8 Best 800m Spikes that Win You the Race!

DATE: July 31, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Shoe spikes are highly crucial for achieving the desired running capabilities. They’re designed to provide you with a firm grip, so you don’t slip while running fast. So, if you sprint, getting the best 800m spikes would be a common query you’d want to make. 

Metal spikes on the shoes are tremendously vital for getting the maximum amount of traction. Another benefit of having spikes is they provide a stunning toe spring which is tremendously vital for running events and races. 

If you’re among those folks, then this guide is here to help you out to find the right fit for the job. 

Best 800m Spikes that Let You Run with Speed

Now, we’re going to provide you with a list of different shoes with spikes that are designed for quality 800m runs. Let’s not waste more time and start the discussion right away. 

1. New Balance Men’s Middle Distance 800 V6 Running Shoe

First on our list is New Balance’s middle distance 800m shoes. Coming with a specially designed spike system underneath, this one should be a quality shoe option for professional runners. 

Top Pick
New Balance Men's Middle Distance 800 V6 Running Shoe

New Balance Men’s Middle Distance 800 V6 Running Shoe

  • Aggressive 6 pin spikes for traction
  • Maximum comfort 
  • Made for running 
  • Comfort-friendly design 
  • Lightweight construction 

If you’re looking for a full-on track shoe, these are something you go ahead with. These shoes are specially designed to offer the best performance on the track; equipped with highly aggressive spikes, you can easily tackle 800-1000m tracks wearing one of these beasts! 

As it’s built for running, you’d get faster speed and have a better shot at being a rewarded athlete wearing one of these. 

Comfort while running is crucial. Without comfortable footwear, sprints are never going to be winnable, and these shoes are perhaps built keeping this in mind. With superb comfort and ease of wearing, your feet won’t get tired much. 

Moreover, the upper is intentionally constructed light. So, it won’t weigh your legs up, keep the feet light and fast, providing an unbeatable sprinting session. 

The bootie construction is something worth noting. It will offer maximum fitting capabilities reducing wearing difficulties. 

However, they can be slightly prone to wearing. Still, if you take into account the overall performance of these shoes, they’d definitely be one of the top picks you can go for today! 

2. ASICS Unisex’s Hyper MD 7 Track & Field Shoes

At the 2nd spot in the list, we have another pair of quality shoes by the Japanese giants Asics. Known for their tremendously effective footwear engineering, these should surely be a good option. 

Runners Up
ASICS Unisex's Hyper MD 7 Track & Field Shoes

ASICS Unisex’s Hyper MD 7 Track & Field Shoes

  • EVA midsole technology 
  • Spiked design for grip 
  • Specially designed track shoes
  • Excellent flexibility 
  • Highly stylish appearance 

Are you looking for completely professional track shoes? Well, these shoes with spikes would undoubtedly be a quality option then. Using this specially designed footwear, you’d be able to get your 800-meter field events covered easily. 

Similar to the New Balance, these shoes also offer an exceptionally lightweight construction build. As a result, your feet will not be weighed down, and you’d get to move with more flexibility. 

Having a quality fitting is one of the most important factors in terms of getting a good run. Well, they provide superb fitting, too, so they’d firmly hold onto the feet and won’t be insecure while running. 

The outer design of the shoes is pretty stunning as well. Coming in 4 different colors, these are some of the most stylish running shoes you can go for. 

Finally, the EVA midsole technology would ensure maximum comfort for sprinting events. 

There may seem to be a slight sizing issue with this one. But overall, they’d make quality track shoes. 

3. New Balance Women’s Middle Distance 800 V6 Running Shoe

Now we have another pair by New Balance; this time, it’s designed especially for women. If you’re a female running, then this one’s for you! 

3rd Pick
New Balance Women's Middle Distance 800 V6 Running Shoe

New Balance Women’s Middle Distance 800 V6 Running Shoe

  • Adjusted for female athletes 
  • Excellent running capability 
  • 6 removable spikes for traction 
  • Enhanced for sports 
  • Fit well for 800m runs 
  • Bottier upper for better performance

Well, here is something interesting. New Balance has used a large compilation of data from professional athletes, which aided them in designing this masterpiece. 

Well, you can comprehend pretty well that these shoes are specifically constructed to provide you with an exceptional premium-grade performance on the tracks. 

Similar to the New Balance Men’s Middle Distance 800 V6 Running Shoe, this one too uses removable 6 spike construction for excellent traction while running. 

Moreover, it also uses the upper bootie build, which will give a more snug spike fitting for sporting activities. 

Last but not the least, the lightweight design will bring more flexibility for runners. The fitting may have slight issues, yet, all things considered, they’d be good options for running!

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4. New Balance Men’s MD800V4 Track Spike Shoe

Now we have another New Balance shoe on the list. This one, like the previous one, is also brought for sporting purposes. Let’s find out more about it. 

4th Pick
New Balance Men's MD800V4 Track Spike Shoe

New Balance Men’s MD800V4 Track Spike Shoe

  • Designed for runners
  • 6 spike Pbax plate construction
  • Traction enhanced engineering 
  • Comfort friendly build 
  • Extra breathability.

This one is a special shoe for your 800m runs. For that reason, they have a 6 spike Pbax plate. The multiple spikes placed in particular areas make these shoes outstandingly well suited for giving you maximum traction while sprinting at a fast pace. 

Another positive of this one is that it’s built using an exceptionally breathable mono mesh. While out running, your feet will surely sweat a lot, and this breathable fabric will surely help you in that case. 

Comfort is highly crucial for running contests. And you’re getting that as well in these shoes. 

The thermoplastic polymer outsole construction makes them outstandingly flexible and adaptable for runners. 

The fitting, however, may seem a bit problematic. But overall, these should surely be top picks anytime! 

5. New Balance Women’s MD800 Track Spike

We now have the women’s edition of the MD 800. If you’re a female runner, check this one out without hesitation! 

5th Pick
New Balance Women's MD800 Track Spike

New Balance Women’s MD800 Track Spike

  • Specifically made for 800m runs
  • Outstanding appearance 
  • Added spikes for stunning grip 
  • Mono mesh for breathability 
  • Slip-reduced design 

One thing that we’ve noticed in this one is the appearance. Designed aesthetically in multiple colors, they’d surely make you stand out in a crowd. 

The spikes underneath the sole have been intelligently placed, so you get the best traction, minimizing the risks of drops and slips in the mid-run. 

These shoes would also offer better impact resistance and run without much discomfort as they’re built pretty similarly to the New Balance Men’s MD800. The mono mesh too is present here; they’d give you excellent breathability and keep the feet cool. 

If you’re an 800m runner, these shoes will offer quality support, thanks to its’ 800m specified design. 

You may have slight fitting issues with this one, but all in all, these should be worth it for any runner! 

6. New Balance Men’s Middle Distance 800V6 Running Shoe

If you want to get the best spikes for 800m, then this is something you must check out. Here is just another 800m spike that can help you on the track. 

6th Pick
New Balance Men's Middle Distance 800V6 Running Shoe

New Balance Men’s Middle Distance 800V6 Running Shoe

  • Adds extra traction 
  • Exceptionally stylish design 
  • Comfort friendly shoes
  • Bootie upper for a snug fit 
  • Lightweight shoes 

One thing that we find amazing about this one is the style. Coming with an exceptionally aggressive appearance, these are sure to turn a few heads. 

Moreover, you’re getting the typical New Balance bootie construction like the New Balance V6, which should offer snug-fitting for added agility. That’s not all; you can even replace the spikes when they’re worn out. 

Further, the 6 spikes underneath the sole would be there to offer a quality grip on the track, reducing the possibilities of falling and slipping.  

Usually, spikes can get a bit weighty. But New Balance lives up to their name literally. They’ve balanced their shoes to be pretty lightweight, so you won’t have any issues running on them. 

Well, they may wear out due to heavy use, but that’s true for any items out there. Overall, a fine pair of spikes for competition. 

7. Ifrich Unisex Spikes Athletics Racing Running Shoes

Now we have another highly well-received spike, this time by Ifrich! Time to go through this one in detail.

7th Pick
Ifrich Unisex Spikes Athletics Racing Running Shoes

Ifrich Unisex Spikes Athletics Racing Running Shoes

  • 8 metal spikes with remover for grip and versatility
  • Rubber outsole for added traction 
  • Excellent outer design
  • Breathability enhanced mesh fabric 
  • Comfort friendly lightweight build 


A positive part about these shoes is that they’re unisex, meaning that both male and female athletes can wear them simultaneously, which makes them pretty versatile in terms of application. 

Similar to the ASICS Unisex’s Hyper MD 7, this one too comes with an incredibly sophisticated appearance. This stylish design would have a significant positive impact on your game. 

The shoes come equipped with 8 metal spikes, while the outsole is built with rubber. A combination of these two makes it formidable footwear against any opponent. 

Moreover, the mesh fabric material used in the construction of these shoes makes them exceptionally breathable to keep feet cool and dry. 

Further, besides the lightweight comfort, these shoes may have slight fitting issues if bought without getting feet measured properly. On the whole, a superb shoe for taking on the track! 

8. Nike Men’s Competition Running Shoes

Finally, we have none other than the leading name in the footwear industry, Nike! Let’s look at this item in detail! 

8th Pick
Nike Men's Competition Running Shoes

Nike Men’s Competition Running Shoes

  • Excellent throwing and running specified shoes
  • Advanced footwear engineering by Nike
  • Intricately patterned sole and spikes for traction
  • Outstanding arch support 
  • Unisex construction adds versatility 

For those who are looking for a great pair to ramp up their game at 800m tracks, these premium-grade shoes should be the ideal option. These shoes by Nike would offer tremendously effective circling and throwing capabilities as well. 

Arch support is one of the most important factors in athletic footwear. This is also what you’re getting with this pair. 

Moreover, this one too comes armed with specially designed spikes like the Ifrich Unisex Athletics Shoes. They’d bite the surface hard and make sure you won’t lose grip, decreasing the risks of falling midrun. 

These shoes are unisex construction as well, making them highly versatile for all genders. The fitting may have slight issues if you don’t measure the feet well beforehand. However, all in all, they’d make excellent throwing and running shoes! 

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Sprinter Spikes vs. Mid Distance Spikes 

Spikes are of different types. You may have noticed sprinter and mid-distance spikes in different shoes. Now we’ll explain which ones better: 

Sprinter Spikes 

Sprinter spikes are one of the most common spikes you may encounter. The sprinter spikes are placed on the mid-foot areas. They’re tremendously effective for short courses. 

Usually, running events such as 100m to 400m are perfect for these sorts of spikes. It minimizes contact and enhances toe movement more. As a result, runners can maximize running speed in the short distance pretty well using these spikes. 

Mid Distance Spikes 

These are perhaps the most balanced spikes out there. The sprinter spikes are pretty firm, while the long-distance spikes aren’t that firm; the mid-distance runner spikes sit at the middle, having a moderate firmness. 

The heel cushioning isn’t present in these sorts of shoes, and similar to the sprinter spikes, they’re great for running on toes for more agility and acceleration. These spikes are great for 800m -1500m tracks. 

A beginner’s guide to buying 800m spikes

A beginner's guide to buying 800m spikes

So are you going for an 800m spike? Well, check out these features before heading out and make sure you get the best 800m runners! 

Spike Type 

Before you dive into the world of spikes, you must keep in mind what sort of spikes you’re looking for. 

As mentioned earlier, if you’re focusing on 800-1500m tracks, it’d be better for you to have the best middle-distance track spikes. 

For anything longer than this, you may go for the long-distance, and for any track under 800m, go for the sprinter spikes. If you can buy the right type of spike for your runs, it will do half the job! 

Lightweight Construction 

This is an absolute necessity when you’re getting shoes for running tracks. Having heavy shoes will undoubtedly make your feet tired easily. 

It will also create discomfort and reduce your capability of running at staggering speeds. So, always focus on getting shoes that weigh around 4-7oz. They’d be exceptionally lightweight and offer added flexibility.


Breathability is another important consideration for your track shoes. Having a completely enclosed material without air circulation will make the feet sweaty and tired before even the race begins. 

It’s better to go for breathable mesh fabric construction. If you don’t want such events happening with you.

Comfort and Fitting 

This is something many tend to overlook, but they’re key components that may make you win or lose the sprint. It’s a must that you find shoes that offer maximum cushioning. So you don’t feel irritated while running. 

Moreover, fitting is a highly critical factor, especially when going for track shoes. Get the shoes that exactly match your feet’ dimensions and hug your feet without being too tight or loose. This snuggly fitting would offer exceptional acceleration for you to move fast. 

Track Shoes 

Don’t forget to make sure that the shoes you’re going for are made especially for running tracks. Running shoes would have specially designed features that other shoes won’t, so this is also necessary. It’s better to check it with the manufacturers.


Can You Use 800m Spikes For Cross Country?

If you want to use 800m spikes for cross country, it’d better go for the ones who have strongly built spike plates both back and the front. 

How much faster do spikes make you in the 800m

Spikes make you run 6% faster than running without spikes. If you’re going at 30 km/h without spikes, it’d increase to 31.8, which is pretty good for running. 

What spikes does Usain Bolt wear?

Puma specially made the spikes on the last race Usain Bolt participated in. 

What spikes are best for 800m?

Mid-distance spikes would be the best track spikes for 800m.

Can you wear track spikes on grass?

Yes, you can wear spikes on grass. But it depends on the type of spikes you’re wearing. 

Final Thought

Spikes are a marvel of footwear engineering. They aid runners put the best in their performance. 

Quality spikes will greatly enhance your speed while on the track and minimize the possibilities of falling down or losing balance while sprinting at staggering speeds. 

That being said, different spikes are made for different objectives. Even based on the track length, the type of spikes needs to be changed. And our guide has provided a thorough understanding of how you can get the right spikes. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get the best 800m spikes and dominate the track right now!

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