Are Doc Martens Good For Snow? Most Suitable Shoes for Winter

DATE: June 18, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


As “winter is coming” to greet us in a few months, you must be wondering, “Are Doc Martens good for snow?”. The answer is two-folded. It depends on which boot you choose to use in winter. You will have some models of Doc Martens that are specifically designed for snow. In comparison, others will be a terrible choice for snow. 

There are many different Doc Martens boots to choose from, and they are most suitable for a particular taste, style, and use. From synthetic to genuine leather, their style has outreached way over the gender barrier. In short, choose the waterproof one, slip resistance, warm, and durable. That is all you need to go in the snow. It would be best if you would also examine how comfortable you are wearing it. If not, it may hurt your legs. 

Here we will discuss the best of Doc Martens and search for the best alternative boots for snow.

Are Doc Martens good for Snow?

We went through Doc Martens winter grip review and brought the 7 best picks only for you. Join us to know more about Doc Martens in snow.

1. Dr. Martens Men’s Vegan 1460 Fashion Boot

First on our list is the most aristocratic boot in our list. Let us quickly have a glance at our Dr Martens Men’s Vegan 1460 fashion boot’s specifications.

  • It is a 100% synthetic boot so that you will have better breathability and a lightweight feel.
  • As it has Goodyear welt visible stitching, the stitching can be replaced time and time.
  • It is a vegan boot, so no worry about the climate, ever!
  • Slip resistance to avoid accidents as you walk.
  • Synthetic sole for more durability and comfort.

Your boot will be lighter with 100% synthetic material, and your feet will have more breathing. One way of making a comfortable shoe, isn’t it?

Goodyear welt visible stitching ensures easy unstitching. So, freely replace only the stitch time and time again, if needed.

With 100% vegan shoes in your closet, you don’t have to worry about the weather, unlike leather boots that are very susceptible to water. So, just put on and enjoy the day.

Not all roads are friendly, and indeed, you don’t want to break your ankle in the middle of your road trip. Slip resistance takes care of just that. Your chances of accident due to slippery conditions are significantly reduced.

Synthetic soles are in demand in boot worldwide mainly because it provides more durability for your sole to last long. Also, synthetics soles are more comfortable to walk with.

With all its pros about slip resistance, one cannot help but notice that it will perform significantly less than Dr Martens Unisex 1460 Bex Smooth Leather Platform Boot. Why? Because it has AirWair soles- the air bubbles/pockets in the soles give them bounce, comfort, and durability along with slip resistance.

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2. Dr. Martens Women’s 1460 W Black Nappa 8 Eye Boot

The second on our list is for those who need to clean their boots very often. Let us look into the specifications of Dr Martens Womens 1460 W Black Nappa 8 Eye Boot.

  • 100% leather for durability, and comfort.
  • Airways original signature leather: a firm, finished leather with a smooth, semi bright appearance
  • Great Slip resistance.
  • Synthetic sole for lightweight, durability, comfort, and many more.
  • Air-cushioned boots for better walking.

If you have 100% genuine leather shoes, be assured that they will outperform any other synthetic/vegan ones. Not only that, it is more durable, stylish and the comfort it can provide is unparalleled. Nothing fits your feet better than the one with leather.

With Airways original signature leather combined with a firm but finished leather, this boot has a smooth, bright appearance. No way other boots can steal the moments.

No one can accurately predict the kind of trouble you can get into for your slippy boots? A slip-resistant boot can save you a lot of awkward clashes or injuries.

From lightweight to high elasticity, the synthetic sole of boots/shoes rules the market for a variety of reasons. But mainly, it provides you with high durability, better comfort, which is why ordinary folks are on the lookout for synthetic sole boots.

The boot is equipped with an air cushion. So, the worry of injury, whether you run or walk with it is significantly reduced.

On the con side, it falls behind Dr Martens, Women’s 1461 3-Eye Leather Oxford Shoe in fashion and comfort. With enhanced ergonomic comfort via breathable, moisture-wicking SoftWair sock liners, with strategically placed memory foam pods, women’s 1461 is visibly undefeatable.

3. Dr. Martens men’s 1460 8 Eye Boot

The third one in our list is available in 4 colors. Dr Martens Mens 1460 8 Eye Boots is a smart choice for those who work in factories and a smart choice for hikers. Why? Let us look into its specification first.

  • A combination of fabric and synthetic brings all the goods from both materials.
  • Rubber sole durability and comfort.
  • Removable parts for easy replacements.
  • Oil, fat, acid, petrol, and alkali-resistant boots for the safety of your feet.
  • Added Paddle sole to prevent foot injuries.

Here you have two in one benefit. The fabric helps to make it less hardy, whereas synthetic material provides durability and comfort like no other.

Rubber soles are world-famous for their flexibility and comfort. They are naturally great for shock absorption. Thus, making it flexible and comfortable. You bet there won’t be any hardness of the pavement.

Good thing it has removable parts. Not all boots are equipped with this specification. It is possible that only the sole of the boot got damaged. Does that mean you have to shop for a new one? No. As this is a removable part, you can only change this part and go on with your life.

Chemicals like acids, alkali, etc., are not really friendly to our skin. Once exposed to our skin, they can cause permanent damage to even our bones. With this boot, you are safe from all these potential hazards.

Cushioned sole alone is not enough to prevent foot injuries. Paddle sole minimizes the contours of your feet. Thereupon it offers full, comfortable contact along the length of your arch.

Even with the best quality fabric and synthetic, it will be nothing compared to the durability of genuine leather. Comparatively, nothing beats the durability of Dr Martens Women’s 1914 Kolbert Tall 14 Eye Boots. So it would have been a smarter choice indeed.

4. Dr. Martens Women’s Pascal Boot

The beauty with class; the boot in the No. 4 fn our list: Dr Martens Women’s Pascal Boot. If you have ever gone through Dr Martens Pascal’s review, this should be the first choice for an aesthetic woman. Let us visit its specification.

  • It is Pascal made, so it is more textured, thinner, and softer.
  • Rubber sole for more durability.
  • Air-cushioned sole for more comfort.
  • Luxurious genuine leather feels for your premium taste.
  • Goodyear welted stitches for more durability.

People who appreciate fashion used to look for stuff that is more textured, thinner, and softer. This pascal made boot provides you with all of that. All four colors to choose from, surely you won’t regret owning one.

Rubber soles are great shock absorbers. For this reason, the boot becomes more flexible and comfortable. On the pavement, you will have easier walks or run.

Compared to regular soles, air-cushioned soles are lighter and, most importantly, shock-absorbent. Being light, you will find it easier to move around. On top of that, having responsive soles are a great shock absorbent that protects your muscle, joints, and tendons from damage.

The taste for luxurious leather is highly appreciated. However, it may not always be comfortable and have less breathability. For a premium taste of leather and the benefit of being comfier, I doubt you will have a better one!

People with a high fashion sense also look into the durability of the products. This stitching ensures adherence of the insole, sole, welt, and upper. So, enjoy your ultimate robust boot.

This fashion is, with all its beauty and class, not universal. Dr Martens Unisex 1460 Bex Smooth Leather Platform Boot is the best of the best that has conquered countries and cultures and would surely make an alluring alternative.

5. Dr. Martens Unisex 1460 Bex Smooth Leather Platform Boot

Being a cult favorite at our number 5, this premium-grade Dr Martens Unisex 1460 Bex Smooth Leather Platform Boot has won the endorsement beyond country and culture. This is equipped with other benefits as well. Let us look into its specifications.

  • 100% leather provides better fitting.
  • High durability for long-lasting.
  • Signature yellow stitching for brand recognition.
  • Slip resistance to avoid injury.
  • AirWair soles for comfort and durability.

No matter how nice your boot looks, if it does not fit, it’s no good. 100% leather ensures better fitting for your size. The better it fits, the greater the comfort.

Leather has another advantage. Being leather comes with higher durability. You do not want your boot to get damaged at the end of the month, do you?

There is always a wide distinction when it comes to ordinary products. It also says a lot about your taste and personality. With the contrasting yellow stitching of famous Doc Martens, you can say a lot about yourself without speaking.

It’s surely going to be slippery in the snow. Slip resistance reduces the chances that you do not fall unexpectedly and get injured.

AirWair soles mean you will have air bubbles in the soles. These air pockets give them bounce so more comfortable when you walk or run. This feature also enables your soles to last longer than usual.

Even if you are No. 1 in fashion and taste, this might not be the one you want. Everyone is different, so be sure to think of Dr Martens Men’s Vegan 1460 Fashion Boot if you are looking for men’s boots. For women,  Dr Martens Women’s Pascal Boot is well recommended.

6. Dr. Martens Women’s 1914 Kolbert Tall 14 Eye Boots

Dr. Martens Women's 1914 Kolbert Tall 14 Eye Boots

If you are in search of style as well as comfort, our number 6 on the list is here for you. Dr Martens Women’s 1914 Kolbert Tall 14 Eye Boots offer you more than this. Let us look at the specifications.

  • Leather for ultimate durability.
  • Breathable textile lining to ensure maximum comfort.
  • The plush faux fur lining of the soft, high pile improves warmth retention.
  • Goodyear welt construction for flexibility and room for the replacement.
  • Rubber sole for more durability.

It is an established truth that leather can comfortably outlive any synthetic product. When people buy a product, they expect it to last a long time. So you will not be disappointed.

The textile lining is soft and breathable. As a result, you will not have a hard time fitting into the boot and have maximum comfort experience with it. 

Much like Blundstone Thermal Boots, the plush faux fur lining provides a feel of animal fur’s softness. This also improves warm retention on your feet. This added more to the comfort.

You will find Goodyear welt construction around the edge of the shoe, where a strip of leather is sewn. It has 2 advantages. Firstly, it allows your feet to be more flexible. Secondly, it allows resolving of your sole very easily.

Rubber soles are natural shock absorbers. They are usually way robust compared to synthetic soles. Now, you can run a thousand-mile without changing the sole of your boot.

So, you have the best quality leather, but how long will it last if exposed to water very often? If you are worried about that, why not browse the waterproof Dr Martens men’s 1460 8 Eye Boot with greasy leather? You won’t surely regret making this choice!

7. Dr. Martens, Women’s 1461 3-Eye Leather Oxford Shoe

Dr. Martens, Women's 1461 3-Eye Leather Oxford Shoe

Originally crafted for industry and by generations of non-conformists, Dr Martens, Women’s 1461 3-Eye Leather Oxford Shoe is just an ideal choice for working women. At number 7, this stylish shoe comes in 5 different colors for you to choose from. Let us see its specifications.

  • Durable leather for a longer lifespan of the shoe.
  • PVC sole and heel.
  • Easily cleanable to keep it neat and tidy.
  • Enhanced grip for next-level slip resistance.
  • Bouncing soles for extra protection against oil, acids, and alkali, etc.

You undoubtedly want your shoe to be as durable as possible. With genuine leather, rest assured you have no worry about its durability. Think of how long you want to go with it.

A good quality PVC ensures that it will not break easily. The strength of this material makes it more durable, i.e., long-lasting.

If you want to keep your stuff neat and clean all day, you want this to be hassle-free. No additional solution is mandatory. Just pick a damp cloth and clean it with it.

You are going to have a rough day if you have slippery shoes. Dr Martens slip-resistant shoes provide the very best, and this one is improved slip-resistant with the enhanced grip. Now, you are double ensured.

Bouncing the sole is one of the key advantages that differentiate it from other shoes. Equipped with this feature protects your shoe and your feet from dangerous chemicals like acid, alkali, etc.

The best shoe for your feet would be the one that you are most comfortable wearing. This one, with high durability and next level slip-resistance, is not the comfiest if you will be working the whole day. Check out Dr Martens Women’s 1460 W Black Nappa 8 Eye Boot with a rugged yet refined sole; the boot serves up unparalleled comfort mixed with edgy style.

How to Break in Doc Martens Earlier?

If you want your Doc Martens to last for many many years, and be buffed to a mirror shine, you have to break it in. Here are 5 ways to do it earlier:

  • Take out the laces and rub them with balm. The official website recommends “Wonder Balsam.”
  • To make the break-in process painless, take out the insole first.
  • Wrap the shoe in a towel and hit them with a rubber mallet or a hammer. Rubber mallet reduces the risk of damage to the shoe.
  • Stuff the Doc Martens with as many newspapers as you can; make sure it’s tight.
  • Lastly, wear a thick sock, and then put on your Doc Martens. Use a boot stretcher if needed. Applying a thin coat of balm, heat the shoe with a hairdryer at a low setting for 15 minutes.

Why is Doc Martens not Suitable for Snow?

Most of the Doc Martens are not made for snow. That is why they will neither keep your feet warm nor will they stop water from entering your feet. Most of them are water-resistant. So are doc martens good for snow and ice? 

The answer undoubtedly is “No.”  This is because Doc Martens are not exclusively designed to walk in snow. Even though they are designed to be comfortable, they will end up being not so much.

Next, come ice. Now, walking on icy roads has always been difficult. Even if you are too careful, there always lies a possibility that you would be slipped and will have nothing around to grip on. Even with slip-resistant, remember they are not designed to walk on ice. Moreover, if it’s made of leather, it can also get damaged by ice. Who would want their expensive boots to get damaged by ice?

What are some of the Alternative Boots for Snow?

Don’t be hopeless already. Just because we have ruled out Doc Martens doesn’t mean there are not any other brands we can’t recommend. So, pick the one that you like best.

Sorel Caribou Boot

Reputed as the best winter boot for both men and women, Sorel caribou boots are designed to cope up with any kind of winter. The base is specialized so that you can get off the grounds and have a firm grip on snow.

Ugg Adirondack III & Ugg Butte

These are the most proven winter boots on our list. With excellent fittings and flexibility,  you will rediscover how fun walking in the snow is! These boots have excellent traction because of the snug feet of wool lining.

Muck Boot Arctic Ice Mid

Best traction boots can speak for themselves. If you are out searching for it, go no far; this is the best. With the Vibram arctic grip in the base, the traction in the base is improved. So, you now feel more comfortable walking on ice.

Buying Guide for the Best Boots for Snow

Here are some of the key features you should look for, so you can get the best boots for winter faster.


If there is snow, there is water. Consider how protective it is against water. Go on to the specifications and see if it’s waterproof or not. Even if it has greasy leather feathers, it’s always better to choose the one that is 100% waterproof.

Why have a boot that will get damaged very easily in the outside environment? So, always check before you choose.

Warm and Comfortable

If it’s snowing, it’s winter, which means it would be as cold as ice. Having a waterproof boot is not enough. Features like plush faux fur or thick leather lining are a great indicator of being warm inside. Check out not only for the room but also for how well your feet fit into it.

So, if you can make sure that your feet will be warm and comfortable, you won’t have an uneasy feeling as you walk in the snow.

Protection against Snow

Protection against water is one, and protection against snow is another. You can just pick the waterproof one, but that does not guarantee that it is best against the snow. The best material against the snow is leather so while choosing your pick, make sure it is also made of genuine leather.

When you are prepared for both water and snow, your boots are now ready for outside.


So, you put on a waterproof boot that is warm, comfortable, and leather made for snow, is that it? No, it’s not. You have given plenty of thought to your feet and your boots, but what about the road? In winter, roads are way more slippery than usual, and you cannot just ignore the possibility of an accident by slipping over and injuring yourself.

Even though most of the boots are slip-resistant, it’s good to check, just for sure!


Are Doc Martens Waterproof? How to protect dr marten from water?

Most of the Doc Martens are not waterproof. Only 1460 ankle boots are waterproof. By using the correct waterproofing spray, you can waterproof your Dr Marten.

Why Do Doc Martens Have Yellow Stitching?

In order to defend themselves against copycats, they registered a special trademark: a so-called position mark. The position mark for Dr Martens is “Yellow stitching on the edge of the shoe.”

Are Doc Martens Good For Wide Feet?

Yes. Because of their sturdy leather designs, they can often be worn to fit wider feet comfortably.

The Warmth Of Doc Martens and how to increase warmth?

You can increase the warmth of Doc Martens by wearing them with a thick pair of wool socks when it is snowing.

Which Doc Martens Are The Most Popular?

The 1460 series in the iconic Dr Martens silhouette are the most popular.

Can you wear doc martens in the snow?

For snowy days, the slip-resistant soles of Doc Martens boots will come in handy as they provide very good traction and grip.

Final Thoughts

As you have seen, we have gone through the best of Doc Martens. We have talked about several of their products in detail so that you can choose the one you desire. We have also sought the answer to the question, “Are Doc Martens Good for snow?

If you are a woman who buys Doc Martens for fashion and name, go for Dr Martens Women’s Pascal Boot. For the same reason, men must look out for Dr Martens Men’s Vegan 1460 Fashion Boot.
Getting a boot of your choice reflects a lot about who you are and your personality. If your preference matches any of the products listed above, do not wait. Go grab them before it’s too late.

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