Are Ugg Boots Good for Snow and Ice? – [Some Facts about Ugg boots]

DATE: June 21, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


When winter is in full swing, you must look for the best pair of shoes to protect your feet. You have heard million of advices about winter boots but couldn’t get a pair as you expected?

Through this article, we’ll introduce you to another pair of winter boots. But let’s first tell us, have you ever heard of the Ugg boots?

Frank mortal has started to produce the Ugg boots since 1933. But in 2000, the brand shifted to the decker outdoor corporation.

Due to the external look, many among us think, are Ugg boots good for snow and ice? Not all types of Ugg boots are waterproof. So, Simply, the answer is between yes and no!

Keep reading to know deeply regarding the usability of snow during the snow and ice.

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Are Ugg Boots Good for Snow and Ice?

Are Ugg Boots Good for Snow and Ice?

Ugg boots come in different designs, sizes, colors, and shapes. They suit almost all people with different personalities. Furthermore, the variety of colors and shapes makes the Ugg boots compatible to use on different occasions.

But are Ugg boots good for snow and ice? Frankly speaking, the Ugg boots aren’t quite reliable to use during the deep snow and ice.

Usually, the Ugg boots we get in the market aren’t waterproof. You’ll drench the shoes if you walk on the snow with those boots. As a consequence, you’ll face discomfort while walking.

Anyway, nowadays, Ugg is producing some waterproof boots. The shoes can withstand the snow and ice without absorbing the moisture in them.

What Are the Important Features of Snow Boots?

A pair of snow boots includes some features to become the best protective shoes. We’ll discuss both the crucial and essential features of the snow boots. Here they are:


There’s a little difference between waterproofing and water-resistant boots. The water-resistant boots can go through wet conditions. Conversely, the waterproof boots hold their usability through the deep snow, mud even though the situation is worse.

In a nutshell, the quality snow boots feature waterproofing to use under worse conditions.


Getting warmth is the major concern of wearing snow boots. If your snow footwear cannot keep your feet warm, the investment will become worthless.

Polypropylene, acrylic, Zylex, and wool are warm materials that are generally used in snow boots. The boots that come with these inner materials can handle up to -100-degree temperature. 


Breathability reduces the bacterial growth and odor from the snow boots. Wearing winter boots for a long time causes moisture inside the boot.

The quality snow boots come with fast-drying technology. No matter how much your foot sweats, the quick-drying technology will absorb it.


If you don’t find your snow boots comfortable, you won’t wear them next time. This is a bitter fact!

Most of those users use the snow boots for an extended period. The rubber sole ensures good padding into the snow boots. And the padding provides good traction on ice.


Not all snow boots are lightweight. Nevertheless, it is difficult to find lightweight winter boots. But, nowadays, some snow boots are comparatively less bulky and lightweight.

Don’t worry! The lightweight features don’t affect their comfortable padding and insulating power.

Ankle support

Even though your snow boots are slightly bulky, make sure it provides you with good ankle supports. The snow boots feature a firm texture and well-padding, providing you with good ankle support.

Is There Any Difference Between Snow and Winter Boots?

Generally, you can use most of the snow boots also in the cold weather. But, Snow boots and winter boots have some remarkable differences. Let’s get down to the business and learn the differences between snow and winter boots.

Difference factorsSnow BootsWinter Boots
CompatibilityNot all winter boots are suitable for snow, rain, or icy season.But, almost all snow boots are compatible with the winter weather.
Water-resistanceThe snow boots must have to be waterproof so that the water cannot resist the boot’s leather.But water resistance isn’t mandatory for winter boots.
RoutesYou can use the snow boots to the snowy routes and conditions.Conversely, the winter boots are compatible for use on well-maintained roads.
CleaningCleaning the snow boots is difficult. That’s because the snow boots are heavier than the winter boots.Compared to the snow boots, the winter boots are easy to clean.
BreathabilityUsually, the snow boots aren’t breathable. Although, some breathable snow boots also come. But their breathability is less than the winter boots.The breathability of the winter boots is far better than the snow boots. Some winter boots are wearable in spring and summer also.
MaintenanceThe snow boots need more care and maintenance compared to the winter boots. Maintenance costs of snow boots are higher than winter shoes.The winter boots also need proper care and maintenance. But, the maintenance costs are lower than the snow boots.

Can You Wear Ugg Boots in Winter?

Can You Wear Ugg Boots in Winter?

The Ugg boots can be the craziest choice for the winter season. Except for providing protection from cold, the Ugg boots are known as stylist boots.

The winter season doesn’t cause a watery situation like the snow and rain. Therefore, although the tough boots cannot prevent rain and snow, they can withstand extreme cold. 

Besides, the build-up of the Ugg boots provides the users an excellent comfortability and warmth. The winter boots are so lightweight that you’ll feel you aren’t wearing any heavy things on your feet.

Are Rain Ugg Boots Good for Snow?

Usually, the rain boots are water-resistant. So, you can wear those trendy boots to many places. But whether you could wear the rain boots in the snow or not depends on how cold it is!

During the heavy snow and icy weather, some rain boots become unable to use. Indeed, the reason is that the rain boots cannot withstand the heavy snowfall. 

Moreover, the insulation power of those rain boots is low. Therefore, they cannot keep your feet dry and warm during heavy snowfall and ice.

Fortunately, some good branded rainy boots come with good insulation and snow resistance. They have rubber soles with excellent traction; also, the shoes include waterproof leather. Additionally, some rain boots also have higher insulation power.

Indeed, the high insulation power keeps your feet warm in the snow. 

Are All the Ugg Boots Waterproof?

Not all Ugg boots are waterproof. Honestly speaking, most of the Ugg boots in the market aren’t waterproof.

Wearing leaky shoes in the snow might cause damage and strain on the shoes. Therefore, don’t invest in shoes that aren’t waterproof. Your money will get wasted. 

Luckily, the Ugg brands are producing some waterproof boots for women and men. If you want to invest in the Ugg shoes, read the description on the shoe cover first. Ensure that the shoes are wet-proof.

How to Make Your Ugg Boots Waterproof?

Waterproof spray enhances the Ugg boot’s efficiency during the snow and ice. Eagerly want to make your Ugg boots waterproof? Let’s follow the process below:

  • Directly apply the water-repellent spray on your leather boots. The water-repellent spray might make your boots soaked. So, keep a 6 to 8-inch distance when applying the spray. It Should make your shoes wet, not soaked.
  • Keep the first coat of water-repellent spray on the boots for at least 20 minutes. Based on weather conditions, the drying time might increase from 20 minutes to several hours.
  • Put the shoes in a well-ventilated area instead of taking direct sunlight. Although sunlight dries the shoes faster, the harmful rays from the sun are injurious.
  • Apply the second coat of waterproof spray on your Ugg boots after properly drying the first coat. Now, let the second coat dry.
  • With a quarter-size sponge, wipe out the pair of Ugg boots. You can also use the brush instead of the sponge for restoring the nap and save your time.

So, these are the consecutive ways of making your boots water-resistant. However, the application of stain-repellent is also similar to the application of water-repellent. 

Can You Wear Waterproof Ugg Boots in Snow?

Undoubtedly, the waterproof Ugg boots are compatible to use during the snow. The waterproof boots don’t absorb the icy water. So, when it is deep snow outdoors, the water-resistant boots still remain warm inside.

The classic Ugg boots aren’t waterproof, so you cannot wear them in snow.

Should we reveal another fact to you? Although water-repellent makes the Ugg boots waterproof, it isn’t safe to use them in the snow, particularly when deep and wet.

Your feet will still become cold, and your shoes will start to rot, accumulating the water.

Can Rain Ruin the Ugg Boots?

The Ugg boots are typically known as winter boots. You’ll get a deep warmth and nice feeling after wearing the Ugg boots. But, can the rain Ruin the Ugg boots?

Before using the boots in the rain, you must ensure this fact. According to the waterproofing instructions, most Ugg boots are unsuitable to use in the rain. They are made of leather. The water will cause a stain and make the leather Ugg boots stiffened.

But, the scenario will change if your Ugg boots are waterproof. The rain cannot enter into the boots, and your boots will stay protected. Therefore, the waterproof Ugg boots are safe to use in the rain.

Apply the water and stain repellent to keep your Ugg boots protected from the rain.

What Is the Right Temperature for Ugg Boots?

When it comes to compatible boots for multiple kinds of weather, the Ugg boots are one of them. Except for snow and rain, you can wear the Ugg boots almost throughout the year.

The Ugg boots can withstand too cold, almost -25-degree Fahrenheit. Besides, in summer, the same pair of boots can resist 50-degree Fahrenheit.

In a nutshell, the endurance power of the Ugg boots is higher than plenty of boots.

However, some people also want to wear Ugg boots at 60-degree Fahrenheit. But, unfortunately, the Ugg boots are risky to use in too high a temperature.

How to Protect the Ugg Boots from Snow?

Even though you bought a pair of waterproof Ugg, they are still a risk. If you want to protect your Ugg boots from snow, then apply the stain and water-repellent.

Have you just bought a pair of Ugg boots for use? Then this is the right time to apply the water and stain-repellent. The repellents should be applied to the clean boots.

You can also apply the water and stain-repellent on your used boots. But before application, you must make your boots neat and clean.

How to Care for the Ugg Boot?

Proper caring enhances the longevity of the Ugg Boots. The fact isn’t true only for Ugg boots, but also for other things.

If you take a bit of care, you can wear the Ugg boots throughout the year. Here are the things we need to follow when it comes to caring for Ugg boots.

  • Don’t Dry the Ugg boots under direct sunlight. If the temperature is high, then the sunlight might take off the original color of the shoes.
  • Ensure that there’s proper ventilation when you’re applying the water and stain-repellent on the Ugg boots.
  • Do a patch test before applying the water or stain-repellent on your boots. The shoe’s colors might come off if the repellent doesn’t suit it.
  • Clean your Ugg boots immediately after coming from outside.
  • Don’t go under the snow and rain with the Ugg boots if they aren’t waterproof.
  • Avoid going under the high temperature wearing Ugg boots.

The Sum Up!

Hey folks!

In the end, you must’ve got to know; the Ugg boots are efficient to use all around the year. But are Ugg boots good for snow and ice?

If you can make the boots water-resistant, they’ll protect your feet in snow and ice. Wearing the socks under the shoes is mandatory when you’re using them for snow and ice.

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