Hey Dude Vs Sanuk Shoes – Which One is Good?

DATE: June 23, 2022

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With the modern and changing trends, it’s tough to pick the best footwear between the competitive brands. Selecting the best brand becomes easier if you know what’s most important to consider in the shoes.

Once you start to trust a brand, you’ll never want to move to another one. The Hey Dude and Sanuk are two popular shoe brands leading the footwear industry.

The footwears include almost all the features of the quality shoes, including comfortability, easy cleanliness, durability, etc.

But, the Hey Dude Vs Sanuk Shoes – Which footwear brand is the best?

If you never had any of the Sanuk and Hey Dude footwear, you mustn’t have the actual experiences.

Let’s compare Sanuk and Hey Dude based on our real experiences.

Here you go!

Hey Dude Vs Sanuk Shoes – A Detail Comparison Between Two Popular Footwear Brands

Hey Dude Vs Sanuk Shoes – A Detail Comparison Between Two Popular Footwear Brands

Externally, some Hey Dude and Sanuk footwear look almost the same. Still, there are several differences between these two popular footwear brands, from the design to the stitching.

Before deciding on a footwear brand for yourself and your family, let’s first compare them! Undoubtedly, the comparison between the Hey Dude and Sanuk shoes will help to make a quick decision.

Footwear Material

The Hey Dude is made of Vegan-friendly material, suede, and leather. The insoles of some Hey Dude shoes are made of memory foam, canvas, or cork.

But, most of the Hey Dude Shoes are made of 100% plastic bottle recycled fiber. Consequently, the Hey Dude shoes are soft, durable, and last for a long time.

Contrarily, the USA-produced Sanuk Shoes are also vegan-friendly shoes. The Sanuk footwear is produced of Hemp cotton that comes from a natural tree, cannabis.

Similar to the Hey Dude, the Sanuks don’t use animal products or byproducts.


At first sight, you must identify the Hey Dude and Sanuk shoes with their design. The visibility of the Sanuk shoes is a lot different than the Hey Dude.

The Sanuk shoes feature a plain design, making them perfect for summer. Contrarily, the Hey Dude features thick foamy insoles and patented sole technology for hard-wearing.

Both the Sanuk and Hey Dude shoes feature different styles and designs to pick the best match.

Heel Area

The outsoles of the Sanuk shoes are designed with a comfortable, lightweight cloth-like cover. Nevertheless, the heel area of the shoes doesn’t include any strong, comfortable material.

Due to weaker material and low-top, there might be scraping to your heels.

Unlike the Sanuks, Hey Dude shoes cover and hold your ankles properly due to their high-top. That’s why the shoes don’t scrap your heel and ankle like the Sanuk footwear.


The Sanuk shoes are designed to stay firmer and tighter due to double-reinforced stitching. Undoubtedly, the stitching holds the performance of your shoe long-time, although they look slightly bunched.

Furthermore, the double stitching makes the Sanuk shoes functional and enhances durability.

Contrarily, the stitching of Hey Dude shoes is more professional and neater than the Sanuk shoes. Although they don’t have double-reinforced stitching like the Sanuks, the upper stitched parts stick together.


When you’re buying footwear, you must consider whether the shoes fit your feet correctly or not! Unfortunately, the Hey Dude doesn’t run true to size; instead, the footwear may run slightly larger or smaller than their actual given size.

Therefore, if you decide to buy the Sanuk shoes, you must read the sizing suggestion on the product page.

Fortunately, the Sanuk Shoes are true to their actual given size. So, you don’t have to size up or lessen their actual given size.


Both the Sanuk and Hey Dude are made of waterproof material; therefore, they can go through the water. But, it’s always better to avoid the water and moisture when wearing the Shoes.

Most importantly, if your chosen shoe pair is made of leather or suede, moisture will damage them quickly.

Feet Support

The leather-lined memory foam insole of the Hey Dude shoe offers excellent arch support to its user. Furthermore, the cotton-lined linens give you a huge hug preventing the scraping of your feet.

Contrarily, due to the low and flat structure, the Sanuk shoes can’t provide excellent foot support. Still, the orthotic properties of the footbed and EVA foam midsole offer long-lasting comfort to your feet.

Laces for Easy Wearing

The Sanuk shoes use lace-up with the traditional elastic at the tongue area. It makes the shoes adjustable to your feet. Once you wear the shoes, the adjustability won’t let you slip. Furthermore, the elastic lace makes your shoe easy to use.

The Hey Dude has a different lacing system with elastic lace. Nevertheless, the purpose of the elastic lace is the same as the Sanuk shoes.


The upper of the Hey Dude is made of 100% eco-friendly recycled fiber from plastic bottles. Whereas the inner material, including the insoles, is made of suede and leather.

Another vegan-friendly Sanuk shoe is made from the natural cotton coming from cannabis. Shortly, the complete materials of the Sanuk shoes, from the laces to insoles, are made of natural ingredients.


The foamy bottom enhances the durability of the Sanuk Footwear. Although the Hey Dude is also incredibly durable and built to last, Sanuk wins over the Hey Dude.


The well-padding of Sanuk shoes allows you to wear them as night slippers as they’re easy to slip on. Contrarily, as there’s no good padding in the Hey Dude, using it as a night slipper will ruin them.

Hey Dude, Vs Sanuk Shoes – Similarities

Although the Hey Dude and Sanuk shoes have huge differences, they also have some similarities. After all, they’re simple footwear like everyone has with more quality, affordability, and comfortability.

Here are the similarities between the Hey Dude and Sanuk shoes that you must consider before purchasing.

Comfortable and Lightweight

Everyone’s favorite – Sanuk and Hey Dude provides an immense level of comfortability. The EVA footbeds make the shoes immensely flexible and lightweight.

And surprisingly, the weight of the Sanuks and Hey Dudes is so light than some of the smartphones.


Breathability is the compulsory thing you must consider in your Shoes for long-term use. When you compare the Hey Dude and Sanuk, you’ll get the Sanuk shoes are more breathable.

The shoe’s natural material and lightweight and thin texture make the shoes more breathable than the Hey Dudes.

Eco-Friendly Materials

The materials used for making Sanuk and Hey Dude are both eco-friendly, biodegradable, and cruelty-free. The difference is that the materials of Sanuk shoes come from the natural tree, cannabis.

But the materials of the Hey Dude shoes come from recycled products, although the inner insole mainly includes leather. However, you have an alternative to select the Hey Dude insoles between canvas or cork material.

Width Feet

Indeed, the Wide feet need roomy shoes, and surprisingly, both Sanuk and Hey Dude offer roomy space. You’ll just make sure that the shoes adjust to your feet’ length and leave the rest to your shoes.


If you like the customized shoes, then you’re on with both of these footwear brands. Customize your favorite shoes according to your idea, maintaining certain brands’ specialty.

Although the Sanuk footwear specializes in designing plain style, the Hey Dude doesn’t have that specialty. Instead of owning the respective specialty, the Hey Dude concerns your given details and designs.

Hey Dude Vs Sanuk Shoes – Which One is Good?

The quality and comfortability of both Hey Dude and Sanuk shoes are unbeatable in their respective places. If you leave one brand for others, you might regret it; still, it’s essential to stick to a fixed shoe brand.

Still, when picking one between two famous footwear brands, you must consider the following tips.

  • If you need shoes made of natural material, you can get the Sanuk shoes. Contrarily, if you don’t mind the eco-friendly plastic material, the Hey Dude will be the best choice for you.
  • Sanuk shoes will get more priority over the Hey Dude when it comes to durability. That’s because the Sanuks are more durable than the Hey Dude shoes.
  • The Sanuk shoes offer the flat heel for regular wearing, whereas the Hey Dude features a high heel for the heel-lover. Here the decision is ultimately yours whether you’ll pick the flat heel or high heel shoes.
  • The Hey Dude delivers immense arch support and better prevents feet from scraping than the Sanuk shoes. It’s all because of the high-heel support of the Hey Dude.

If you want to get better arch support, you must like the Hey Dude over Sanuks.

  • If you want to wear your shoes as a night slipper, you must buy the Sanuk sneakers. The Hey Dude sneakers are incompatible with using as the nightwear slipper.

Hopefully, you have decided to select suitable footwear according to your needs. Just pick your requirements and consider the shoe type needs.


Are Sanuk Shoes Durable?

The foamy bottom of the Sanuk shoes might make you confused about the durability of the Sanuk shoes. But, honestly speaking, the Sanuk shoes are durable with guaranteed quality.
It seems like the foamy bottom of your Sanuk shoes will wear out over time; in reality, they don’t!

What Type of Shoe Is A Hey Dude?

The Sanuks are minimalistic and casual shoes that offer comfortability over slip-on shoes. The vegan-friendly materials, suede, and leather provide your Sanuks minimalistic look and capacity to suit different weather.

Why Do My Hey Dude Stink?

Over the use, the Sanuk shoes accumulate some typical odor. It happens during the summer when you wear your Sanuks for a long-time.
As there’s no way to prevent the odor, you’ll need to learn how to tackle it. Using a cleaning solution that includes baking soda is best to deodorize the smell.

Can You Wear Hey Dude in The Rain?

You shouldn’t wear your Hey Dude shoes in the rain because they aren’t waterproof. Instead, the shoe becomes slippery when it goes into contact with water. Indeed, it’s dangerous to use slick shoes in wet conditions in the rainy season.

Is Sanuks Good for Water?

Indeed, the Sanuk shoes are suitable for water as they don’t get ruined, stained, or smell bad in the rain. The credit goes to the upper-side patented synthetic material that doesn’t let the water enter your Sanuk shoes.

The Sum Up!

So, before you stick to a fixed shoe brand, you must compare the popular shoe brands. Which brand you’ll choose between two popular shoe brands – Hey Dude Vs Sanuk shoes?

The durability, comfortability, heel area, waterproofing, easy cleanliness, etc., are the essential features of quality shoes. As you have already reached the end of our discussion, you must have decided which brand is right for you.

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