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July 31, 2022
8 Best 800m Spikes that Win You the Race!

Shoe spikes are highly crucial for achieving the desired running capabilities. They’re designed to provide you with a firm grip, so you don’t slip while running fast. So, if you sprint, getting the best 800m spikes would be a common query you’d want to make.  Metal spikes on the shoes are tremendously vital for getting […]

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July 28, 2022
Why Do Track Shoes Have Spikes? Shoes to Preserve Your Energy

Running, one of the best exercises to keep your body fit and improve your stamina, sometimes needs a little preparation. If you are going to participate in sprints or cross country, a good pair of shoes is a must. It is not a must to have spikes on your shoes if you want to run […]

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July 4, 2022
9 Best 400m Spikes – For Track Dominance!

Are you a track runner? If you are one, there are no alternatives to getting quality spikes for excellent performance on the ground. In case you run short distances, getting the best 400m spikes would be the right option for you anyday.  Spikes are great traction enhancers. They offer outstanding grip while running at a […]

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June 17, 2022
How To Get Spikes Out Of Track Shoes?

Have your spikes worn out all the way down to where it’s attached to the sole of the show itself? Well, it’s time to change your shoes.  However, if you want to save the cost of a new pair of spikes, you can replace old spikes with new ones! It’s quite challenging to change out […]

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June 9, 2022
6 Best Spikes For Hurdles To Set Your Best Foot Forward

Any athlete who wants his speed during the race to act in his favor needs to be efficient throughout his drive across the hurdle.  Now, months of practice will take you and other athletes to unlock that potential but there is something pivotal that can make or break the case for you: the shoes you […]

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June 4, 2022
How to Put Spikes on Track Shoes? (Simply Put on Your Shoes)

At present, there are a number of track and cross country shoes that come with removable spikes. Great, right? You insert the spike pins and take them off as per your preference, and can control your speed, power, and grip too! But do you know how to put spikes on track shoes though? It’s pretty […]

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May 25, 2022
13 Best Long Distance Track Spikes For Entry-Level To Advanced Sprinters

Every sane sprinter who’s in it to win has dreamed of making it to the top of the podiums with their sprinting abilities. But what really can make you give your absolute best on tracks?  Months of practice, determination, courage to perform, and– the best long-distance track spikes!  Yes, without the right footwear, any field […]

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May 20, 2022
11 Best Track Shoes For Sprinters Without Spikes To Let You Glide Over The Court

Any workout or race might start with a slow pace. But don’t you love how this builds up and you start to feel fast?  Be it a short-interval race or a 10K marathon, a track shoe that lets you build up that pace and glide through the course like a smooth-sailing ship on calm water […]

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