How to Tighten Hey Dude Shoes?

DATE: July 25, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Style, environment-friendly, and comfortable, everything you will get into Hey Dude shoes. You can fit the shoes according to your size. You will find a wide range of designs also. So, knowing a few things about Hey Dude shoes will give you the entrance towards a wide variety of footwear. 

Get to know how to tighten Hey Dude shoes and fit your shoes for any purpose, anywhere. If you are someone who likes to prefer comfort, then these shoes are the perfect choice for you. Color, shimmer, elegance, classic, you will find every flavor here. So, why are you hesitating? Let’s dive in.

How to Tighten Hey Dude Shoes?

How to Tighten Hey Dude Shoes?

First, you need to consider if you want to tighten the shoe permanently or just fit it around your ankle for the time being. If you’re going to shrink them permanently, you can heat the shoe on a stove. The fiber of the shoes will become more rigid and tight. 

Remember, this is a one-way process. You cannot loosen up or make the shoe flexible again.

But if you want to fit it around your ankle, you can do it by tightening the lace. All you need to do is to make a loop and adjust the length of your lace according to your comfort. The laces are pretty comfortable and stylish. You can create different types of knots and tie them as you wish.

How to Clean Hey Dude Shoes?

How to Clean Hey Dude Shoes?

You can clean these shoes quite easily. If your Hey Dude shoes are covered with mud or dust, first brush off the dry dust. If the soil is still wet, wait for it to dry and then brush it off. You can use a suede cleaning brush or soft shoe brush to do the work.

After removing the loose dirt, you can get rid of any stain or watermark from the surface with water. Don’t dip the shoe into the water. Instead, use a slightly damp cloth or quote the shoe lightly with water using a nail brush. Soak up the excess water after that and let the shoe dry overnight.

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Are Hey Dude Shoes Good For Wearing for A Long Time?

Are Hey Dude Shoes Good For Wearing for A Long Time

Hey Dude shoes are quite comfortable and good for your feet. From everyday use to trekking, Hey Dude shoes are pretty comfortable and breathable for your feet. You can move quickly, and the shoes will give your feet enough space to explore. 

The comfortable materials of the shoes will help you wear them for a long time without creating any blisters.

You can use these shoes as casual footwear or your running shoes. The hard rubber soles of the shoes will give you a lot of support and protection. The padded insole will prevent your feet from getting tired quickly. The comfortable canvas and fabric of the shoes will keep your legs easy to move.

You will find these shoes in different sizes. So, you don’t need to worry if they are going to fit or not. You can get the size you feel most comfortable with. Also, these lightweight shoes won’t add any extra pressure or weight to your feet. You will not feel burdened after wearing them.

What is A Slip-On Shoe?

Slip-on shoes are very easy to put on or take off by only sliding or slipping your foot into the shoe. You can put on and remove Hey Dude shoes only by slipping your foot into the shoe. The shoes have shoelaces only in the front. It allows for easy removal and fit around your ankle. 

You can put them on by bending your foot sideways and pulling the tongue over until it perfectly fits on your foot. You can twist your ankle and push your foot outward to put off the shoe. You’ll need just a few seconds to put them on or remove them.

How to Tighten Hey Dude Shoes, Shoe Filter?

There are numerous reasons for Hey Dude shoes being so popular among travelers and young people. The footwear is very comfortable and lightweight. You can pack and travel with them easily. 

They are easy to wash and dry relatively fast. The soul is flexible. It doesn’t break off easily. The soft and supportive insole will keep your feet comfortable throughout a long walk.

You will find Hey Dude shoes in various designs. The designs match any fashion choice. Whether you like classic or pop, you will find the perfect footwear for you. On top of that, the material is very eco-friendly. So, you can help the environment by buying these. So, what is there to not like about these shoes?

Are Hey Dude Shoes Machine Washable?

Are Hey Dude Shoes Machine Washable?

The canvas and fabric of Hey Dude shoes are pretty flexible and comfortable, and you can toss most of these into your washing machine. If you want to machine wash your shoes, first check the label if they are machine washable or not. 

Usually, most of the Hey Dude shoes are machine washable. But if your shoes consist of leather or wool, then it is better not to machine wash them. It is highly possible that the sensitive material of your shoes will be damaged due to machine wash.

Put your head shoes into a cold wash and set the machine to a slow or non-spin cycle. The rapid spinning off your machine might damage the stitches of your shoe. If your shoes are of vibrant color, group them based on color so that the color of one pair doesn’t bleed into another.

Does Hey Dude Shoes Shrink?

Hey Dude shoes shrink a little after washing them. The salt and chlorine content in water makes the fabric of the shoe shrink. 

But if you take care of your shoes, properly dry them, and keep them at room temperature, the shoe size doesn’t change. However, you can buy a half size bigger than your usual size if you want to be more cautious. Taking precautions is always better than regretting them later.

Final Words

Now you have known how to take care of your Hey Dude shoes. Learning how to tighten Hey Dude shoes will give you better control over the comfort of your footwear. It helps you to enjoy your walks for a longer time period. 

Hey Dude shoes are perfect for a small stroll or a long tiring day at the office. So, know what type of footwear you are going to wear and how it will make your legs comfortable and keep your whole body weight balanced.

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