Are Blundstone Boots Waterproof? That Boots Help in Rain!

DATE: July 13, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Looking for a comfortable footwear solution that can keep you dry and breathable even in damp rainy weather and snow? Well, Blundstone’s can make a reasonable choice regarding this.

Those who have never experienced Blundstone boots before usually ask the question, “Are Blundstone boots waterproof?Yes, Blundstones are made of water-resistant leather, so, even if wet outside, it keeps your feet dry inside in rainy weather. 

Blundstone has been a popular footwear brand since the 19th century. It started as a boot for factory workers and soldiers but now has become a modern consumer stylish footwear brand. That’s why people love to wear these Chelsea boots no matter where they go.

Are Blundstone Boots Waterproof?

Yes, Blundstone boots have waterproof functionality, so you can wear Blundstone boots in the rain. They are exceptional, manufactured in a special way that results in long-lasting, waterproof, classic boots for all.

Once the boot was produced for soldiers and factory workers, it was made to adapt to such conditions as rain and waterlogged, etc. 

Further, Blundstones has a collection of classic waterproof boots which can keep your feet dry even in the rain. You can look for Blundstone’s thermal series, which are 100% waterproof.

Is Blundstones good in snow?

Yes! Blundstones work great in snow. Due to its waterproof skin and excellent build quality, the boots repel water and keep you dry and warm. If you’ve been looking for boots that can withstand the cold and snow, these are ideal.

This is why it is particularly popular in cold-weather countries like Canada. The waterproof leather on these boots keeps water and snow out while keeping the inner structure breathable. Besides, the sole provides traction on ice and won’t get wet inside. 

What kind of leather are Blundstones?

The leather is premium water-resistant Greasy Kip Leather that is outsourced from Vietnam, Thailand, India, China, and Mexico. Also, the leather is composed of water-repellent material with full-grain leather that gives a soft texture on the upper side. The boots come with various finishes, such as nubuck, suede, and canvas. And each type requires a particular treatment for cleaning.

If you have already used Blundstone’s, you might wonder about its excellent durability. Original Blundstones are worth ensuring comfortable footwear. Whether it is damp, cold, winter, or summer, this is a good fit for any condition.

What are Blundstone soles made of?

Blundstone soles are Polyurethane soles that are one of the best sole materials in terms of quality and comfortability. Unlike PVC soles, they have excellent grip, texture, and insulation to protect them from abrasion and water. The gumboots are manufactured at Blundstone’s headquarters in Hobart.

Blundstone says cleaning the soles is a part of boot care, but you need to know the right way to do that. However, the sole can be repaired when needed. For safety issues, you shouldn’t get any cobbler to repair it. You should need professional help with this. You should take the help of Blundstone’s official to find one in your area.

What are the different styles of Blundstone’s? 

Blundstones has many different classes, series, and stylish approaches that you are on the verge of buying a pair of boots. Considering their wide different product lineup, we can make them into six different categories based on the style, which are, originals, classics, thermal, dress, women’s series, and kids. You can choose between classic and original series, thermal or non-thermal, unisex, or make for a specific gender. The brand uses unique numbers to recognize the characteristics of the boots. You need to know the differences between each model to ensure the best thing for your needs.

Is Blundstone good for hiking?

Blundstones are good for hiking on flat ground, and you can go for a long run with this comfortable footwear. The shoe provides nice traction without sacrificing comfort. Therefore, they are good in the long run. Its unique rubberized sole provides good grip and support while still being soft to wear comfortably.

It is said that once Mount Everest, explorers chose Blundstone as a comfortable choice for adventure. Also, Himalayan inhabitants like Sherpas prefer the boots as a gift from newcomers as it helps them move around the snow easily. However, many people don’t find it reliable to climb over the mountain because it doesn’t have any laces and is so compact.

How can you tell if Blundstones are fake?

There are many things that distinguish real Blundstone from fake. You can see differences in price, structure, and appearance, and if you have an expert eye, you can easily find the genuine Blundstone. There are online shops where you can see Blundstone-like boots but not the actual ones that are selling at a lower price. However, they don’t offer the same durability as the original Blundstones. So, how can you recognize original Blundstones?

  • Buying from an authentic store
  • Original branding
  • Fine texture

Wrap up

Finally, if you are looking for a waterproof footwear solution with excellent durability and build quality, then you should go for Blundstone’s. 

These are awesome to protect your feet from the water when keeping your feet fully dry. 

You can go about 2-5 years no matter what purpose you use them for. It can be perfect for style and longevity if you take care of them. learn more

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