How to Put Spikes on Track Shoes? (Simply Put on Your Shoes)

At present, there are a number of track and cross country shoes that come with removable spikes. Great, right? You insert the spike pins and take them off as per your preference, and can control your speed, power, and grip too!

But do you know how to put spikes on track shoes though? It’s pretty simple. Place the spike in one of the holes in the shoe’s sole, twist it to the right to begin screwing it in, then tighten it with the spike key all the way down. This is all you have to do. 

Before you switch to removable spiked shoes, learn in detail how to insert the spikes, the number of spikes required for each athletic event, the care for the spikes, and more below!

How to put spikes on track shoes?

In a simple sentence, to put spikes on track shoes, you need to twist the spike pins inside holes on the spike plate situated beneath your shoes, and then tighten it with the spike key. If you are confused here’s a detailed instruction.

Because sprinters race mostly on toes, the spikes are usually placed near the front of the track shoes. When you flip the shoe over, you will notice a series of metal holes where the spikes will twist.

If you are thinking about replacing the spikes, you obviously need to remove the worn-out ones first. Using a spike key, untwist the worn-out spikes. And if your shoes are brand new, you won’t need to do anything.

Now, you’ll insert the spike pins into the hole. For this, hold the pointy side of the spike and align its circular base with the hole. After that, start twisting the spikes in a clockwise direction and keep doing so until it’s completely screwed down. Finally, tighten it firmly with a spike key.

That it. Repeat this process for all the other holes.

How many spikes should you put in track shoes?

How many spikes should you put in track shoes

The simple answer is that the shorter the racing event, the higher the number of spikes. Long-distance running athletes usually need 3-6 pins on their forefoot. 5-6 pins are used by middle distance runners. And generally, sprinters use 8 spikes or above on their track shoes.

The number of spikes you should use actually depends on your personal preference. But remember, for better traction and grip, you should use more spikes. The spike plate comes with a number of pinholes, you can use as many spikes as you like.

Do you leave spikes in track shoes?

Yes, you can leave the spikes in your track shoes. However, you should loosen and retwist them from time to time.

There is a good possibility of rust forming in your spike pins if you leave them on the shoes for a long long time. Because, while racing on rough terrain, sticky mud, debris, and dirt, can get stuck into the spikes, if not removed, eventually the moisture will help form rust. So, once every week or two, loosen them all, check for foreign objects, and retwist them back.

How to take care of spikes?

The durability of the spikes depends on the usage time and the surface on which the spikes are used. If you can take proper care of them, obviously, they’ll last one or two seasons more than usual.

To begin, allow plenty of time to adjust to running with spikes, particularly if you’re trying out a new pair. Do a brief workout or take some strides in them before you race in them. And remember to not use concrete paths as the spikes might get blunt or distorted due to this.

Also, always try to keep them dry, since they can get rusted from the mud and dirt during natural terrain races.

Now comes the washing part. It’s best to do it with your own hands, and forget about using the washing machine because it’ll surely ruin your shoes! Apply a small amount of any mild hand soap to an unused toothbrush

Now, scrub the spike and spike plate in a circular motion,  Remove any dirt, grass, or mud that has clung to the spikes. After you’re done scrubbing, remove all the soap residue from the spikes and the sole by rinsing them with your finger. Finally, pat all of it dry with a clean cloth.

Final Thoughts

Hope we could teach you how to put spikes on track shoes in a proper way. Before ending today’s, article let’s talk a bit about spikes and their alignment a little more.

To get the best traction, you should replace your spikes at the right time, otherwise, it may pose the risk of injuries. Never put the spikes on a washing machine to save the cleaning time. It will damage both the plate and pins. And if you are unable to put spikes on your shoes, you can always take help from the track shoes specialty store.

Designed to help you run with a better grip, be it a smooth or rough terrain, the spike shoes enhance your athletic stamina like no other shoes! So, take care of your spikes well!

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