Why Do Track Shoes Have Spikes? Shoes to Preserve Your Energy

DATE: July 28, 2022

Author: Jimmy Lewis


Running, one of the best exercises to keep your body fit and improve your stamina, sometimes needs a little preparation. If you are going to participate in sprints or cross country, a good pair of shoes is a must. It is not a must to have spikes on your shoes if you want to run on the track. But if you intend to win, you need to give closer attention to the spikes. 

But why do track shoes have spikes? Spikes are the support you need to preserve your energy and run fast. 

You might not need spikes for your everyday practice, but the D-day is something different. You need every support you can have to win on the track. 

So, let’s learn about the Spikes and find out the best one for you that can help you win.

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Why Do Track Shoes Have Spikes?

Why Do Track Shoes Have Spikes

Track shoes are designed for professional athletes and runners, so they intend to give you the best conditions that will help you to win. Running spikes are designed for you to provide support and traction to run faster. 

The spikes will provide extra grip to your forefoot that can transfer more force forward. Using this trick, you can easily push off your body and improve your turns and movements.

Finding the Perfect Spike

Different Spikes are best for different tracks. For instance, sprint spikes will give you the best result for 100 to 400 meters sprint tracks. On the other hand, distance spikes are better for running a mid or long distance. 

There are also different shapes of spikes that will help you support. The most popular and widely accepted spikes are the pyramids spikes. The versatility of these spikes makes them usable on all tracks.

Needles spikes, also called slim, work better on all-weather tracks, but they can stick into the track while lifting your foot. If you want to avoid that  use compression or Christmas tree spikes.

There are also studs or blanks. They have no spike on them but will give you support. These spikes will assist you if you want to keep that dirt out of your screw-in holes or are preparing to run cross country.

How Would I Determine The Spikes Fit Me?

No matter what type of track you are going to face, having a fit and comfortable pair of shoes is a must. You cannot run in tight or stiff shoes.

Various brands and styles will attract you, but don’t go with fancy colors or luxurious styles. The most important feature to consider should be comfort. Find out which shoes are a perfect fit for your feet. 

Try on different shoes. Usually, running stores will allow you to test your shoes on different surfaces to find the best fit for you.

A spike must feel like they are meant to be yours. If you feel pressured or uncomfortable wearing the spikes, then you won’t be able to run in those. Don’t buy the wrong size or style. It might take a while, but getting the right one is worth it.

How Long Do Track Spikes Last?

How Long Do Track Spikes Last
Track Spike

The longevity of spikes depends on the condition it is kept and the frequency of use. Spikes tend to wear out very quickly, especially if it is used on a hard surface like concrete. 

Usually, spikes last for almost two to three high school seasons. If you are new on track, you need to check the condition of your spikes frequently to understand how long your spikes last. 

Though spikes can help you run faster and give you a better opportunity to win, dull spikes can also be a hindrance and make your running uncomfortable. So, pay close attention to the condition of your spikes.

How To Take Care Of Spikes?

To get the best result on track, keeping your Spikes in their best shape is a must. You can maintain the spikes by following some simple tips:

  • You must store your spikes clean and dry. If you keep them in a shabby place, they might become worn out quickly. 
  • After cleaning your spikes, don’t put the wet spikes in the clothes dryer. If you want to dry them fast, stuff the toe of your shoe with newspaper and put them near a warm spot. 
  • While fitting the spikes, don’t twist the pins too hard. It will make your feet uncomfortable. 
  • Never run without inserting pins or plugs in your spikes. A little carelessness can cost the life of your spikes.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you cannot just ignore the condition of your shoes. Some specific accessories will give you an upper hand on the track. So, you need to take care of them. 
As you have understood why do track shoes have spikes and their differences, It will be great if you can use this knowledge to find the right one for you. Let’s get the perfect pair of spikes and make your track experience much more exciting.

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