How to Stop Shoes from Creasing? 11 Ways That’d Surely Work!

DATE: May 17, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Are you bothered about the fact that your shoes are creasing? Yes, having creases can certainly make your shoes look unpleasant and cheap. 

So, you might want to learn how to stop shoes from creasing permanently. You can get it done in many ways starting from walking correctly, having an ideal fit, or using shoe horns. 

On top of that, wear and tear can also have contributed to the phenomena. In that case, it can get difficult to stop from creasing.

In our highly detailed guide today, we’ll go through some of the basics of shoe creasing reduction techniques that you can try.

How to Stop Shoes from Creasing? 

You can stop shoes from creasing by using a shoehorn, wearing well-fitting shoes. 

In the following sections, we’ll try to discuss each method separately so you can catch it easily and try them yourself. Let’s begin!

Try Getting Shoes that Fit Well 

Getting shoes that come with the correct fitting will give you enhanced comfort while walking or performing different activities and reduce the possibility of creasing. 

Why Do Loose Shoes Create Creases? 

Why Do Loose Shoes Create Creases

The answer is, if a shoe is worn loose, the gap between the upper and the foot will create a hollow space. When you walk or run, the shoe bends because there isn’t any resistance. With continuous bending, the crease will appear. 

The solution

Well, getting shoes that fit perfectly would wipe this hollow space and reduce the bending while walking. Your foot will work as the chief supporting element in this case. 

But you must remember one thing: wearing shoes larger than your feet can create creases. But wearing too snug shoes would make it highly irritating, and it can get painful to a certain extent. 

So, if you don’t know how to fix creases in shoes, we’d recommend you get the feet measured precisely before getting a shoe. 

  1. Using a Shoe Horn

You can implement specially designed shoe horns for getting a crease-free performance. Using this effective insert while wearing the shoe, you can prevent creasing to a certain extent. Shoe horns let you put on shoes easily. On the other hand, it reduces the heel crushing tendencies. As a result, shoes maintain a healthy shape preventing creases fast. 

  1. Don’t Wear them Wet!

You’ve heard it loud and clear; wearing shoes while they’re wet can lead to creasing. The risk is chiefly associated with leather shoes. That’s why you must always wear dry leather shoes. 

If you’re in the break-in period, then this is a must. Getting the shoes wet during the break-in period isn’t recommended. If water gets inside the shoe while it’s in the break-in period, the possibility of creasing increases at an alarming rate. 

So, make sure your leather shoes are dry while wearing, especially while they’re breaking in. If you want to learn how to remove creases from leather shoes fast this method can help you out.

  1. Shoe Trees Can Help 

Another highly effective solution to creasing is always keeping a shoe tree inside the shoes. What are shoe trees?

Well, these are specially designed shoe inserts that are used to maintain a shoe’s form. 

Shoe trees are exceptionally effective tools to keep them in ideal condition. First, it helps them keep crease-free and helps users make lasting use. Further, the shoe trees also reduce moisture buildup. 

  1. Following the Right Walking Pattern

Wearing styles can also influence the formation of creases. If you’re walking incorrectly, it won’t take much time to develop creases. And if all of your shoes have creases, there’s a large possibility that you’re not walking right. 

One of the most common causes behind creases is walking on toes. Walking like this would put increased pressure on the crease points, making the shoes a lot susceptible to creasing. 

Having slight heels would change this walking pattern and activate the heels more. As a result, the creasing would decrease to a certain extent. 

  1. Crease Protectors Can be a Solution 

Are you tired of creases on your shoes and don’t want to go through the much-restricting walking pattern or add shoe trees every time you take them off? Well, crease protectors can be one of those tremendously friendly alternatives that you can go ahead with. 

How do they work? 

Well, crease protectors work as the main resistant element that holds up the upper. So, when you walk, the upper area doesn’t bend as it’s backed by the crease protectors. Eventually, they wipe out the creasing tendencies keeping the shoes straight. 

  1. Check the Laces 

Leaving the laces open or wearing them too loose can also lead to creating creases. If you don’t want them developing on your shoes, tightening up the laces can be a good idea. They’d straighten up the shoes and stop the curving motion that usually occurs while walking. 

When you walk with a tightened lace the shoe would retain the straight motion. Wearing it like this regularly would flatten the curve down and stop the crease from appearing. 

But don’t overdo it. Making the laces too tight can result in feet irritation and develop other painful conditions. Make sure you’re not putting too much pressure while doing so. 

  1. Removing Creases with Moisturizers 

Creases on leather shoes? Well, now, the moisturizers can get you out of the mess. Preventing creases has never been easier as you can just apply some moisturizers on the potential spots where they might occur. 

Adding these smart solutions would work on the leather shoes and protect the fabric from unsightly conditions. 

  1. Using Different Shoes 

Wearing a single shoe continuously for days would increase the possibilities of developing ridge-like patterns on the bending points. 

The reason why it happens is that wearing a shoe for days would bring in moisture. This moisture is one of the chief components behind the unsightly marks on your shoes. 

So, if you alternate between multiple shoes, moisture development will be prevented, and as a result, creases too will be stopped in their tracks. 

  1. Blow Dryer Technique 

Another smart method that works pretty well is using a blow dryer. This method requires ultra safety while working on the shoes. That’s why we’d recommend only to those who have steady hands. 

Stuff foams or newspapers inside the shoes to give them the right shape. Use a hotter temperature preset on your dryer and hold it 5-6 inches apart from the shoe. While doing it, remember not to hold the blow dryer at a particular area; instead, try hovering around the shoes, so the heat gets distributed evenly. 

Focus on the crease areas and continue like this for some time and let the shoes cool off when finished. 

You should notice a significant decrease in the creases

  1. Applying Water Repellent Solutions 

If you want to stop the creasing before it starts, there’s a smart technique to use. Yes, using water repellents can, in fact, offer your shoes a protective layer that’d shield them against any ridge-like patterns. 

You’d have to remember while going ahead with this method to use the solution when you’re wearing the shoes for the first time. 

So, even if you encounter slight water or moisture during the breaking out period, the shoes would hold up pretty well against it. 

  1. Ironing Method 

Finally, if all else fails, you can try the ironing method. Let’s walk you through this technique. 

First, you’d have to heat up the iron. Don’t cross the 80F limit, and don’t go below 60 Fahrenheit. Going above the limit can be problematic, while going below may not have much of an impact. 

Use a damp cloth on the crease and gradually run the iron over the towel. 

It will create a humid moisture and slowly even the creases out. Try checking the shoe after each press. Do this couple of times and check the results. 

It’s better to fill the shoes up with something like cardboard or a used newspaper. When you’re done, keep the shoe like that for some time. You can also use a shoe tree once the ironing is finished. 

Do Crease Protectors Work?

Yes, crease protectors can provide ample support to reduce the creasing to a great extent. One of the main reasons you’d want to have crease protectors is that they’re highly available everywhere and offer a cost-effective service. 

Another positive of using crease guards is you don’t have to stop wearing the shoe to make it work. They can work while wearing the shoes; you won’t have to take them off for guards to work. 

Do Sneaker Shields Hurt?

No, sneaker shields are built, keeping the issue of irritation in mind. As you’ve learned that sneaker shields can be used when you’re walking, you might want to know whether they hurt while walking. 

Well, these special inserts are designed to let users easily slip them inside the shoes. 

Some with a wide foot can find them a bit difficult to fit. But notching them slightly should make it alright. 

So, there shouldn’t be an issue with hurting 

Are Leather Shoes Supposed to Crease?

Leather shoe creasing is a Normal thing! Well, although it might be a bit absurd for you to accept it, sooner or later, any leather shoe would crease due to the increased wear and the fabric structure of the leather. 

Leather is known for its increased flexibility and supple nature. So, it’s a sort of natural phenomenon when you find leather shoes losing hardness. 

How Do  Shoes Crease?

Shoe creases when the weaker part of the upper area squeezes. It usually occurs around areas that tend to bend a little bit while walking. With some shoes, it can get slightly difficult to say where the crease will appear. 

The locations can differ in different shoes. Each manufacturer uses unique production techniques, which can certainly play a part in creating creases in different areas. 

One of the reasons behind such a phenomenon is weaker upper construction. Due to a weak upper continuous bending would occur while walking or running. And after a certain period, you’d notice the marks on the surface. 

Why are creases in shoes bad?

Why are creases in shoes bad?

Creasing isn’t a good sign because it makes your shoes look cheap and ugly. Wearing creased shoes on certain occasions may not be a good idea. Let’s find out why it’s so bad. 

Tarnishes the Looks 

The main reason why creases are hated so much is that they completely tarnish the shoe appearance. It makes the shoes look old and surely something you won’t love to go out wearing. 

Creates a Bad Image 

Wearing creased shoes to certain areas like business meetings or similar events may seem a bit problematic. Corporate meetings always recommend you to wear neat clothing. Showing up there with unsightly shoes may not create the best impressions. 


Creased shoes may lack slight performance if the crease occurs because of wearing. Due to long use, the performance output of a shoe can go down, so it’s also an issue. 

So, learn how to remove creases from shoes and wear fresh pair of shoes every time!

Do Nike Dunks Crease?

Do Nike Dunks Crease

Nike’s Dunks are one of the highly popular leather shoes out there that may crease after a certain period. Nike, being one of the world leaders in shoe manufacturing, maintains international-grade quality control. Yet, being leather shoes, there’d be no guarantees to ensure that they won’t crease. Because leather, by its nature, is meant to crease after a certain period. 

Even if you walk correctly and use all the crease-preventive measures, this is something unstoppable. 

Bottom Line 

Well, after a long and highly detailed discussion on how to stop shoes from creasing, we’re at the ending parts of our guide. Throughout the guide, we talked about a large array of different techniques you can use to prevent shoe creasing and get rid of creasing after it occurs. 

Try applying multiple methods from our list to get the best effect, and we’re highly positive that you’d notice visible changes. It’s always best to be highly careful the first few days you’re wearing the shoe. 

But don’t forget that creasing is a natural process. Using the techniques, you can only delay the inevitable, but it will surely occur at some point. 

But, if your pair is relatively new, use the smart tricks for witnessing magical results.

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