How To Clean White Shoelaces Without Bleach? 4 Pro Tips that Work!

DATE: July 28, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Do you want to get sparkling white laces without touching the highly corrosive, tremendously harmful bleach substances? Well, today, we’ll be going through some of the options to get a clear understanding of how to clean white shoelaces without bleach. 

There are many options for how this can be done; you can use vinegar and water solution. You can also utilize baking soda or toothpaste to do the job. The options are limitless; it depends on your preference which one you’d like to use. 

White laces are often the most difficult to deal with. Despite the added glow, maintaining them can be a bit tricky. And that’s what we’re going to simplify today. 

How To Clean White Shoelaces Without Bleach

How To Clean White Shoelaces Without Bleach?

In the upcoming segments, you’re going to learn the process in different ways. We’ll detail each process, so you get a clear idea about all of them. 

Cleaning White Laces With Vinegar 

To clean your white laces using vinegar, start by making a solution. Have a 1:1 water and vinegar ratio for the most effect and efficiency in terms of cleaning. Once you’re done with making the solution. You can add slight bits of dish soap in the solution too. When finished, drop the laces inside the solution so they can soak it up. 

Keep the laces inside for approximately 15-20 minutes. By this time, the mixture should’ve done its job of getting the dirt and dust particles separated from the laces. 

Finally, collect the laces and put them inside a mesh bag, and give it a good washing. The stains should be gone by now! 

Baking Soda Can be the Answer

Strange but true, your regular household item baking soda can, in fact, get rid of dirt and dust off the laces. Start the process by first soaking your laces in boiling water for five minutes. 

Now, get a toothbrush and rub the loose dirt off using it. If it works fine, then continue like that. If it’s not working, use your hand to do the job. 

In the next step, use the toothbrush to collect baking soda and rub the shoelaces using it. Use this technique to perform the cleaning job as long as the marks don’t go away. 

When you discover the marks have withered, rinse them properly. 

Using Soaps or Shampoos 

You can use more common elements like soaps or shampoos. Regular soaps can be used to clean off the dirt from the laces. Try getting the shoelaces wet and rub them with soap to create a lather. 

Twist the laces to bring the hidden dirt inside. Rinse and clean the dirt away when you’re done. You can also use baby shampoos to do the job. 

These sorts of techniques are best suited for cleaning laces from oil stains. As both soaps and baby shampoos possess special ingredients that can cleanse the grease-like substances easily. 

Powder Detergent 

Powder detergents are one of the key cloth cleaners that can give you healthy white shoelaces quickly. It’s perhaps the easiest method out there. 

First, get some hot water and pour it into a cleaning pot. Add two spoons of fresh powder detergent and stir it using a spoon. Submerge the laces in the mixture and wait 30-60 minutes. 

After the duration, get them out of the mixture and thoroughly rinse to remove the remaining dirt particles. 

Drying Process 

After each washing technique, you’d have to dry it properly. Keeping the laces in shabby areas can lead to mold growth. Anyway, to get the maximum effect, don’t dry them under direct sunlight

Some of you may want to use a blow dryer to quickly dry them up. But by using a blow dryer, you always run the risk of damaging them. Plus, they can also shrink to a certain extent if you try blow dryers.

Try getting them hanged in open areas where winds flow naturally. They should be dry within hours without any damages and give you a lasting shine! 

Is Baking Soda the Same as Baking Powder?

Is Baking Soda the Same as Baking Powder

No, despite the insane similarities in their names, they’re different products. When you don’t have baking soda at home, you may want baking powder to get the job done. 

Well, that may not be the best idea to try. As they’re not the same things, the chemical compounds in each are different. So, they won’t give you the same outcome. 

So, if it ever comes to your mind to try something like this, just don’t. 

Do You Wash Whites In Hot Or Cold Water?

It’s always better to wash white clothes in hot water. Try using the temperature adjusted to the severity of the stains. 

Keep in mind the softness of the cloth as well. For swimwear or lingeries, the water shouldn’t be that hot. On the other hand getting, hard stains off towels or shoelaces should be done with hot water. 

Can I Use Bleach to Clean My Shoelaces?

No, you shouldn’t use bleach to clean the shoelaces or any other clothes. You can use bleach to clean your shoelaces, there aren’t any laws that forbid it, but the reason why you should not use them in the first place is that they come with extremely damaging side effects. 

Why Cleaning with Bleach is Bad?

Cleaning with bleach isn’t good because it can damage your skin. It can also create a bleach footprint, leading to inhaling, making it risky for you and your family members. 

Highly Dangerous for Children and Pets 

Having substances like bleach in your house itself is a serious issue. If you’re unmindful, you can leave bleach out in the open, and pets or children can put it inside their mouths or sniff it. It can lead to serious health consequences. 

Further, when you use bleach, they tend to remain in the clothes in powder form. Pets’ paws can also carry around the substance if you happen to drop some on the floor during the use. 

Continuous Use Will Create Cycling Effects 

If you’re using bleach continuously to clean the clothes, it will create a trail of powdery substances that can become tremendously harmful for the family members. Inhalation of bleach can cause fatal issues; conversely, chlorine-based bleach can have a significantly damaging impact on your skin. 

Even if you’re trying to be ultra-careful with bleach, they’d at least damage skin (if you’re not wearing protective gloves). 

Alternatives are Far Better

So why the fuss about this highly damaging chemicalized element when a lot safer alternatives like soaps, soda, and toothpaste are there? 

The alternatives of bleach are similarly effective in giving you clean and sparkling white shoelaces. And that’s why you shouldn’t bother about using this substance with the hassle of using serious precautions at every application stage. 

Bottom Line 

After a highly engaging comparative study between bleach and the safer alternatives, we’re at the final part of our guide. As we already mentioned quite clearly, the damaging impacts and the risks associated with using bleach. So, they can never be a safe washing element. 

Instead, we’ve provided some amazing alternatives that’d provide equally effective washing performance. Vinegar and baking soda, in particular, offer amazing output. 

Plus, the mentioned techniques are clean and damage-free, so there won’t be much harm in using those options. What are you waiting for? You now know the ins and outs of how to clean white shoelaces without bleach. Apply the smart techniques and witness the mind-boggling results right now!

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