stretchable inner sleeves and booty construction.
  • The rubber outsole allows impact absorption and traction on rough roads.
  • Includes a 2-piece midsole to allow better, seamless bends when you run.

The predecessor of the Air Max 720, the first Lifestyle Air Max, the Air Max 720 created quite a stir during its first launch with its 32mm air pocket. Lightweight, sleek and sporty, every runner’s dream comes true and your head turns when you hit the road with that heel height!

The revolutionary Air technology of Nike caught the attention of the world with the first Air Max lineup. But what strengthened its unshakeable fanbase of runners and sports enthusiasts was the heel height and Air cushioning of the Air Max 270.

Wearers love it for the gamut of colors and styles. Athletes love it for the neoprene-mesh construction that sustains hard training and the heel height that supports you from the get-go. Extremely bendy and fitting true to size, it allows your foot to go anywhere.

3rd Pick
Nike Air Max 270 Bowfin

Nike Air Max 270 Bowfin

  • Features an upper construction of synthetic leather and textile.
  • Comes with a slip-on design that has a lace closure.
  • One of the largest Air units for cushioning and support.
  • The rope laces on these sneakers come with a toggle.
  • There is a trail-ready rubber outsole at the bottom of the shoe.

Named after the Bowfin that can breathe effortlessly on ground/above water as it can underwater, this star sneaker from the Air Max 270 lineup can do the same. Only instead of breathing, it can perform on wet and dry surfaces equally well, while making you taller.

If you liked the durability and cushioning from the Air Max 270, wait till you have learned of that and more in the Bowfin. This is what you can call trail-ready sneakers, meaning that this is more suited if your mornings are spent on crazy terrains than on smooth gym surfaces.

Now if you want to run stylishly on the streets with this one, you can do that too. The carefully crafted traction will not get in your way. It has a snugly fit thanks to its creative collar. And of course, the chunky rubber sole will be sure to add some height.

4th Pick
Nike Women's Air Max 270 Running Shoes

Nike Women’s Air Max 270 Running Shoes

  • Features a blended synthetic and textile upper.
  • The heel pull tab at the back of the shoe makes it easy to put on and off.
  • A low-top shoe that is available in a wide number of colorways.
  • Nike Hyperfuse overlay on the sneaker protects it from wearing out fast.
  • Comes with a neoprene, sock-like inner that wraps around your foot comfortably.

The version of the Air Max 270 was made for female athletes and runners, this one is quite similar to the former. Delivering wearers with unrivaled comfort and style, these women’s sneakers can make you look tall and in vogue, all day.

A blend of attitude, comfort, and style for the women, this sneaker draws its inspiration from the icons of Air Max. With Nike’s flair for innovation and fit, you will find the additional height from the pair to be as natural and smooth-looking as ever with one of the biggest air pockets from the team.

It also works to effectively keep your feet warm and dry no matter what the weather is. So if you are unfortunately prone to sweaty feet, you’ll love the breathability here. Extremely sporty, flexible, and sleek, this can be worn without needing to break in. Beat that!

5th Pick
Nike Unisex Air Max 270 Running Shoe for Kids

Nike Unisex Air Max 270 Running Shoe for Kids

  • Big air unit that runs from heel to toe.
  • Nike Grind bottoms are made from recycled production scraps.
  • Extremely lightweight and also come with flexible cushioning.
  • Pull tab at the heel makes it easier to wear.
  • Can be worn without the need to wear socks.

While the adults rave about how good the 270 has been for them, here’s one for the juniors to rejoice in, the 270 for kids comes with equally good specs as its elders. Take a look:

This shoe is just like how the adult versions of it are made: with sustainable products. A mixture of a minimum of 40% recycled production content by weight goes into its components. This innovativeness, however, does not come at the cost of comfort. 

You get all the comfort and more, in the form of good bounce. And guess what kids love? 

Bouncy sneakers also add to their height to make them look cooler!

And this being a running shoe, it can be warmly welcomed by the kid who wants to look more than just cool and wants to use his Nike Air Max 270 to prepare for an athletic future.

6th Pick
Nike Men's Air Max 200

Nike Men’s Air Max 200

  • Has the second largest heel height from the Air Max line.
  • The Air unit under the heel provides comfortable cushioning.
  • Features a molded heel cap with collar details for visual appeal.
  • Includes a sculpted midsole that is detailed with stitch lines.
  • Has flexible high tongue and lace loops for snug closure.

If you are one of those runners who are prone to changing their shoes often because of busted toes and visual wear and tears, here’s something you’ll love. The Air Max 200 is very much like the Air Max 270 Bowfin when it comes to crazy roads but has 4mm more heel height.

What ardent shoe enthusiasts will tell you, is that the AM200 has one of the finest silhouettes in the sneaker world. But what may be too broad to cram in this decisive statement is how it does that. Simply by drawing inspiration from the best sneakers from the past to make their way to the present!

A construction featuring premium materials and having colorways that are a retro minimalist’s dream come true, this pair works perfectly with any outfit you wear it with!

7th Pick
Nike Men's Air Max 97 QS Leather Trainers

Nike Men’s Air Max 97 QS Leather Trainers

  • Promotes zero carbon and zero waste in its construction technology.
  • Designed for runners and athletes into performance running who need lasting comfort.
  • Has a rubber outsole to add suitable traction and durability to the pair.
  • Has a hidden lacing system for a more streamlined, polished look.
  • Also features a foam midsole along with a foam sock liner and a pull tab at the heel.

For all the futuristic sneaker lovers that didn’t want the huge heel height from the AM 720, here’s something styled similarly, but with a little less height. The 97 QS from the Air Max lineup has features that are more than just being stylish and tall. Take a look!

The perfect pair of sneakers for spring, the AM97 also boasts a composition of recycled materials. Made from 20% recycled components (half of what we saw in the Kids’ 270), this classic sneaker knows how to keep your feet airy, comfortable, and energized till the end of the day with all its comfort.

You also have the beauty of a clean silhouette here, along with the availability of some aesthetically pleasing colors that it comes in. As your go-to from the array of Nike shoes that give you height, this could be a favorite!

8th Pick
Nike Women's Air Max 90 Running Shoe

Nike Women’s Air Max 90 Running Shoe

  • Adds excellent cushioning other than a huge air unit to the base.
  • Also designed for runners and enthusiast athletes into performance running.
  • Has a padded and sleek low-top collar that looks as well as feels great.
  • Made of a rubber waffle outsole that adds traction and durability to the pair.
  • Includes stitched overlays and TPU accents on the heel to add durability.

Another one for the ladies here! Compared to the Women’s Air Max 270, this one has a heel height decreased by 2 mm, and it also includes leather in its construction, something that the former lacks. Here are other details from the pair:

Everyone who has grown up between the 90s and late 00s wanted a pair of these sneakers. Revolutionary in the sense that it became a cult favorite, this pair features the same Air technology from the house of Nike footwear that offers surreal cushioning, as well as height. 

Offering striking colorways with its reliable cushioning, this pair of sneakers boasts another great quality, which is breathability. The breathability of this sneaker can last you more than two decades, without changing a thing. This durable and stain-resistant shoe also fits true to size!

9th Pick
Nike Air Max 90 Unisex Shoes

Nike Air Max 90 Unisex Shoes

  • Made to help in performance running while giving you support and comfort.
  • Has a padded, low-top shoe collar with a sleek design.
  • Features the same rubber waffle outsole that adds a heritage look to it.
  • Know for being extremely durable and can sustain impacts very well.
  • Included stitched overlays along with plastic accents on the heels.

When the women have been enjoying the beauty and the height from the AM90, why should the men be left behind from enjoying it too? This is why, here’s a pair from the Air Max line that couples can rejoice for, as they can be worn by both of you without betraying your style!

Just as the ’90s was a turning point for pop culture, art, and fashion, it was one deciding decade for sneakers. Nike brought out so much from its innovation to style, that you would think you’d get lost in the array of offers. But not with the AM90. It was everyone’s type, the true sneakers romantics loved it, and rightly so.

A streetwear essential or running shoe, whichever you want with this one, you get. Its quality materials and stain-resistant build make it one of the most accessible height-increasing, statement shoes ever made.

10th Pick
Nike Men's Trail Running Shoes

Nike Men’s Trail Running Shoes

  • Comes with the Nike React foam that delivers perfectly responsive cushioning.
  • Offers tough traction that helps you to stay on the move on the rocky terrains.
  • You get more support around your midfoot here that keeps your feet more secure.
  • Includes mesh construction in the upper making the pair extremely breathable.
  • Features a dynamic band around the midfoot to help you tackle uneven roads.

Like every runner who is into off-road running, and like some runner who could do with the cushioning that comes from added heel heights, you would love the Trail Shoes from Nike. Having 30mm+ of added heel height, here’s what you can get from this one.

When it comes to trail shoes, be it from Nike or any other, you must make sure that they keep your feet secure. 

And if you know anything about Nike, they promised just that in their trail shoes. Starting from bendy midfoot to a rubber outsole, they made sure your feet are protected when you take your ride with this one.

With a shockwave pattern on the sole that mimics mountain bike tires, you can only expect the absolute best from these sneakers. Whether your feet are going uphill or downhill, the heel and toe will feel the least pressure.

11th Pick
Nike Men's Track & Field Shoes

Nike Men’s Track & Field Shoes

  • Features a revamped upper that gives you added comfort and breathability.
  • Draw inspiration from natural elements to make your movements fluid and easy.
  • Has a full-length carbon fiber plate for responsiveness throughout your stride.
  • Comes with an incredibly softer and cooler design that easily conforms to your foot.
  • Includes an internal foam pod at your heel that gives you extra cushioning.

When Nike makes competitive track and field shoes, it is meant for competition and draws inspiration from it. While it may not be made off-roads like the Trail Running Shoes from Nike, they’re one of the fastest on the market that also add height to your heels!

If you want to run fast with all the heel height that the field shoes from Nike come with, then you would love what it brings about during the action. 

It grooves with flexibility as well as multi-surface traction that works in almost all weather conditions. Also for those with a wider foot, this allows a roomier toe box, so you have all the freedom of movement you need!

What’s unique to this, is that the laces here loop well through the lightweight sides. This support eliminates the need for you to go for an arch band, reducing the overall weight.

12th Pick
Nike Men's Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

  • The leather shoe upper is perforated to allow air in and has overlays for support.
  • Has a midsole of Foam Phylon along with an encapsulated Air-Sole unit for cushion.
  • The solid rubber outsole offers you a natural motion and traction over varied surfaces.
  • Includes a mesh tongue for breathability and heel pull tab for wearing ease.
  • Shaft measurements on this shoe are approximately low-top from the arches.

For those of you who don’t want shoes that make you go uphill effortlessly, and for those of you who simply want stylish, comfortable, and height-adding Nikes you can wear out during the daytime, here’s a pair that might interest you.

One of the greatest things about it is that it comes in many different sizes for you to pick from. So you will never run the risk of these shoes not being true to your size, or being uncomfortable. 

Made to be a good,  balanced and functional sneaker, this is one of the affordable pieces on the list that add good height.

This retro and sports dad shoe is great if you are going to train or just take a stroll out in the park. Either way, it gives you classic comfort and enviable charm.

13th Pick
Nike Men’s Air Force 1 Low Sneaker

Nike Men’s Air Force 1 Low Sneaker

  • Construction features real as well as synthetic leather on the body.
  • Comes with a hidden Air unit in the sole that allows you comfort.
  • Comes with a sturdy and durable rubber outsole for good traction.
  • The cupsole build makes it easy for you to move your ankle freely.
  • Available as the hardwood icon in black or white.

Still drawing from the retro vibe that the Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer got you into, here’s a pair from Nike that has been legendary: The Air Force 1. Classic, minimal, and worthy of adding 30 mm heel height, let’s see what else you’ve got here.

Even after decades of being in vogue, this shoe fares effortless on the basketball court. The low-cut version of the show allows you to wear them all day without any drop in comfort.

The multi-purpose appeal of the shoe is what makes it exceedingly likable to its wearers. Iconic and stylish, or athletic and reasonable features, this pair has it all!

If you need more freedom in your ankle movement and you want it while your shoe maintains an excellent hold, you can do it with this classic. This basketball-based sneaker has a true-to-size fit.

14th Pick
Nike Men's Shoes Adapt Auto Max Fireberry

Nike Men’s Shoes Adapt Auto Max Fireberry

  • Comes with the new Max Air unit for a soft and comfortable ride on road.
  • Built with FitAdapt technology for a personalized fit throughout.
  • Breathable mesh upper also contours to the form of your foot, giving a great fit.
  • Has a TPU plate wrapping the midsole and connecting to the heel for stability.
  • Includes a low-cut foam collar with a padded look that is sleek and soft.

The futuristic lineup from Nike that was left off on this list at the Air Max 97 QS takes its wings once again with the Adapt Auto Max. Chunky for the heel height, futuristic for the visual appeal, and what else has it got? Let’s take a look.

One of the biggest things about this sneaker pair, other than its Air Unit at the heel is that it has an adaptive lacing system. This allows the smart shoe to embrace your feet without the need for laces. The power lacing mechanism delivers one of the most secure fits with the least in-app swipes.

Also, if you need additional shock absorption, this is a perfect catch. And this being a pair from the Air Max lineup, you have all the goodness of the line made for the tech-savvy runners like you.

15th Pick
Nike Men's Gymnastics Shoes

Nike Men’s Gymnastics Shoes

  • Rubber outsole for good traction and durability.
  • More traction at the heel and toe allows you to perform stunts easily.
  • Foamed midsole for responsiveness cushioning to make it easy for you to train.
  • Full-length design to give you the stability of performances.
  • Mesh upper increases the airflow and keeps your feet dry.

If you could hand-pick a gym companion other than the  Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer, here’s one with a less heel height than 30 mm, here’s your buddy. With the stamp of approval from trainers, gymnasts, and wearers who simply like a comfortable shoe.

This lightweight shoe excels in giving you the stability you deserve when you are doing gymnastics. Of course, when you don’t find a shoe that you can trust to give you balance when you are doing stunts, it is a defeated purpose to buy that pair. But not with this one.

It is versatile in all the sense that you don’t just get stability here, but also an aesthetic design, well-meant traction, and comfort from the in-shoe padding. If you are into plyometrics, weightlifting, or any other form of training, this pair can capture your movements and changes in a direction very easily.

16th Pick
Nike Men's Classic Cortez Leather Running Shoes

Nike Men’s Classic Cortez Leather Running Shoes

  • Features synthetic leather that comes with durable, classic overlays
  • Is made of a full-length foam that provides you with low-profile cushioning.
  • Has a rubber sole in herringbone patterns for excellent traction.
  • Draws inspiration from all-season (spring/summer/fall) running.
  • Style closures are available in cotton lace and flat laces.

A rival to the beloved Air Force 1 in minimalism, style and build, the Classic Cortez was the craze for decades. Even now, its popularity hasn’t gone down a bit, even when you are looking for a little natural height from the heels.

When a shoe is celebrating 45 years on the tracks and streets, you know it’s not playing when it comes to performance. The Nike Cortez has been an iconic runner essential and remains so for the next generation for its durability, comfort, and one-of-a-kind style.

This classic, sporty shoe features a low top from the arches and has a supportive build that grows with you, while maintaining the secure, snug fit. Besides the lightweight comfort, this beauty brings the ease of cleaning to the next level.

17th Pick
Nike Women's Dunk High

Nike Women’s Dunk High

  • Designed for performance hoops to give lasting comfort.
  • Comes with padded shoe collars and tongues that have been added for a soft ride.
  • Variable width lacing system with hook and loop closure allows you to customize your fit.
  • Perforations to the toes and sides of the shoe make it airy.
  • Soft and springy cushioning helps you to perform your best without losing balance.

And we’re back to the women’s collection when it comes to some of the tallest Nike shoes for them. This time, the spotlight is on Dunk High. With a heel height that is just enough to make you look tall and give you good cushioning.

Black and white classic, the Dunk High is a sneaker’s guide to making it to legendary hoop styles of the 90s. For over 35 years, this pair has been serving to make you comfortable and offer great durability throughout. And the support starts right from stitched overlays to the cupsole design, covering you all over.

Besides the crisp overlays, the bold accents on the shoes make sure that your shoe game isn’t just black and white, but shines through. Givin you heritage comfort with its construction and the breathability from its perforations, this is a catch!

18th Pick
Nike Women’s Running Shoe

Nike Women’s Running Shoe

  • Has an excellent grip that gives you tough traction on the streets.
  • Features a rough outsole that can sustain running in wet weather. 
  • The upper of this great shoe is coated with a PFC-free treatment that keeps your feet airy.
  • Knit upper keeps your feet warm in winter mornings when you run.
  • The back of the shoe tongue is insulated to keep you comfortable.

And the last one on the list ends with a running shoe for the ladies from Nike. With a heel height greater than 30 mm, this pair makes it a breeze for you to run and perform without losing it to the weather.

When the wet weather just can’t stop you from your running at 4 am, you need shoes that deliver. Not just in comfort, but also in keeping the natural elements away from your feet. Keeping your feet both dry and warm depending on the weather, this insulated sneaker comes with all the weatherized coating you need.

For the perfect bridge between a waterproof shoe and a cross trainer, this pair from Nike can do its job quite well. 

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How Can I Look Taller?

If you want to look taller, here are the measure you can take:

  1. Make sure you wear your pants at the right height. Wearing them at the waist and not the hips, makes you appear visually taller. Pick the highest in-seam you are comfortable with and stick to it every time you want to look tall.
  2. Don’t let your dressing pants bunch up at the ankle.
  3. Avoid ankle cuffs from drawing attention to your feet.
  4. Weare a shorter dress shirt than you would.
  5. Wear elevator shoes, like the ones in the list, that add height to what you already own,
  6. Invest in shoes with a removable sole so that you can adjust the height you want from your shoes.

What Are The Tallest Nike shoes?

The tallest Nike shoe is the Air Max 720. It has the largest air unit among them. This full-length Air Unit adds a  staggering 1.6 inches or 3.8 cms to your height.

How Much Taller Does Nike Air Max 270 Make You?

The Air Max 270 can give you an additional height from its heel height of 3.2 cms. The Air Unit from the Air Max 270 unit hence adds 32 millimeters to your actual height. That amounts to  more than 1.25 inches of additional height.

How Much Taller Does Nike Air Force 1 Make You?

The Air Force 1 adds an additional 3 cm to your height or 30 mm. If you are taking the low cut, even then this is the least you get from them with all the different styles it comes with!

How Much Taller Do Nike Dunks Make You?

The Nike Dunk High, be it for men or women, adds an additional 1.18 inches and makes you taller by 1.18 inches. That amounts to approximately 3 cm or 30 mms.

How Much Taller Do Nike Blazers Make You?

Nike Blazers come with a sole height of 1 inch and a heel height of 1.2 inches. This should be 30 mm or 3 cm of additional height for you.

How Much Taller Does Nike Air Max 97 Make You?

The Nike Air Max 97  gives you an additional height of 1.46 inches. Which should be 37 mm of heel height for you. 

How Much Taller Does Nike Air Max Make You?

Nike Air Max makes you about 1.5 inches tall. However, if you have been using them for really, really long, you could suffer a loss of height amounting to a couple of millimeters, given that you play a lot of sports, or train a lot in your shoes.

How Much Height Do Shoes and Boots Add?

If you are talking about sneakers, they add about 1 inch for men and women, at least and irrespective of the brand. Flip-flop shoes add the same. If you are talking about cowboy boots, they add a 1.5″- 2″ heel height. Women’s cowboy boots can be as high as 3″.

Men’s dress shoes may add .75″ to 1.25″, while women’s dress shoes or heels can add anything between 2″-5″ or more (think Lady Gaga). Flats or ballerina shoes for women may add .25″ of additional height.

Do White Shoes Make You Look Taller?

It is a popular belief that white shoes make you taller, and even stylists agree. Because they’re a classic color and neutral, they can brighten any outfit and surprisingly lengthen your legs, creating a seamless look for you to make you look taller.

Which Female Sneakers Give You Some Added Height?

The Dunk High and Pegasus from Nike for women, or even the AM 270 can add additional height for the women, running between 30-32 mm.

Will People Think I Am Wearing Shoes With Thicker Heels For Height Gain?

It is not uncommon for people to wear thicker heels for added height, o if you do the same, you won’t be a subject of scrutiny. No matter what people think, you can always wear what makes you feel good, even if that includes shoes with a good enough heel height to make you taller.

Why Are Nike Air Max Sneakers So Expensive?

With the craftsmanship, years of innovation, staggering Air Units, and the materials that scream premium in the name of God, you will only expect the Air Max to be expensive. As Nike goes on to make shoes from recycled products that reduce environmental damage and keep up their reputation of building excellent sneakers, you can be expected to pay for those!

How To Choose The Right Nike Shoes That Make You Taller

You can pay attention to the following tips if you want to pick Nike sneakers that make you taller:

  1. Make sure the added heel height is to your comfort, not to your liking. Picking the largest Air Unit only to walk uncomfortably in them because they don’t align with shoes you’ve been wearing or throw you off-balance, or are too much cushioning for you, will be a waste of money.
  2. Always make sure that the heels aren’t only the heightened area. Having a full-length height addition is a must if you want to be balanced.
  3. The shoes should be breathable, and hence mesh uppers are welcome to keep your feet dry and warm as the weather needs.
  4. Pick shoes that are multipurpose. While you may not be wearing trail shoes to a dinner party at a friend’s, having a shoe that serves more than one purpose can be of great use as these tend to run expensive.
  5. The closure should be to your liking. Since they are granting you additional height, you have to be comfortable in them. And that should come with a secure, snug fit with the right closure.
  6. With tall shoes, make sure the traction is always good so that you don’t lose the stability mid-performance.

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Final Thoughts

That brings you to the end of the list for Nike shoes that make you look taller! There’s no way one of these can be termed the best, as you saw each of them are unique in their own way. 

For training, the  Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer may have your heart, while for the futuristic, tech-savvy runners, the Adapt Auto Max may be a dream come true. For the minimalists, the Air Force 1 or the Classic Cortez can suit you better. 
But if you are talking about the one that can make you the tallest, there’s no beating the Air Max 720. The 38 mm will be sure to turn every head on the streets to your feet!

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