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Have you thought of buying UGG boots for the next winter? It must be yes!

Now, after deciding on the UGG boots as the next winter shoes, you must learn what size is yours. And Are the UGG boots true in size?

Typically, the answer is between yes and no! Some UGG boots are true to size, and some are not!

We’ll take you deep inside the article to enlighten you regarding the UGG boot’s true size. But, formerly, let’s learn why it is important to choose the UGGS with the true size.

The UGGs are one of the top demanding winter boots throughout the world. A quality pair of Ugg boots last almost five to twenty years. If you don’t get a true size UGGs, you cannot wear it for long although it lasts long.

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Are UGG Boots fit True to Size?

Are UGG Boots fit True to Size?

UGG boots come with the top international sizes from the online stores. Just a little customer review research will inform you that you cannot wear the UGGs for a long time without true size.

But, are the UGG Boots True to Size?

Usually, the UGG boots are true to size, but over time, they flatten and make extra room for feet.

More specifically, when it is Classic, Rainboots and Cardi UGG boots tend to be a little large.

Conversely, the other styles boot like fashion, or snow boots, the UGGs fit you at true size.

So, if you buy the classic rain boots or Cardi UGGs, you’ll buy a smaller boot than your fit size. For example, you should order 5 size UGG boots for 6 size shoes.

Contrariwise, you can buy the UGGs exactly the same as your feet measurements for the stylist and snow boots.

UGG Boots UK Sizing

The UGG boots UK sizing is totally opposite of the international UGGs sizing. For instance, the international size is usually 1 size larger than the original size.

Conversely, The UK UGG boots come in half a size larger than the manufacturer’s given size. So, if your feet size is 4, you should buy the UGG boots, which are 5.5.

In essence, the UK shoe sizing differs a lot between the actual and given shoe size. So, the size might confuse you whether you’re a new or experienced buyer. Eventually, you would do the best if you purchase the UGG boots going to the UK stores. 

UGG Boots Sizing Chart

Indeed, the UGG boot’s size is different based on the calf width and length of your feet. For the kids, two things affect the boot’s size; age and feet length.

Below, we have covered UGG boots’ men and women based on their calf width and foot length. For the babies and toddlers, we specified the size of the boot based on their age and feet length.

Hopefully, the boots you choose following our chart will fit you and your family.

Men Size Chart

USUKEUInches (Foot Length)CM (Foot Length)Inches (Calf Width)CM

Women Size Chart

USUKEUInches (Foot Length)CM (Foot Length)Inches (Calf Width)CM (Calf Width)

Children Size Chart

Kids between 3.5-12 Years

AGE (In Years)Foot length (In Cm)UKEuropeUS
3.5-4 Years17927.510
4-4.5 Years181028.511
4.5-5 Years19113012
5-6 Years20123113
6-7 Years211332.51
7-8 Years22133.52
8-9 Years232353
9-10 Years243364
10-11 Years254375
11-12 Years265386

Toddlers of 2-5 Years

Age (In Months and Years)Foot length (In Cm)UKEuropeUS
12-18 Months11.53.519.54
18-24 Months12.5-13.54.5-521-225-6
2-2.5 Years14623.57
2.5-3 Years157258
3-3.5 Years168269
3.5-4 Years17927.510
4-4.5 Years181028.511
4.5-5 Years19113012

Baby 0-24 Months

Age (In Months)Foot Length (In CM)AlphaUKEuropeUS
0-3 months9.0XS0.5160/1
0-3 months8.5XS0151
3-6 months9.5XS1172
3-6 months10.5S2182/3
6-12 months10.5S2.518.53
6-12 months10.5S318.53/4
12-18 months11.5M3.519.54
12-18 months12.5M420.54/5
18-24 months12.5M4.5215
18-24 months14.5L623.56/7

How to Get a Perfect Fit of UGG Boots?

Measuring the feet is important to get the perfect size of UGG boots. The best way to measure your feet’ size is using a piece of square paper. Follow our steps to measure your feet for buying the perfect fit of UGG boots.

  • Step on the page against lying on the flat surface against the wall. 
  • Put a mark on the paper where your longest toe ends. Afterward, mark the page at the end of your feet.
  • Measure the gap between your longest toe and the end of your feet. Use the measuring tape to get the right measurement.
  • Here your measurement of feet is ready, and you can use this for buying the UGG boots.

How Do UGG Boots Adjust Fit?

Accidentally or unknowingly bought a large UGG boot? If so, then your UGG boots are no longer cozy or comfortable. Surprisingly, it is possible to adjust the UGG Boots according to your feet size. But, the adjustment is possible to a limited extent only.

Let’s check out those ways to adjust your feet in a slightly larger UGG boot.

  • First off, try to adjust your feet into the boot-wearing socks. Get the thicker socks and wear them before using the UGG boots.
  • Use the insoles or orthotics into the UGG boots. These will leave only a limited room in the boots. Consequently, you can wear and walk with the UGG boots.
  • Try out the UGG boots taking a little stroll when you’re buying the new ones. This will make sure you have got the exact fit of UGG boots for your feet.


Do UGGs Run Big or Small?

Several types of UGG boots run a little bigger. Some are bigger at 1 size; some are 1.5 sizes. So, before buying the UGGs, measure your feet at first; afterward, learn about your exact size from the sizing chart.

Does UGG Have A Kid Range?

Yes, the UGG boots have the kid’s range. Honestly speaking, the winter boots come with almost all the age ranges of kids.
But, kids are the main sufferers when you choose the UGG boots for them. The growth of kids generally increases based on their age. If you fail to choose the true pair of UGGs for them, the UGGs will shorten within a few months.

Are UGGs Made to Be Wear Without Socks?

For maximum coziness and warmth, the UGG boots should be worn with socks. Besides this, the thicker sock also helps to adjust one’s feet into a slightly bigger UGG boot.
Nevertheless, it is unwise to wear socks with boots in summer and in low temperatures. That’s because the warmer UGGs will keep you warm enough during these seasons.

The Sum Up!

UGG boots are popular for their versatility and comfortability all around the world. But, you’ll find the brand comfortable when you can choose the perfect fit of boots for your feet.

When it comes to buying the right fit of shoes, it is critical to learn, are UGG boots true to size? Indeed, many natural types of leather make the boots true to their size. But, you must be well aware of the size chart of men, women, and children to get an accurate fit.

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