Are Doc Martens Slip Resistant? Check Before You Make A Purchase

DATE: July 5, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


As a long-term Docs user, I personally recommend this famous brand to almost everyone I know. They are comfortable, cushioned, versatile, offer good grip, and so on.

But are Doc Martens slip-resistant? Will they save you on slippery surfaces? 

Well, they are absolutely slip-resistant. They feature slip-proof soles which offer an adequate amount of traction, no matter if the surface is watery or icy. Particularly, their special GripTrax soles let you enjoy slip-free movements all day long.

However, as a reliable footwear brand, Dr. Martens has successfully made its place among people who have stood on their feet for a long time. Let’s get to know some more about these popular working shoes.

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Are Doc Martens Certified Non-Slip?

Are Doc Martens Certified Non-Slip?

As Docs come with thick and reliable GripTrax soles, they can withstand any surface, be it slippery or not. So, yes, they are certified as non-slip shoes. 

But their most crowd-pleasing models, 1460, 1461, and 2976 are considered the most effective slip-free boots for all day long workers. However, their other models perform equally well compared to contemporary non-slip boots. 

Not only do Doc Martens resist slip but also fat and oil. Besides, they offer incredible traction and abrasion-free movement. 

Most importantly, even after several years of use, you will get the same slip-free feel, thanks to the strongly treaded GripTrax bottoms.

Are All Docs Slip Resistant? 

Initially, not all their shoes were made slip-resistant. Only their most famous models, 1460, 1461, and 2976 were introduced as slip-proof. But the rest of their work boots were also engineered with non-slip technology in 2001.

As already mentioned, Dr. Martens is a versatile shoe brand. So, they offer a wide range of shoes, boots, sandals, etc. Among them, their work boots are particularly slip-resistant to offer stable support to all-day on-foot workers. The list includes waiters, bartenders, delivery men, dancers, janitors, etc.

Due to good grip and traction, you can rely on their functional work boots to walk or work on slippery surfaces. Being designed with GripTrax sole and seamless stitching, they save you from falling on muddy trails.

And thanks to their amazing breathability, these shoes offer comfort and convenience at their best for long working sessions.

After the worldwide recognition of their slip-resistant models, Docs came up with new technological innovations on all their regular work shoes as well. Considering the convenience of modern workers, they redesigned them as anti-slip shoes.

So, you can choose any of their work boots. Surely the premium leather and thick sole will not let you down.

Are Doc Martens Good for Rain?

The short answer is yes; they are good for rainy weather. These shoes can stand light rain for a while.

To put it in detail, if you do not use any product to make your shoes waterproof, they can be worn for 15-20 minutes at best during rain. But a heavy rainfall would affect them by stepping into the shoes. 

To avoid this issue, you can use waterproof spray, wax, dubbin, etc., to make the shoe water-resistant. 

Are Dr. Martens Good for Snow? 

Are Dr. Martens Good for Snow 

In short, you can wear them in the snow. But they can resist light snowfall only for a maximum of 20 minutes.

As Doc Martens prioritize safety and comfort over anything else, there’s less chance of falling on ice during cold winter days. The slip-resistant soles would offer sufficient traction on tough and ice-packed terrains. 

But if the situation gets extreme, you might not have the required support from the boots to fight back the icy surfaces. 

However, if you have to use Docs during heavy snowfall, I recommend wearing flat-footed shoes instead of high arched ones. And please remember that because of heavy snowfall, your favorite Doc Martens that are made of premium leather could be ruined.  

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Are Doc Martens Non-Slip for Restaurant? 

Probably you know that restaurant workers need closed-toe boots that must be slip-resistant. 

In this regard, Doc Martens are absolutely recommended for restaurant workers for their slip-free bottoms. As they have to work for 8 hours or more, the thick and stable GripTrax soles work wonders on the oily or slippery restaurant floors. 

Besides, the incredible breathability and moisture-wicking fabric don’t let you feel sweaty even after wearing the shoes for a long period. 

As restaurants have damp and oily surfaces most often, the unimaginable traction of these premium work boots will let you move fast and free. That’s why experts always suggest these shoes with top-class grip for any oily or fatty surfaces. 

Are Doc Martens Good for Standing All Day?

Are Doc Martens Good for Standing All Day

Not only good, probably, but they are also the best standing and walking boots with the comfiest craftsmanship. 

We all know that Doc Martens are engineered as comfortable and safe shoes for any environment. Moreover, they are the most long-lasting shoes ever.

But the most attractive features of these irresistible work boots are the plus cushioned insoles and GripTrax outsoles. On top of that, they are versatile, flexible, and bouncy enough to fight back long-wearing sessions. 

And thanks to the original leather construction, the shoes don’t crack even after regular use. Furthermore, they offer snug fitting with adequate arch support. Resultantly, you don’t encounter any foot pain, bruises, or blisters. Also, these shoes fit different arch types. So, wearing them for a day-long working session, that too while standing, doesn’t cause any discomfort. 

How Do You Keep Doc Martens from Slipping? 

Although Docs are non-slip shoes, there are some quick fixes to make them even more slip-resistant. Scuffing on the rough surfaces, using grip pads or traction spars, etc., are some of the most convenient ways to make the best use of their slip-proof feature.

Perhaps, the easiest way to increase the slip resistance of a pair of Doc Martens is to scuff the sole on uneven terrains for a while. This will make the shoes break in faster and provide a better grip than expected. 

Secondly, you can use sandpaper or nail filer to increase the abrasion of the outsole. Alternatively, try using grip pads or traction pads to keep the shoes from falling. 

However, there are traction sprays as well, which offer incredible traction on tough terrains. And to make the regular Docs anti-slip, the rubber and salt work great. 

Final Words

So, what’s your thought about the iconic Doc Martens after going through this article? Are Doc Martens slip-resistant? 

To be exact, they have some certified anti-slip shoes with innovative technological inclusion. Thanks to the top-notch GripTrax feature, they have an amazing traction record on any trail, including slippery surfaces as well. Furthermore, they keep you safe and sound with extended arch support. 

Although some of you may find them expensive, trust me, they are worth every penny. Buy them once and enjoy them for almost the rest of your life. Yes, they are that durable!

Hopefully, you will be able to pick your favorite slip-resistant Docs to work on snowy, slippery, or watery surfaces.

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