Why Do White People Wear Shoes in The House? – [Some Interesting Facts]

DATE: July 15, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Ever visited any British or American family? If so, then you must’ve noticed something which is unfamiliar to you. Most Americans and British don’t take off their shoes at home.

But why do white people wear shoes in the house? Surprisingly, entering a home with shoes is completely normal for most American and British families.

Perhaps, it is their culture that has grown into them for a long time. Furthermore, they might’ve personal preferences for wearing shoes or not wearing shoes in the house.

Whatever the reason is, we’ll disclose it in front of you clearly. Indeed, you’ll find everything so interesting and exciting.

Why Do White People Wear Shoes in The House? – [Some Interesting Facts]

When it comes to people wearing shoes indoors, you might think it’s their culture. That’s because most of the people who carry on their shoes at home are white.

Although this is a cruel fact, it is also true that they also wear indoor shoes in some other countries. However, here are the reasons why most of the white people wear shoes in the house.

Regular lifestyle and Habit

Regular lifestyle and habits are the main reasons for Americans and Europeans wearing shoes at home. If you ever visited Europe, you must’ve noticed; it is a clean country; the same thing goes for America also.

So, people of those countries are used to seeing neat and clean roads. They don’t even tolerate a single dust touch to their feet. As there is no dust on their shoes, people think it’s okay to wear outside shoes at home.

Personal Comfort and Preferences

Wearing shoes at home has become a widely accepted habit to their whites because of their preferences. The white people want to feel the same for the inside or outside of the house.

So, the whites don’t take off their shoes even after entering their house.

Comfortable and Fast-paced lifestyle

Usually, people don’t want to come out of their comfort zone. That’s why people who are comfortable with the shoes don’t support shoe removal.

Regardless, people, especially the whites, keep wearing the shoes, adjusting to their fast-paced lifestyle. Unnoticeably, wearing shoes at home and out of home somehow contributes to saving your time.

When you’re in a rush, you don’t need to wear shoes. That’s because you already have them at your feet.

The way of Cleaning House

Some people think wearing shoes at home is a good way to keep your home clean.

Generally, Europeans and Americans clean their home through the vacuum cleaner. They find it comfortable to keep the home clean, although they don’t take off the outside shoes.

Large house

Some people wear shoes at home because they have a large house. Arguably, it is comfortable to walk in a large house with shoes instead of barefoot.

If you don’t wear the shoes in a large house, you’ll feel like walking barefoot on the road. Indeed, you want to get the feeling of being outside in your house.

This is why the rich American doesn’t follow the rules of opening the shoes before entering their houses. As they have a large house, they feel comfortable in their shoes.

City life and habits

The citizens of America and Europe walk on the mud and dirt-free road. Particularly, the inhabitants of the cities mostly like to walk on the dirt-free pathway.

Consequently, the inhabitants don’t get dirty shoes like other countries. Until going for sleeping or bathing, the whites don’t take off their outside shoes.

Why Do White People Wear Shoes On Their Bed?

Generally, the whites from the cities keep on their shoes on their feet.

In TV series and movies, you might’ve seen the whites wear shoes on their bed also. But, these shoes don’t need to be their outside shoes. 

Also, the whites wear shoes all the time; this statement isn’t correct; Especially, when you’re talking about the warm region of the USA and Europe.

Indeed, the Whites wear the same shoes at home and out of the home. Although some Whites remove their shoes after coming from outside, they never ask their guests to do so.

So, if you wear shoes in their house, it is totally okay to wear your outside shoes at their house.

Which Countries Don’t Allow to Wear Shoes at Home?

Unlike Europe and America, there are some countries which don’t allow you to wear shoes at home. Regardless of home, people from those countries aren’t allowed to wear shoes at their schools, colleges, and even universities.

If you know well about the culture of different countries, you can guess who those people are. Indeed, they are Chinese and Japanese. Let’s learn broadly about the people of those countries.

Why Don’t Chinese People Wear Shoes at Home?

Respecting the lords, the Chinese take off their shoes before entering the prayer house and own home. If you ever visited China, you might’ve noticed most of their roads are full of dirt.

The Chinese people want to keep their hardwood floors clean. So, they remove their shoes before entering the house. They think it is the best way to maintain the clean and hygienic of your home.

Why Don’t Japanese Wear Shoes at Home?

Now come to the Japanese. The roads, pathways, and all areas of Japan are so neat and clean. Still, the Japanese take off their shoes before entering the house, school, and college.

Some universities, even the offices, don’t allow people to enter with their shoes. After hearing this, you might think, why the Japanese are so strict.

It’s actually not like that. The Japanese aren’t strict; Instead, they like to stay neat, clean, and hygienic. To keep indoors neat and clean, they don’t wear shoes.

Furthermore, unlike the Europeans and Americans, the Japanese mind any guests wearing shoes at home.

Do Chinese and Japanese Wear Footwear at Home?

Do Chinese and Japanese Wear Footwear at Home?

To retain the hygienic floor, the Chinese and Japanese clean their house every day. The students of the respective intuitions also clean even the school and colleges.

Removing shoes before going indoors is one of the most important parts of keeping the home clean. But after removing the shoes, they don’t stay barefooted.

The Chinese and Japanese people use clean slippers while staying at home. The slippers are soft and comfortable; most importantly, they are clean. Consequently, using those shoes cannot make their home dirty and filthy.

However, wearing comfortable shoes, people roam all around the home because they are comfortable.


What Culture Takes Off Shoes in The House?

The tradition and culture of Iran enforce them to take off their shoes in the house. According to their tradition, the cleanliness of the home is very important. Possibly that’s why the small kids of Iran also take off their shoes at home and school.
Unbelievably some private organizations also made a rule of removing the shoes.

Is It Impolite to Ask Guests to Take off Their Shoes?

Many people don’t understand that it is rude to ask guests to remove their shoes. Unfortunately, the answer is yes, if your guest is used to wearing outdoor shoes at home.
But, if your guests know about it prior to coming to your home, it shouldn’t be so rude.

Why Don’t People Wear Shoes in Their House?

Shoes carry germs and bacteria. Everyone wants to keep his living area neat, clean, and germ-free. So, usually, people don’t wear outdoor shoes in their house.

The Sum Up!

If you’re an Asian, then opening the shoes before entering your house is a familiar scene. But, you won’t find the exact thing to the whites, especially to the European and American people.

So, why do white people wear shoes in the house? The most common fact about the white people wearing the shoes at home is their fast-forward lifestyle. If you start to live in the USA or Europe, you’ll surely also habituate wearing shoes at home.

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