13 Best Long Distance Track Spikes For Entry-Level To Advanced Sprinters

DATE: May 25, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Every sane sprinter who’s in it to win has dreamed of making it to the top of the podiums with their sprinting abilities. But what really can make you give your absolute best on tracks? 

Months of practice, determination, courage to perform, and– the best long-distance track spikes! 

Yes, without the right footwear, any field or cross-country course can be your enemy. This is why this article aims to help you find your true track shoes to help you smother the next event with top-notch performance.

But what can these shoes really do? 

For one, they are lightweight so they optimize your running speed. Two, they tend to have a solid grip and can resist impact good enough to make you take sharp turns with ease. 

Also, all the while they’ll keep your feet secure and cushioned so after the event you don’t have to necessarily dunk your feet in a hot tub to get rid of the pain!

13 Best Long Distance Track Spikes for the Best Performance

Here are the reviews of the track spikes in detail that lets you pick the best with premium quality and rest assured, one of those meets your needs perfectly. 

Top Pick
Under Armour Unisex-Adult Kick Distance 3 Running Shoe

Under Armour Unisex-Adult Kick Distance 3 Running Shoe

  • The upper is made of lightweight textile fabric to allow breathability and support. 
  • There are straps in the midfoot insides and also a 3D printed heel support to lock your feet in during the run.
  • Has optimal shock absorption and cushioning abilities for the EVA midsole. 
  • The Pebax plate on the forefoot gives you a powerful push to speed forward.
  • There are 4-pins on the outsole of this spike for enhanced traction and grip.

First on the list of the best spikes for track and cross country is this one from Under Armor. It boasts an accurate size and stylish features besides being lightweight and super flexible to the wearer. Made for the runners, walkers, and gym enthusiasts, here are the details on its features.

If your feet run wide and you were having trouble finding a pair that suits you best, you wouldn’t anymore for the fit this pair brings you. Comfortable right out of the package, it is made of lightweight, thin and breathable material with a natural curve suitable for runners.

The metal spikes present on the outsole are actually removable spikes so every time you want to practice without those or want to replace those, you can do it. 

So even if these aren’t made of indoor shoes, you can make them for yourself. And they hold up for regular use quite well.

Runners Up
New Balance Men's Short Distance 100 V2 Spike Running Shoe

New Balance Men’s Short Distance 100 V2 Spike Running Shoe

  • Made from 100% Synthetic material in the upper and the sides of the shoe.
  • The man-made sole promotes decent durability and traction to the wearer.
  • 6-Spike Pebax Plate propels the foot forward and reduces race/running time by seconds.
  • Synthetic and mesh blend in the upper keeps the shoe breathable.
  • Bootie Construction on the entirety of the shoe keeps your feet secure.

Now the kids need something good too when hunting for the best track spikes for distance. For the parents who want a perfectly fitting shoe that feels super comfortable on their children’s feet, and is lightweight enough to not make them feel as if they’re dragging their legs, the SD100 v2 is a great pick.

For short distances, there’s no beating this pair. With the perfect spike configuration, you can get just enough traction to make sure your grip is on the track without tripping. 

On the upper, you have premium Vazee sigma along with a snugly fitting and ankle-high bootie construction that secures your feet and contours to its shape for the right fit.

It also comes with a molded midsole in its sleek design that gives you the right cushioning. Light yet aggressive on the tracks, the SD100 v2 is a highly supportive pair for runners.

3rd Pick
Nike Zoom Rival S Sprint Track Spikes Shoes Men's

Nike Zoom Rival S Sprint Track Spikes Shoes Men’s

  • Comes with an ideal heel wedge that gives you the ability to comfortably tackle 800m races.
  • Includes 7 spike receptacles to give you a high amount of traction.
  • Fits true to size and hugs your feet snugly without causing you pain during the run.
  • Has a mesh upper construction along with synthetic overlays in the midfoot to lock your feet in.
  • Secures your feet in position and saves you from slipping when you run too fast.

If you have wider feet, you’ll opt for the Under Armour Kick Distance 3, but if you have narrower feet, you need to check out the S. For entry-level to intermediate runners, it can give you good speed when you need it without costing as much as the expensive ones. So what makes it one of the best distance spikes for beginners? Let’s see.

A snappy shoe on track with as many as 7 spikes on the Pebax plate, this beautiful pair can be a great pick for beginners or intermediate runners. 

For the former, it can give you the ability to keep going without falling often for its superior grip, while for the latter it will always cut down runtime for you during the race.

The unique thing about it is the Phylon wedge in the midsole and heel of the shoe that gives you optimal races and comfort during sprints, making it perfect for jumping and hurdles.

4th Pick
Thestron Track Shoes Spikes Mens Womens

Thestron Track Shoes Spikes Mens Womens

  • Has a microfiber leather upper that grants keep your feet flexible during running.
  • Ultra-lightweight shoes that come in ¼ inch stainless spikes to enhance speed.
  • The package includes replaceable pyramid needles along with a wrench.
  • The honeycomb construction in the insole helps you release sweat during running. 
  • Made for professional sprinters who want to run faster than normal spikes can provide.

Runners who love a little bit of everything in their track shoes love Thestron, and rightly so! There isn’t a thing you wouldn’t be able to do in this pair because it has you covered from sprinting, jumping, distance running, hurdling, training, walking, and much more that makes it the best long-distance track spikes on today’s list. Here are the details on it:

When you switch from your beginning sprint days to your advanced days, you can switch from the Zoom Rival S9 to Thestron. 

The latter is not just attractive, but also comfortable and form-fitting to the point that you won’t even feel like you are wearing anything on your feet. Made for sprinting outdoors, this is a high-quality pair.

Also, if you are someone who does not like a lot of padding in their shoes and likes it just enough to make your feet feel hard, it has the cushioning of your dreams. All in all, this is a tough pair of spikes!

5th Pick
New Balance Men's Middle Distance 500 V7.

New Balance Men’s Middle Distance 500 V7

  • 50% Synthetic and 50% Mesh construction increases the breathability of the shoe.
  • It has a rubber outsole that makes it durable and with superior traction to keep you on the field.
  • The EVA heel wedge makes sure that you are comfortable when you run.
  • The REVlite midsole provides you with ample, lightweight support.
  • 6 Spike Configuration further enhances the grip you get from the pair.

Just like the Zoom Rival S9, here’s a pair that is suitable as a starting spike pair. Lightweight and giving you the right balance without causing you to trip during runs, the MD500 is a grippy pair that can be the  best middle-distance running spikes for yourself or your sons. Let’s see what else makes it so likable:

Having the same removable spike configuration as the Thestron Track Shoes, this pair is a great pick if you want to improve your underfoot ride. And since you can tweak the number of spikes, you can make it work for any distance with New Balance’s superior support with you all along.

If you want more proof of its versatility, you’d be delighted to know that this track shoe can cover both tracks and fields whether you need it for running or jumping. Even steeplechase or short and long hurdles can be tackled with this one.

6th Pick
Nike Women's Zoom Rival D 10 Track Spikes.

Nike Women’s Zoom Rival D 10 Track Spikes

  • Phylon sole on the bottom and the single-layer mesh upper provides good breathability from both ends. 
  • No-sew overlays help to make the heel more supportive and those on the toe tip increase the durability.
  • The toe box is anatomically made to increase the room for movement in that area, making it comfortable for you.
  • On the midsole, the Phylon offers lightweight as well as responsive cushioning.
  • The EVA sock liner contours with the shape of your feet so that you get the highest support.

The Nike Zoom Rival D10 is a pair for women who like well-cushioned and supportive track shoes. The flexibility is an added plus from the pair that makes running in these feel less like road racing and more like a comfortable run, making it the best long-distance track shoes  for women on today’s list.

Designed to run both short and long distances comfortably, the best bit about this pair is how comfortably breathable it is. 

Both ends make sure that you have no trapped moisture inside from the sweat during long-distance runs, and so they are the best for those prone to sweaty feet. Also, those who love a roomier toe box would absolutely love it too.

You can run anywhere between 800m-5k with its removable spikes on the Pebax plate that provides you with stability with the most minimal bulk, making it an efficient support pair for the arch and ankles.

7th Pick
New Balance Men's Long Distance 5k V7 Running Shoe.

New Balance Men’s Long Distance 5k V7 Running Shoe

  • 50% Synthetic and 50% Mesh in the upper for breathability and durability in the upper.
  • The outsoles are made from rubber for durability, traction, and grip.
  • The upper has engineered knit busts later than most track shoes even after prolonged use. 
  • Full-length Pebax plate on the outsole of the shoe comes with removable spikes.
  • New seasonal colors ensure that you are always stylish besides being comfortable.

Another one to give you a 5k run like the Zoom Rival D 10, here’s a pair for the men who want almost the same running experience from their track shoes. It comes with a great fit and has a unique construction featuring removable laces for a highly customized fit that still stays put on your feet. Here are other details on its features that make it the best long-distance track spikes for today.

The perfect words to describe this pair would be a lightweight yet aggressive shoe that is meant to last for a couple of running years. Inspired by some of the fastest long-distance runners of all time, this shoe is all about balancing speed and structure. 

It focuses on a minimal stylish look and maximum performance with more breathability and a better fit around the heels for the most active race environment.

It also features the ability to take off like 6 seconds or more off your mile PR. So if you want to comfortably reduce your run time in these, you know you’re in for a treat!

8th Pick
Nike Men's Training Track Shoe.

Nike Men’s Training Track Shoe

  • The upper of this pair is made from both synthetic and textile material which increases its durability.
  • There is an internal arch band on the pair that secures your feet in position.
  • Includes a soam sock liner that perfectly contours to the shape of your feet for support.
  • Comes with removable spikes and receptacles that grant you excellent traction.
  • The outsoles are made of rubber with a horizontal pattern for traction, grip, and durability.

For runners who just took to the enthusiasm of spriting, this pair is a great one to start with. For practice and training, this pair from Nike is light and fits your feet snugly. In fact, it can even be your transition shoe from a beginner-friendly pair to one that pushes you to your advanced one. Let’s take a look at its track features now.

A budget-friendly spike, this pair from Nike is what makes it worthwhile for entry-level sprinters to try their luck in sprinting. 

If you don’t think you’ll be investing in an expensive pair and need something to last you a long while, you’ll find that this pair is made with durable material all over it, right from the upper to the outsole. This is also what allows you to do multiple track workouts, sprints and etc. with it. 

The spike plate is another great thing about it, being flexible, snappy, and fast. But it is also not too soft and somewhat stiff so you have the durability benefit here as well.

9th Pick
Nike Zoom Rival Waffle Racing Shoe Track Cross Country.

Nike Zoom Rival Waffle Racing Shoe Track Cross Country

  • Fifth version of the Zoom Rival Waffle series updated for better speedwork abilities.
  • Comes with thin laces that help you to secure your feet in position.
  • Includes an overlay design that increases the reinforcement you have from the pair.
  • Lightweight with a traction-ready grip that is perfect for any cross-country terrain.
  • The outsole comes with a responsive cushioning that pushes you forward. 

And we’re back with cross country running shoes after the Under Armour Kick Distance 3, and we stop at the Zoom Rival Waffle. A shoe that lets you get the best of racing and speedwork, this runs slightly larger than Under Armour, so it is advised to go a size up with these. With that, let’s get into its features. 

A shoe that you must get during the track season if you’re unsure of the terrains you’ll be practicing and running in, this one is a genius pair from Nike. 

If you know anything about the variances among the local tracks and their surfaces, you would try to find something that has a highly responsive cushioning and an outsole that keeps you up on speed even after the surface beneath your feet changes. That’s where this pair comes in.

Loaded with grip and letting you bolt through terrains, speed, unexpectedly high traction, and durability even after all are the biggest features of these track spikes.

10th Pick
New Balance Men's Middle Distance 800 V6 Running Shoe.

New Balance Men’s Middle Distance 800 V6 Running Shoe

  • A blend of synthetic material and mesh fabrics for breathability and comfort.
  • Rubber sole for higher durability and long-lasting grip on tracks.
  • The upper parts of the shoes are designed using data taken from athletes to ensure the highest comfort.
  • Bootie construction wraps around your feet giving you a snug and protective fit.
  • The full-length plate along the bottom has a 6-Spike Configuration that can be replaced if needed. 

Said by users to have dropped as much as 4 seconds while running in this pair of New Balance tracks, you’ll find that it is suited for middle-distance runs as well as long-distance runs thanks to its removable spikes. But what else does it have? Let’s see.

One of the most aggressive middle-distance spikes, this is the boss of lightweight shoes that are flexible to perfection. It can give you all the support you need for going from 800-3k in your next big event. 

Coming with a 6-pin configuration that has a teardrop shape instead of pyramids as you have seen so far, this is a smooth transitional shoe that reduces weight for maximum performance.

So in this pair, you have security, comfort, and of course, lightness of tread so you get a package that reduces your speed time and lets your feet and yourself soar through the race.

11th Pick
New Balance Men's Sigma Aria Spike Running Shoe.

New Balance Men’s Sigma Aria Spike Running Shoe

  • A construction featuring a combination of mesh and synthetic material.
  • The outsole is made of entire rubber for a good grip.
  • The engineered knit upper holds your feet in place securely.
  • Bootie construction contours to the shape of your ankles and heels without hurting them.
  • Sprinting spike that is made for the advanced runners.

A pair that can be used to train for long-distance runs, this is yet another one from the New Balance line of running and track shoes. Don’t be fooled by how expensive it looks because this is a great running shoe that gives you the finest ability to train without tiring or pain. Let’s take a look at its features. 

What the Sigma Aria from New Balance brings you is the fact that while almost every sprinting shoe focuses on increasing the speed, this one focuses on not just increasing your speed, but also pushing you through it-the endurance you need to maintain the speed. This comes from its ability to make your feet sure and comfortable.

It uses a less rigid material than its predecessors from NB to let you have a more forgiving ride when you are running longer distances. So if you need smooth yet aggressive transitions, Sigma Aria can be just what you need for your next running performance.

12 Pick
PUMA Men's Evospeed Distance V6 Sneaker.

PUMA Men’s Evospeed Distance V6 Sneaker

  • Offers flexibility and durability utilizing its Pebax plate on the outsole.
  • Has been revamped from its predecessors with a semi-knitted mesh upper. 
  • Heighten comforts with its full-length EVA foam midsole. 
  • Comes with an Evertrack heel piece that resists fast abrasion when you are running on the tracks for long. 
  • Has enhanced traction irrespective of the surfaces to ensure stability while running. 

Quite a few beginner-friendly shoes have made it to the list today, and after the likes the Zoom Rival S, here’s one from its fitting rival Puma, that is built for high school and collegiate athletes who are looking for a reasonable and entry-level, long-distance track spike for themselves. 

The eighth successful version of the Evospeed Distance line is for emerging athletes. Made to be grippy, durable, and supportive no matter what terrain you find yourself into, this enhances your running experience by its best ability to keep you stable throughout the run. 

This also has another great advantage of being made of components that are not only comfortable but also responsive.

Also, this one is suitable for 800m to 5k distance runs like the New Balance Men’s Long Distance while also being good for 10k and steeplechase. The U-shaped Pebax plate ensures that you can run lighter, faster, and with more breathability in every track you take.

13th Pick
Saucony Unisex-Adult Women's Endorphin 2 Track and Field Shoe.

Saucony Unisex-Adult Women’s Endorphin 2 Track and Field Shoe

  • The upper and outsole of the pair are made from 100% Synthetic material.
  • The shaft measurements are approximately low-top from the arch.
  • It features a 4-pin spike plate on the outsole for traction in the long races.
  • The woven upper is porous and hence breathable enough to allow airflow.
  • You can run 10k in these along with doing practice training.

The last one on the list today is from well-known running shoe makers Saucony. A home of designers who have been making walking, running, and sprinting shoes like they know the art of it very well, here are the details on their bestseller track shoes, the Endorphin 2 for the ladies.

One of the lightest spikes that the Saucony arsenal has brought to the world, the Endorphin 2 for the women is the perfect pair for a 10k marathon, Evospeed Distance V6 for men. 

For such a long run, you need a pair that is super comfortable and that’s where the woven construction, EVA foam, and flexible outsole come into play. All of these make sure that you are supported for a long while without getting tired on track.

Also, since this one has 4 spikes on the outsole, you don’t have an aggressive grip with this one but a smoother grip has let you glide along tracks without needing to drag your feet onward, making it an overall comfortable experience for yourself.

Buying Guide to Get the Best Long Distance Track Spikes

Buying Guide to Get the Best Long Distance Track Spikes

When you are picking track spikes, which one should you pick? If you know what type of shoe you’re looking at, you’ll know if it’s right for you. So you’ll find the following tags on shoes and their respective natures have been discussed here too so you know which one to pick:

Cross Country Race Shoes

A cross-country spike provides you with 3 things: speed, security, and grip. They are different from running shoes because they are more competitive. 

Also, they have a low-profile cushioning that gives you better controls and responsiveness when you run on varied cross-country surfaces. The biggest advantage of running in these is that they fit your feet like socks and give you all the extra support in the right places without weight down your feet. In slippery terrains where you can’t afford to speed down, this can be your best friend.

Long Distance Track Spikes

For 800/1500m-5K events, long-distance track spikes have about 4-6 spikes on their outsole spike plates. You have sufficient cushioning in the midsole and heel for the right amount of kick and they are also great transition shoes. 

You’ll find them to be a little more flexible than regular sprinting spikes and the use of PEBAX plates in the midsoles of these pairs make sure that you can tackle the long-distance with extra speed.

Sprinting Track Spikes

These spikes tend to be super lightweight and hence very fast. You’ll find the plates here more rigid to give sufficient support to the balls and heels of your feet to prevent injuring them and they are also hence perfect for snappy transitions. These can have between 6-8 spike pins with a focus on the forefoot too.

Field Spikes

Lastly, you have track and field spikes that are suitable for jumps, vaults, short put, etc. games that require you to have good support on the ankles, ensuring a good grip and more power than other shoes can bring. 

So these shoes are both lightweight and rigid. The spike count is also higher in these to make your stance more stable and to give you the highest traction you could get from spike shoes.


Are pyramid spikes or needle spikes better?

You should start with pyramid spikes unless your form develops. So for entry-level sprinters, pyramid spikes are better, However, if you will be sprinting on all-weather tracks then needle spikes would be better.

Am I supposed to wear socks with running spikes?

You may or may not wear socks with your running spikes. If you want to, make sure you try and go a size up to accommodate the socks. However, even with shoes fitting true to size, you can accommodate socks without going a size up, only ensure that you check the website size guide.

Can I run on grass with spikes on?

Yes. You can run on grass with your spikes on if you get cross-country spikes or spikes that can run on all-terrains.

How should I break in spikes?

To break in your spikes, you should practice them. You can walk in them around your house if you aren’t sure of outdoor practice yet. Wearing them and playing in them during practice for a couple of days will break them in for you. Some shoes break within hours of wearing without sacrificing the fit at all.

Are track spikes worth it for hurdlers?

Yes, even for hurdles or jumpers, track shoes are worth it. Make sure you fit the spike count with the event you will be getting the track shoes for optimal support and traction.

Can I wear distance spikes for sprinters?

Yes, you can wear distance spikes for sprinters. You can pick between short, middle, and long-distance spikes depending on what your event asks for.

Can I high jump in sprint spikes?

It will be wiser if you pick field spikes for the high jump instead of picking sprint spikes for the high jump. Check the guide above to know about traction and spike counts that jumpers need more than sprinters to understand the difference.

What makes high jump spikes different from running spikes?

High jump spikes need more spike/pin count, better traction, and more rigidity to stabilize your feet than run spikes. The latter requires you to be smoother on foot and slide along the track with comfortable stepping and a secure fitting.

What makes long-distance spikes different from sprint spikes?

Long-distance spikes are more cushioned and flexible and allow smoother transitions than sprint spikes which are more suitable for snappy transitions.

Do I wear spikes for the indoor tracks?

You can wear spikes made for indoor tracks as well. Just make sure that the spikes and pins aren’t too tough on the indoor courts. Otherwise, you can also go for spikeless shoes.

Final Thoughts

And that brings us runners to the end of the list for the best long-distance track spikes! If you are a cross-country runner who has wider feet, you’ll opt for the  Under Armour Kick Distance 3, but if you have narrower feet, you need to check out the Nike Zoom Rival S Sprint. 

The latter is also great for jumping and hurdle events. Again, for short-distance running, you would prefer New Balance Men’s Short Distance 100 V2 

Also, while professional runners prefer New Balance Men’s Long Distance 5k V7 Running Shoe and Thestron Track Shoes , entry-level and beginner runners would love the Zoom Rival S. For the women, the flexible road racing flat, the Zoom Rival D 10 is a great pick too.

So you see, your choices will largely depend on what you want from the shoes. So best of luck choosing the right pick, and you can always come back to our guide!

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