Are Memory Foam Shoes Good for Flat Feet?

DATE: May 31, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Having unbearable pain in your foot is so disappointing. We often have to face foot pain due to the wrong shoe selection. You cannot avoid but have to walk with your foot pain if you select wrong footwear.

Indeed, using the wrong footwear causes several foot problems, including foot pain. For instance, wearing uncomfortable footwear increases the risk of ankle injuries and hampers the proper development of feet.

People always want to get comfortable and upgraded footwear. From older to younger, nobody wants to compromise their comfortability when it comes to their footwear. 

Are you looking for the comfortable and best footwear for your flat feet? Then, you must try the memory foam shoes which are also suggested for medical purposes.

Let’s discuss in detail whether memory foam shoes are good for flat feet or not!

What is Memory Foam?

Memory foam is a dense and durable substance that is made of polyurethane. Usually, the foam is used to make the sofa, mattress, pillows, toppers, etc. But, the shoes and their soles are the latest products which are made with memory foam.

When you wear foam shoes, you’ll get accurate balance and maximum support. With the softness, the Memory foam reduces the heat and pressure of users.

Are Memory Foam Shoes Good Option For Flat Feet?

Are Memory Foam Shoes Good Option For Flat Feet?

When you first wear the memory foam shoes, you’ll feel you’ve got an awesome pair of shoes. But, the shape of memory foam shoes changes with regular use. That’s because memory foam is a chemical-treated material, like plastic. Now, this might come to your mind, are memory foam shoes good for flat feet?

Indeed, memory foam shoes are a good type of shoes, especially for flat feet. Many people get relief from their pressure and have a wonderful experience by using the Foam shoes. Possibly that’s why such types of shoes are recommended by podiatrists.

Why is Memory Foams Good?

The memory foam shoes are essential to support the arch of your feet. The flat and flexible foot is more sensitive than the rigid types of foot. Hence, if you have flat foot types, you must be conscious in choosing your shoes.

Luckily, the memory foam shoes are flexible which can be used for longer support to your flat feet. But why are memory foam shoes so good? Let’s learn.

Distribution of Weight

The memory foam insole in the shoes provides an even weight distribution to its users. Your weight will not centralize to the heels only like other shoe materials. Instead, the weight will be distributed to the whole shoe. As a consequence, you get relieved from undesired feet aches. 

Provides support

In the serving professions, like nurses, teachers, you’ll need to serve to wear the shoes for long hours. If your shoes aren’t comfortable, you cannot wear them for long working hours.

The memory foam shoes provide the greatest support to their users. The support is longer than your expectations. When you wear memory foam shoes, you won’t feel you’re carrying something extra on your feet.

Prevents the blisters

A common and regular problem that shoe users face is causing blisters on their feet. If you wear hard shoes for a longer period, you’ll badly face the particular problem.

Luckily, memory foam shoes relieve such types of problems. Even though you have used foamy shoes for a long time, there will be no blister or rash on your feet.

Reduces the Risk of Injury

If you wear the heel types of shoes, you might lose your balance while walking and cause an accident. But, memory foam shoes prevent the risk of severe injuries. The foamy insole supports your feet in any condition and reduces the risk of your feet injuries.

Prevents High and Low Pressure

The Memory foam shoes reduce the chance of high and low pressure. That’s why health specialists recommend their patients to wear shoes with memory soles.

Reduces the Foot Problems

The memory foam shoes are effective in bringing your feet in good condition. That’s why, when a patient suffers from a foot problem, the doctors suggest they use foam shoes.

What are the Disadvantages of Using Memory Foam Shoes?

Like other shoe materials, memory foam shoes also have some disadvantages. Memory foam is a chemical obtained material. So, not everyone feels comfortable wearing memory foam shoes.

Below we have identified some common disadvantages of memory foam shoes.


The newly bought memory foam shoe gives an odd smell. Even after using it for a long time, this type of shoe has an awful smell. Frankly speaking, the materials used for making the memory foam shoes cause this awful smell.

Retain heat and sweat

Memory foam is a warm material. The material retains the heat of the feet. In summer, if you wear this shoe for a long time, you’ll gradually start to sweat. This is why you won’t feel comfortable wearing these shoes in summer.

But, as the memory foam retains the heat, it is a wonderful choice for the cold season.


Like the walking and running shoes, the memory foam shoes cannot provide stability to their user. Only with a long test running, you’ll understand the shoes are losing their elasticity.

Can Memory Foam Shoes Cause Knee Pain?

Choosing the wrong footwear is one of the major causes of body pains. You may suffer from knee pain, back pain, neck pain if you fail to choose the right footwear.

The memory foam shoes are comfortable pairs of shoes. But, longtime using the Skechers with memory foam insole causes different types of pain, including knee pain. That’s why make sure the Skechers you’re buying has the removable insole.

Are Skechers Memory Foam Shoes Good for Walking or Running?

Walking and running shoes need athletic shoes which can hold elasticity. Unfortunately, the Skechers memory foam shoes and foamy insoles lose their elasticity quickly.

Due to losing elasticity, these shoes aren’t so supportive of the runners. Even you cannot walk with the Skechers memory shoes for an extended period as they aren’t well-cushioned.

Are Memory Foam Shoes Good Option for Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar Fasciitis is the pain which is caused at the heel point of your feet. Multiple causes are responsible for occurring Plantar Fasciitis at your feet. Having excess stress and physical labors are the main causes of plantar Fasciitis. 

This is why runners and weight lifters are the maximum sufferers of this problem.

The Skechers memory foam shoes are elastic flat shoes that add extra comfort. It is unfamiliar to occur with plantar Fasciitis due to wearing memory foam shoes.

But, still, we found some cases where the patient is suffering from plantar Fasciitis due to wearing the Skechers.

Which Memory Foam Shoe Is Better: Skechers Or Nike?

Skechers and Nikes are two popular types of memory foam shoes. With comfortability, these shoes hold the top place among several shoe types.

But, Skecher Vs. Nike – Which shoe is better?

Comparing both of the shoes and selecting the best one is quite complicated. Both of the shoes are good for casual and sportswear.

Still, you’ll find the Skecher one step ahead of Nike when it comes to the quality material. Eventually, the Skechers shoes are a better choice than the Nike. 

The Side Effects of Wearing Ill-Fitting Shoes

Selecting the right shoes isn’t useful instead, it is compulsory. Your wrong decision in selecting the shoes might cause severe effects on your body. So, what are the side effects of wearing ill-fitting shoes?

The users often suffer from several painful problems due to wearing ill-fitting shoes. Here we have separated and evaluated them in short.


Almost everyone suffers from blisters due to the wrong shoe selection. When shoes are larger or smaller than our feet, blisters start to happen at our feet. The next day, we cannot put on the shoes on our feet as a consequence.

Hampers foot development

When you choose the wrong shoe types for your babies, it hampers the development of their feet. They retain the development of shoes; the baby needs the maximum comfortability to their feet.

Nail Loss or Damage

If you fall or slip suddenly wearing large shoes, you might lose your nail. The nails of your feet are also damaged when you wear smaller shoes. Eventually, You’ll suffer from several pains.

Plantar Fasciitis

We have already discussed the plantar Fasciitis above. The pain occurs at the heel of our feet due to the ill-fitting shoe selection. As long as we don’t exchange your shoes for comfortable ones, you’ll continue to suffer this pain.

Which Shoes Do The Podiatrists Have For Flat Feet?

The podiatrists recommend footwear matching your foot types. For the flat feet types, the podiatrists recommend the extra padded well-cushioned shoes. Besides, they suggest that the shoes you choose for your flat feet must be soft and flexible.

Moreover, according to the podiatrists, the shoes have to become 2.5 or less for the flat feet.

The Sum Up!

Some people find it comfortable to wear memory foam shoes, and some find it uncomfortable. So, are memory foam shoes for flat feet? Shortly, lots of people find memory foam shoes comfortable.

Even the doctors and podiatrists also suggest wearing memory foam shoes. But, if you feel any pain due to wearing the memory foam shoes, stop using them immediately. Feeling pain due to wearing this shoe means they aren’t suiting your feet.

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