Are Dr Martens Waterproof To Explore The Rain?

Dr. Martens is one of the popular footwear brands which has a particular fan base all over the world. Since all the popular footwear brands focus on unique lifestyles to stand out from the competition. Dr. Martens is no exception to them. They provide shoes that are very comfortable to wear and have a vintage look which makes them separate from other shoe brands.

However, are dr martens waterproof? The answer is both Yes and No. It’s because the brand has limited shoes that offer waterproof features. It means you can’t expect any doc martens to be waterproof. For this, you need to know those selective models with waterproof functionality.

Waterproof shoes are in high demand nowadays. Whether you’re looking for comfortable everyday shoes that can keep you safe in the rain or you’re planning on hiking, waterproof shoes are what you need. Here is all you need to know about waterproof dr. martens,

Are doc martens waterproof or not?

Are doc martens waterproof or not?

There are both waterproof and non-waterproof dr martens. It depends on which model you are choosing. Although regular dr. Martens can give you limited protection from rain and water. But they won’t stay dry for long. 

On the other hand, waterproof dr martens include a layer of protection which is called a new twin heat-sealed welt. It adds an excellent waterproof function that prevents water from entering the shoe and helps keep your feet dry in the rain. Also, Doc Martens develops rich oily waterproof leather, which is made with a highly breathable yet waterproof membrane. 

So, if you are looking for waterproof doc martens, then you need to see which doc martens offer the same. In addition, if you have a non-waterproof Doc Marten, you can turn on the waterproof capabilities using a few tricks. We will show how to make doc martens waterproof in the next.

Which doc martens are waterproof?

Doc martens 1460 boots are specially made with high waterproof function, which makes excellent protection from water. This separate line of doc martens is highly popular for its waterproof features. Since there is no shortage of waterproof boots in the market, if you prefer doc martens, these are the solutions to your need.

Doc martens 1460 boots received some unique upgrades, which are responsible for their waterproof nature. The company takes a new way to design these boots, called waterproof welt. In this process, they heat-sealed and stitched through the boot leather into high-density foam which ensures the sole is waterproof. 

And to keep it highly breathable, they use DryWair proprietary, a waterproof membrane used for taking care of moisture and helping your feet to breathe.

How to waterproof doc martens?

How to waterproof doc martens?

You can turn your non-waterproof doc martens into the waterproof one, and it is so easy. There are several ways to make doc martens waterproof. They are nondestructive to the shoe material and don’t need any hassle. So, if you have a regular doc marten that you want to make waterproof, you can do it in three particular ways. Such as,

  • Wax/Dubbin
  • Ultra waterproof spray protector
  • Wonder Balsam


Wax is a natural solution to turn the waterproof ability of your doc martens. Traditionally, wax is used for this purpose as it doesn’t contain any harmful material or dye for the shoes. Rather it lasts long and provides excellent results from rain and water. How does it work? 

Wax is a hydrating material that seals moisture in the leather and keeps it hydrated. Wax retains the shiny look of leather as well. However, you need to be careful while applying wax to your shoes. 

Don’t apply too much because there are no extra benefits to this. Remove stains and clean your shoes before applying wax. Use a cloth or foam to apply wax and leave it to dry for ten minutes.

Ultra waterproof spray

The waterproof spray is a good alternative to wax that you can use for waterproofing your doc martens. Although they don’t give long-lasting results like wax, it is easy to apply and can go 30 – 60 days with one use. 

These ultra-waterproof sprays feature a waterproofing, stain-free, and oil-proofing effect. You can also use it for clothes, bags, leather materials, and paper as well. Don’t know where to find this excellent shoe-cleaning material? They are available online and offline. 

Wonder Balsam

Wonder Balsam is a doc martens product that contains a mix of natural and synthetic wax especially created for Doc Martens. This wax can create a layer of protection against rain and dirt and boost the durability of the shoes. Wonder Balsam is highly recommended for taking care of doc martens. Use a sponge or cloth to get the job done right.

Final verdict

So, the answer to the question ‘are doc martens waterproof’ is no, they aren’t waterproof. But it can be awakened by using waterproof materials. Doc Martens are a type of shoe that has been around since the 1960s. 

They were originally designed for work boots, but over time they became popular among people who wanted something different than traditional shoes. Doc Martens are now worn by many celebrities and athletes alike. 

These shoes are extremely durable and comfortable. You can wear them while working outside, hiking, running, or just walking around town.

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