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Last month, I ordered a pair of doc martens and got snug fitting at first. But, after a week, the leather material of my shoe expands a little bit and gives a perfect fit. Whereas at first, I couldn’t get the comfort even with single socks, now I can easily use a double sock with maximum comfortable fittings. 

As proper sizing not just includes the size of the boots but also has an impact on the materials, it may be tricky for you to get the perfect sizing. That’s why we are here with some Doc Martens sizing advice which you have to know to get your perfect size and enjoy comfortable wearing for hours.

Doc Martens Sizing Advice

There is some minor sizing advice that will help a lot in picking a perfect size shoe.

Firstly, if your feet are the same size as the size of the shoe, go for a true-to-size shoe. It is important as these shoes remain truer to the size for years.

But, if you’re picking a half-size shoe, it is better to go for a downsize. As the materials stretch a little bit, shoes will get the feet shaped within a few weeks. Don’t go for a bigger one because a bigger size can create a mess with the comfort. 

Moreover, you can use insoles or socks to adjust the shoe size. Use a double sock or add an extra insole if you get the shoes a little bit. But, if the shoes are a little bit tight, remove the insoles for perfect fittings.

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Doc Martens Sizing Advice

Are Doc Martens Shoes True To Size?

Yes, Doc Martens shoes are completely true to size. But, the true-to-size shoes may get loose if you pick a half-size one. So, we suggest you go for one size down if you intended to pick a half-size Doc Martens. 

When it comes to stability and comfort, the proper size of a shoe is needed. It helps to get proper support while walking and keeps you comfortable for hours. If you’re a fashion enthusiast like me, then you’re getting what I’m trying to say.

As Doc Martens shoes are true-to-size, you can go for the usual size you want. But, if it’s about half size, you may think why not go for a bigger size. Actually, these shoe materials expand a little bit, you might not get comfort even with double socks. So, go for a downsize and enjoy comfortable fitting for hours.

How Do I Break In Dr. Martens?

To break into Dr. Martens, you have to follow some steps.

For getting the feel of the pressure on the feet, start walking on a soft indoor surface. If you start walking on a soft surface for a week, it will help to adjust the shoes with your feet size. 

In addition, you can remove the inner sole if you feel tight while walking. Do the opposite for loose shoes. It is better to add an innersole to add cushioning and secure feet. 

Moreover, use Dr. Martens wonder balsam which is a blend of coconut oil, lanolin, and beeswax. This balsam wax nourishes and hydrates leather so that it can soften quickly. It helps to soften the boots and get a comfortable fit.

Further, put on double or triple socks which may help to soften the leather and give it a proper shape of your feet. Follow these following steps and get Dr. Martens shoes fully broken within a few weeks.

Is Dr. Martens Size Bigger or Small?

It depends on what style of shoes you’re going to pick. In general, Dr. Martens are true-to-size and you can go for the usual size you want. 

If you’re looking for classic boots of Dr. Martens, these boots may get a little bit bigger than the actual size. As a result, we suggest you go one size down to get perfect fighting Dr. Martens classic boots. Besides, you can go for an insole as it helps to reduce the size difference.

Before spending some bucks, you have to understand going one size up means the size of the boot increases in length. So, select a perfect size boot to enjoy walking comfortably for hours.

Should You Size Up Or Down In Dr. Martens?

As Doc Martens shoes remain true-to-size for years, you don’t need to go a size up or down while selecting one. 

Most of the brand shoe material stretches a lot and you may have to think about the size before purchasing. But, when it’s about Dr. Martens, always select a true-to-size boot for proper support and maximum comfort. 

But, if you’re picking a half-size shoe, it is better to go for a downsize. As the bigger size may not fit even with a double sock, it will create an uncomfortable situation while using these boots for a longer time. So, we suggest you go for a downsize for ensuring proper support and comfort.

Are Doc Martens Good For Wide Feet?

Doc Martens shoes have a little bit of room compared to the other brands. As a result, these shoes can easily give plenty of space for wider feet. So, Doc Marten shoes are perfect for wide feet.

Most of the time, people with wider feet don’t get a perfect fit with shoes due to their feet size. In fact, they need to go up in size but it increases the shoe length which looks weird. 

On the other hand, Doc Marten shoes come with a little bit of room in them which gives plenty of space for wider feet. Besides, the materials of these shoes stretch a little bit which helps to get comfortable fittings for wider feet. 

Does Dr. Martens Stretch Out?

Yes, but it depends on the materials of the shoes. Most of Dr. Martens shoes are made of leather, suede, and PVC. 

Now, Materials like suede and PVC do not stretch. So, if your feet are exactly the same size as the size chart, pick one with such materials. On the other hand, leather expands a little bit which gives space to adjust the feet size. As a result, leather is a perfect option for people with wide feet.

Are Doc Martens Worth It?

Yes, Doc Martens shoes are worth every buck due to their high-quality material and military-grade built quality. 

Doc Martens shoes last for a decade so that you don’t need to invest in another boot again. Besides, these boots ensure proper support with maximum comfort. Further, the design and color are so eye-catching that everyone will fall in love with them. Let’s have a look at some of the best Doc Marten boots options below-

Dr. Martens Men’s Work Combat Boot

Dr. Martens Men's Work Combat Boot
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On the top of the list, we have a Dr. Martens men’s works combat boot made with industrial, water-resistant leather.

Due to such high-quality materials, these boots become spill-resistant and easily cleanable within a few wipes.

Let’s have a look at the specification of these combat boots.


  • Made with industrial, water-resistant leather
  • Comes with an anti-fatigue design and extra flex
  • DM’s iconic air-cushioned sole with an enhanced grip.

This combat boot comes with an anti-fatigue design and extra flex. As a result, these boots can keep your feet comfortable for long hours while working. Besides, the air-cushioned sole with an enhanced grip makes these boots slip resistance and helps to get proper fittings. So, overall, it is a perfect boot for working or hunting.

Dr. Martens Jadon 8-Eye Leather Platform Boot

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Next, we have a Unisex Jadon 8-Eye Boot that comes with chunky platform soles and rugged tread.

As a result, these boots provide extra empowerment and fit properly with the feet.

Let’s look at the specs of this platform boot that might help you to make a quicker decision.


  • Made with 100% leather material
  • Comes with a synthetic sole for support
  • Original grooved edges with yellow stitching.

Let’s talk about the material of this platform boot. As this boot is made with 100% leather material, it is breathable, durable, and easy to clean. Besides, the original grooved edges with yellow stitching make these boots eye-catchy and stylish. So, these are great boots for office or parties.

Dr. Martens Men’s 2976 Chelsea Boot

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Finally, we have a Men’s 2976 Chelsea style boot that comes with Goodyear welted stitch with grooved sides.

As a result, these boots are stylish in design and comfortable to wear. To know what this Chelsea boot offers,

let’s have a look at the specifications.


  • Comes with a Chelsea-style boot with a synthetic sole
  • Goodyear welted stitch with grooved sides
  • Includes pull-on boot with elastic gussets.

When it comes to the design, this one comes with a Chelsea-style boot that is both stylish and comfortable. In fact, the air-cushioned design with synthetic soles keeps you comfortable for hours. Further, the pull-on boot with elastic gussets makes these boots easy to wear and take off. 

Final Thoughts 

We are at the end of our detailed sizing advice. Hope this Doc Martens sizing review will help to get a perfect size boot for you. If you’re looking for a boot that can keep your feet comfortable for long hours while working, we suggest you go for Dr. Martens Men’s Work Combat Boot.

You can pick this Doc Martens boot right now or use our advice to choose one according to your size. As we tried to cover all details about proper sizing, this article will help to make a quicker decision. So, get your Doc Marten boot today and enjoy working comfortably for hours.

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