Are Doc Martens Worth The Money? What Justifies Their Gigantic Price Tag?

DATE: May 13, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


If we talk about high-end shoe brands, Dr. Martens will surely top the list. On that note, people often ask, what makes them so expensive? Are Doc Martens worth the money?

To be honest, yes, they are worth every penny you spend on them. Being launched back in 1947, they are never out of style even to date. Moreover, you cannot get the same level of comfort they provide from any other shoes. On top of that, get a pair and enjoy it for the rest of your life. No wear and tear happens.

Hopefully, you’ve understood why Docs have gained so much hype among all ages of shoe lovers. If still confused, learn more about their prime specifications below that perfectly justify their premium price tag.

Why Are Doc Martens So Popular?

Why Are Doc Martens So Popular?

The main reason that Doc Martens shoes gained immense popularity is because of their comfy and cushioned foot support. They particularly became older women’s favorite footwear for outdoor activities, thanks to their sturdy architecture.

But they are still so popular due to some modifications back in 1960. That was when the famous yellow stitching was added to Docs. 

However, a 74 years old shoe brand is still ruling the footwear field due to its comfort, versatility, and longevity. These are the key conveniences that attract people the most.

Why Are Doc Martens Boots So Expensive?

Well, there are so many reasons, to be honest. But the recent rise in price is solely due to the celebrity influences on this brand. A number of Hollywood celebrities wear these shoes nowadays. Naturally, the brand value has gone so high like never before and the shoes are now way more expensive.

But it was never a cheap brand from the very beginning. They used to make high-quality shoes using premium leather. Also, the stitching, sturdiness, and credible craftsmanship always talked about their cost. The original leather makes them everlasting as well. So, people were always fond of their versatile shoes despite the gigantic price range. 

However, recently, the brand has seen a 25% growth in overall sales. As many celebrities are styling their elegant shoes with several outfits, people are going crazy over their versatility. So, the price range is increasing day by day.

Are Doc Martens Worth the Money?

Are Doc Martens Worth the Money?

Absolutely yes. They deserve every hype they are getting today. After all, the shoes live up beyond your expectations. 

When launched, Docs were treated as regular work boots. But fast-forwarding to several years later, people understood the value of a pair of Docs after using them.

Talking about the pluses, they always use premium-quality leather which doesn’t wear out easily. Even if you use a pair of Docs regularly, they last at least a decade. And after that, you still get 90% like-new appearance of the shoes.

Moreover, you can always expand their life span by taking care of the shoes properly. And the glittering shiny leather patent says it all why they are so popular even among celebs. 

Apart from the elegant appearance, there’s another thing to draw your attention to. They perfectly fit any foot. After the break-in period of a few weeks, they mold to your foot shape. And the well-built bottom provides adequate grip and traction on any trail. Resultantly, you can use these shoes as hardening working boots almost throughout your life. 

How can we not talk about comfort when talking about these irresistible fashion footwear? They are, indeed, the comfiest boots ever made, especially for those who need to stand on foot all day long. The soft and reliable interior doesn’t cause any ankle pain or leg injuries. 

What we liked the most about Docs is their everlasting style. In fact, these shoes never go out of trend. Whether you are 14 or 40, you can style this fashion footwear with ultimate elegance and confidence. Furthermore, invest in these high-end shoes once and you don’t have to worry for several following years. Be it a casual working day or a formal occasion, you can pair them up with your favorite outfit.

Considering all the amenities they provide, a pair of Dr. Martens is certainly worth the money they charge. That’s why they are one of the best-selling shoe brands of recent times. 

Are Doc Martens Good Quality? 

Are Doc Martens Good Quality? 

Undoubtedly yes. Despite being high-priced, they have successfully come this far only because of maintaining quality. In fact, in terms of quality and standards, they are second to no contemporary shoe manufacturers. 

As we all know, the quality of a pair of shoes mostly depends on the materials. Here, Docs offers you 100% satisfaction by manufacturing their shoes with real leather. No matter how long you wear the shoes, you won’t feel a little bit of discomfort. 

If taken care of properly, the premium leather wouldn’t crack or lose luster over time. They will remain undamaged even after everyday use. 

Additionally, Doc’s shoes have arch support which is a big plus. The high ankle aid keeps your feet protected from bruises and blisters. And the soft leather material offers better balance and grip as well. 

Just preserve them properly following the manufacturers’ instructions and they will show how a good pair of shoes can give you lifelong company. 

Are Doc Martens Comfortable?

Yes, they are, but once they break in completely. Initially, you might feel a bit too tight on the top of your feet.

So, don’t be impatient if you find them uncomfortable. Wait for four to six weeks. The shoes will automatically break in and adapt to your foot shape and structure. Trust me, then they will be the comfiest work boots ever. Despite having rugged and robust architecture, they surely pamper your feet by hugging them snugly, of course, once broken in. 

Are Vegan Doc Martens Worth It?

Are Vegan Doc Martens Worth It?

Hell yes. Like regular Doc Martens, their vegan shoes also do justice to their claim. Actually, vegan Docs are even better as they are almost indestructible having more than 20 years of long-lasting record.

As they are waterproof boots unlike the classic models of Docs, Vegan docs are the best-selling range of boots of this versatile brand. Moreover, they come in a wide range of colors. 

Having all the regular features of other Docs collections, Vegan docs feature slip-resistant soles. And as they are eco-friendly, some customers find them more desirable. Also, they do not compromise Doc’s signature quality although the material is synthetically produced.

All things considered, it’s pretty evident that Vegan docs value your sweat-earned money featuring countless conveniences. They are smooth, sturdy, hand-sewn, comfortable, breathable- what more could you ask for?

Which Dr. Martens Should I Get?

Dr. Martens offers a wide array of shoes to suit the diversified tastes of the clients. But if you want to pick the best seller pair, go for their 1460 original. It’s indeed an unbeatable pair of shoes considering cushion, comfort, and current trend.

Though any pair from Dr. Martens maintains their signature standard and quality and doesn’t fall behind to satisfy the customers. And don’t worry, they are true to size, therefore, always offer a snug-fitting. 

Final Words

If you are thinking of buying a new pair of boots, isn’t it better to buy a pair that won’t let you regret it? On that note, we couldn’t think of any brand other than Doc Martens.  

But what if you are curious- are Doc Martens worth the money?

Yes, they are. They are high-priced, but not overpriced at all. That means they return every buck they charge in the form of countless beneficial features. In terms of lenience, longevity, and reliability, no other shoemakers can outperform their wide range of high-structured working boots.

So,  get a pair today and we hope you will be a fan forever!

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