Are Blundstones Good for Hiking? Make It Memorable with the Right Pair!

DATE: May 13, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Are you planning for a hike to throw away the monotony of everyday life? Then you must have some ideas about some matters like your fitness, weather, your dress, and last but not least is the shoes you will wear. As you will walk a lot, the shoes must provide you with both support and comfort.

Are Blundstones Good for Hiking? The answer goes both ways- YES and NO. Whether you can wear them or not largely depends on the surface of your chosen area and, more importantly, the duration of your walk.

When you plan for a long hike, the shoes from this Aussie brand are not suitable then. They are good as long as you hike for a short time. Besides, the surface also matters a lot. In case you walk in rough rocky, or muddy areas, you rather avoid this footwear.

The findings and suggestions of this study must help you learn the ins and outs of Blundstone shoes, especially while taking them hiking!

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Are Blundstones Good for Hiking?

In case you are a great lover of hiking and go for a long walk in nature whenever you get the opportunity, you must know that you have to wear a pair of distinctive shoes for a safe and enjoyable walk. You must not then choose a model or brand whimsically. Are Blundstones good for hiking? As this manufacturer doesn’t produce any models specially designed for hiking, you shouldn’t wear them.

No doubt, Blundstone maintains the best quality by using authentic materials and assembling them with the latest technology. Yet they are not enough to tolerate the varied and uncertain environment. That’s why you should not wear their shoes, especially when going for a long-distance hike.

But in case you have no options, you can wear their shoes for a short hike as they always give your feet the best support, breathability, and comfort as well.

Are Blundstones Good Arch Support?

Blundstones uses the XRD technology that ensures the best arch support and comfort to your feet in all weathers.

All of their models have the maximum capacity to tolerate the pressure you put on them. Besides, there is almost no chance of slipping with these shoes as the insoles are prepared with the best materials and technology.

As air can both go in and out easily, fungus or any bad smell cannot grow. So, you are always safe wearing Blundstone shoes.

Are Blundstones Good in the Snow?

You can wear Blundstones any time-winter, snowfall, or rain. They are incredible for saving your feet from the mud, snow, or water.

The reason behind the versatility of this brand is its use of authentic materials. They use premium leather which makes the shoes most durable and resistant to all weather. Besides, another element named nubuck is commonly used, which is water resistance, too.

So, you can walk on any surface, forgetting about the weather when you wear Blundstone shoes!

Do You Wear Socks with Blundstones?

Though Blundstone claims that their shoes are wearable without socks, you should not follow them to avoid some odd consequences, especially in the beginning.

During the early days, the shoes might be tight and so hurt your feet. Then the socks can help you until the shoes become fit for your feet. The shoes must soften very soon!

You can prefer any socks like cotton, synthetic or wool socks. All of these can give your feet comfort, especially when going for a walk.

How Long Do Blundstones Last?

One of the best aspects of this brand is its unbelievable longevity of 7 to 10 years and even more

But all of this long lifespan depends on how much you take care of the shoes. For example, you can polish the shoes with wax and spray them with water resistance agents so that they have the shine even after wearing the shoes for years.

When you walk in the snow or in the rain, dry them to save the shoes from quick deterioration. 

Final Thought 

Blundstone is one of the most trusted names in the shoe and fashion world. This study attempted to bring out everything about this manufacturer to make your decision the best one. While no models of Blundstone lag anything, you shouldn’t let go for a hike, especially a long one, wearing their shoes as they are, in fact, not made aiming at this purpose.

But you can wear them for as long as you need. Their matchless designs with the best materials, incredible cushioning and breathability, comfort, and above all, the resistant capacity of all surfaces and weather make their shoes everybody’s preference. The more caring you are to Blundstones, the longer they can serve you.

Why won’t you then keep this brand on the top of your favorite list always?

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